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Daily web applications security vulnerabilities summary (PHP, ASP, JSP, CGI, Perl)
SecurityVulns ID:6627
Threat Level:
Description:PHP inclusions, SQL injections, directory traversals, crossite scripting, information leaks, etc.
Affected:ARTMEDIC : Artmedic Links 5.0
 MOODLE : Moodle 1.6
 MYBB : MyBB 1.2
 TECHNODREAMS : Techno Dreams FAQ Manager 1.0
 TECHNODREAMS : Techno Dreams Articles&Papers 2.0
 ECARDPRO : ECardPro 2.0
 PLUMECMS : Plume CMS 1.1
 HITWEB : HitWeb 3.0
 CHARON : Charon Cart 3
 QUADCOMM : Q-Shop 3.5
 ESHIPPINGPRO : EShoppingPro 1.0
 PHOTOPOST : PhotoPost PHP 4.6
CVE:CVE-2007-0622 (Cross-site request forgery (CSRF) vulnerability in MyBB (aka MyBulletinBoard) 1.2.2 allows remote attackers to send messages to arbitrary users. NOTE: the provenance of this information is unknown; the details are obtained solely from third party information.)
 CVE-2007-0544 (Cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerability in private.php in MyBB (aka MyBulletinBoard) allows remote authenticated users to inject arbitrary web script or HTML via the Subject field, a different vector than CVE-2006-2949.)
 CVE-2006-7021 (PHP remote file inclusion vulnerability in manager/tools/link/dbinstall.php in Plume CMS 1.1.3 allows remote attackers to execute arbitrary PHP code via a URL in the _PX_config[manager_path] parameter.)
Original documentdocumentali_(at), BizDirectory all version xss (19.09.2006)
 documentAG- Spider, PhotoPost PHP 4.6 - 4.5 [PP_PATH] >> Remote File Include Vulnerability (19.09.2006)
 documentOmid, Sql injection in Moodle (19.09.2006)
 documentHACKERS PAL, MyBB 1.2 Full path and Cross site scripting vulnerabilities (19.09.2006)
 documentajannhwt_(at), Q-Shop v3.5(browse.asp) Remote SQL Injection Vulnerability (19.09.2006)
 documentajannhwt_(at), EShoppingPro v1.0(search_run.asp) Remote SQL Injection Vulnerability (19.09.2006)
 documentajannhwt_(at), Charon Cart v3(Review.asp) Remote SQL Injection Vulnerability (19.09.2006)
 documenterne_(at), HitWeb v3.0 - Remote File Include Vulnerabilities (19.09.2006)
 documentD3nGeR_(at)_Gmail.CoM, Plume CMS <= 1.1.10 [prepend.php] Remote File Include Vulnerability (19.09.2006)
 documentHACKERS PAL, PHP-Post Multiple Input Validation Vulnerabilities (19.09.2006)
 documentsimo64_(at), PHPQuiz Multiple Remote Vulnerabilites (19.09.2006)
 documentali_(at), NixieAffiliate all version bypass admin and xss (19.09.2006)
 documentajannhwt_(at), ECardPro v2.0(search.asp) Remote SQL Injection Vulnerability (19.09.2006)
 documentajannhwt_(at), Techno Dreams Articles&Papers Package <=v2.0(ArticlesTableview.asp) Remote SQL Injection Vulnerability (19.09.2006)
 documentajannhwt_(at), Techno Dreams FAQ Manager Package v1.0(faqview.asp) Remote SQL Injection Vulnerability (19.09.2006)
 documentazzcoder_(at), AzzCoder => PNphpBB (Latest) Remote File Include (19.09.2006)
 documentbotan_(at), [Kurdish Security # 27] Artmedic Links Script Remote File Include Vulnerability (19.09.2006)
 documentmeto5757_(at), eSyndiCat Portal System XSS Vuln. (19.09.2006)
Files:PHPQuiz v.1.2 Remote SQL injection/Code Execution Exploit
 PHP-post remote sql injection make phpshell

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