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Daily web applications security vulnerabilities summary (PHP, ASP, JSP, CGI, Perl)
SecurityVulns ID:6649
Threat Level:
Description:PHP inclusions, SQL injections, directory traversals, crossite scripting, information leaks, etc.
Affected:TYPO3 : TYPO3 4.0
 WEBNEWS : Web-News 1.6
 ZOOMSTATS : ZoomStats 1.0
 IYZI : iyzi Forum 1.0
Original documentdocumentfixtr_(at), iyzi Forum s1 b2 (tr) SQL Injection Vulnerability (25.09.2006)
 documentMILW0RM, ZoomStats <= 1.0.2 (mysql.php) Remote File Include Vulnerability (25.09.2006)
 documentSECUNIA, [SA22075] Web-News "content_page" File Inclusion Vulnerability (25.09.2006)
 documentcdg393, [Full-disclosure] Local File Inclusion : Kietu (25.09.2006)
 documentGod Of Death (G.O.D), [Full-disclosure] Remote File Include in syntaxCMS (25.09.2006)
 documentMoritz Naumann, [Full-disclosure] Typo3 v4.x: XSS in extension "Indexed Search" v2.9.0 (25.09.2006)

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