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SECURITY.NNOV is non-profit security team located in
Nizhny Novgorod, Russia. SECURITY.NNOV was founded in
August, 1999 by 3APA3A.

Short FAQ below:

Q: Are you hackers?
A: No. SECURITY.NNOV connects people who are interested in
   computer security mostly because of their job functions.

Q: Are you bug diggers?
A: No. All the bugs published by SECURITY.NNOV were discovered
   during troubleshooting process or internal audit of software.

Q: How many members do you have?
A: Only few. Staff is changing so on the moment you read it we
   probably have 1-2 active members :)

Q: I'm software vendor. Can you test my software for bugs?
A: Yes, if we'll find your software is interesting.

Q: How much it will cost?
A: Nothing. We are non-profit. But we are open for
   any kind of sponsorship.

Q: Are you sponsored by someone?
A: No. We only have free hosting (thanx to Sandy).

Q: Why do you support your site?
A: We support it because we need it.

Q: What does 3APA3A means?
A: 3APA3A (should be spelled as ZARAZA) in Russian means 

Q: Why are you anonymous?
A: Some of our members are officials for different companies.
   Sometimes we express opinion different from companie's
   official position. You can easily find real names on this sites
   if you are really interested.

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