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Apple QuickTime HREFTrack crossite scripting
SecurityVulns ID:7085
Threat Level:
Description:Script can refer to local resources. Vulnerability is used in-the-wild for malware code installation.
Affected:APPLE : QuickTime 7.1
CVE:CVE-2007-0059 (Cross-zone scripting vulnerability in Apple Quicktime 3 to 7.1.3 allows remote user-assisted attackers to execute arbitrary code and list filesystem contents via a QuickTime movie (.MOV) with an HREF Track (HREFTrack) that contains an automatic action tag with a local URI, which is executed in a local zone during preview, as exploited by a MySpace worm.)
Original documentdocumentMOAB, MOAB-03-01-2007: Apple Quicktime HREFTrack Cross-Zone Scripting vulnerability (21.01.2007)
Files:Exploit for Apple Quicktime HREFTrack Cross-Zone Scripting vulnerability

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