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Kaspersky Antivirus multiple vulnerabilities
SecurityVulns ID:6263
Threat Level:
Description:Unsafe kernel mode components implementation leads to Denial of Service and potentially to privilege elevation. Most serious problem is user mode code can access kernel memory.
Affected:KASPERSKY : Kaspersky Internet Security Suite 5.0
Original documentdocumentUNINFORMED, Allowing User-mode Code to Access Kernel Memory (15.06.2006)
 documentUNINFORMED, Patching non-exported, non-system-service kernel functions (15.06.2006)
 documentUNINFORMED, Improper Validation of Kernel Object Types (15.06.2006)
 documentUNINFORMED, Hiding Threads from User-mode (15.06.2006)
 documentUNINFORMED, Improper Validation of User-mode Pointers (15.06.2006)
 documentUNINFORMED, Patching system services at runtime (15.06.2006)

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