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PGP Desktop code execution
SecurityVulns ID:7114
Threat Level:
Description:PGPServ.exe/PGPsdkServ.exe Service doesn't validate data received through named pipe \pipe\pgpserv or \pipe\pgpsdkser.
Affected:PGP : PGP Desktop 9.5
CVE:CVE-2007-0603 (PGP Desktop before 9.5.1 does not validate data objects received over the (1) \pipe\pgpserv named pipe for PGPServ.exe or the (2) \pipe\pgpsdkserv named pipe for PGPsdkServ.exe, which allows remote authenticated users to gain privileges by sending a data object representing an absolute pointer, which causes code execution at the corresponding address.)
Original documentdocumentNGSSoftware Insight Security Research Advisory (NISR), Medium Risk Vulnerability in PGP Desktop (28.01.2007)

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