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GNU gv buffer overflow
SecurityVulns ID:6803
Threat Level:
Description:Stack buffer overflow (overrun) on oversized PostScript comments.
Affected:GNU : gv 0.6
 GNOME : Evince 0.1
 GNU : gv 3.6
CVE:CVE-2006-5864 (Stack-based buffer overflow in the ps_gettext function in ps.c for GNU gv 3.6.2, and possibly earlier versions, allows user-assisted attackers to execute arbitrary code via a PostScript (PS) file with certain headers that contain long comments, as demonstrated using the (1) DocumentMedia, (2) DocumentPaperSizes, and possibly (3) PageMedia and (4) PaperSize headers. NOTE: this issue can be exploited through other products that use gv such as evince.)
Original documentdocumentRenaud Lifchitz, [Full-disclosure] GNU gv Stack Overflow Vulnerability (09.11.2006)
Files:Evince Document Viewer (DocumentMedia) Buffer Overflow Exploit

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