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  alain: seek the Computer Master  29.04.2014 5:55:12
 I`m looking for a computer master for solve some problems,rewardful. Please contact me by Thanks
  tal1m0n: Defending my computer and network?  03.06.2013 4:38:30
 Hello, I'm not trying to work full time as a Network security tech but my main job and hobbies all involve the computer and I'd like to keep it secure. I know about firewalls, VPNs, and even use Deep Freeze to make it an uphill battle for my system to be compromised.

However I'd like to learn more about detecting viruses that bind themselves to legitimate processes, sniffing traffic through airsnort, etc. ...
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  fizix: Indexing every IP on the Internet  28.09.2009 23:45:13
 Hey all. I'm posting this here because I feel some of you might be interested in this project. I started a project to index every IP on the Internet. Basically I'm attempting to connect to port 80 of each IP and index the results.

I've found some really interesting things so far and a lot of things that probably shouldn't be available to the WWW. Some things already discovered are home webcams, NAS units with default passwords, routers with default passwords, printers, ect... This will probably remind a lot of people j0hnny's Google hack database except using Google you're going directly to the IP's (no filtering). ...
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   3APA3A: Re: Indexing every IP on the Internet  29.09.2009 11:19:52
  I can't say idea is completely new, see e.g., etc. I see a lot of problems here. First, many of hosts you find are on dynamic IPs, you should track this somehow. Second, you may have legal problems, because you gather and publish information about individuals and this information may contain personal data. At least in Russia it's against the law. Second, any kind of scanning causes abuse reports, so you may have problems with your ISP. And anyway, what will you do, if somebody require his IP or IP range to be excluded from your database?
    fizix: Re: Indexing every IP on the Internet  29.09.2009 21:19:39
   Do you know of anybody else who has done this before? The links you posted were only for sites that do realtime lookups of IP address information, not databases.

I know what you mean about the dynamic IPs. However, I'm not sure there's much I can do about that. I was orignally planning on scanning all IP addresses as a way of finding sites that haven't already been found by Google and other search engines; I didn't think about the fact that I would also be scanning subnets that ISP's own. ...
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  chr1x: helping people  26.09.2009 23:22:46
 Hi 3APA3A,

It's pretty awesome in how you are always free to answer any type of questions from low to high level by this reason I just can say that you simply r0x!!!

   3APA3A: Re: helping people  29.09.2009 11:12:59
  It's not hard, because there is no flame here yet :)
  mt-124: help to decoding string  26.01.2007 1:42:06
 someone can tell me how to decode this string? 81531fo24243qo98043qe89698oh35295so63680
   c1az: Re: help to decoding string  29.06.2009 17:06:23
  This is a 160-bit hash algo and i guess it is a SHA-1. It is widespread and .. there are RIPEMD-160,tiger-160.
But i thinking 100% that is a SHA-1.

(i did'nt try to break )
    3APA3A: Re: help to decoding string  30.06.2009 12:44:06
   30 decimal characters in 6 groups with delimiters? What makes you think it's 160 bit hash?
     c1az: Re: help to decoding string  01.07.2009 16:22:29
    X) omg .. i did'nt see ...

well this is diff type of hash functions .. :/
   3APA3A: Re: help to decoding string  27.01.2007 15:48:01
  It's not enougth information.
Probably it's a kind of request string in the form of attribute_nameATTRIBUTE_VALUE.
  deschamps: Vulnerabilities on Linux Games  10.10.2008 3:50:46
 Someone could told me if exists any vulnerability on Linux Games (Native Games)?
  Inese: Risk assessment methodologies  22.06.2006 16:29:08
 Hi...I need to find more detalised information about information security risk assessment methodologies, maybee someone can write some useful link, or link for forum, where thay discussing about it. The problam is that I must wrote work about pluses and minuses for each methodology!
   cicekci: hii  05.01.2007 20:47:16
  ihavea problem your's same too
    3APA3A: Re: hii  05.01.2007 23:06:38
   Try to start with
  neo: proxy chain  05.12.2006 10:38:04
 hello all,
i have a question abou proxy chain.
here is my environment: ...
full text
   3APA3A: Re: proxy chain  05.12.2006 21:04:30
  3proxy forum is here:
3proxy FAQ is here: ...
full text
  Jacob Itay: Reference clock  01.08.2006 16:42:03
 For synchronization purposes, there is a need to have a reference clock. The one which is mentioned is a
Cesium one. Can you help me to find a vendor for such a reference clock source
   3APA3A: Re: Reference clock  03.08.2006 19:21:00
gives fine results on hardware.
  ChrissSenior: How to make password easy to remember  13.07.2006 18:11:29
 Can somebody teel ways and strategies how to make complicated passwors easy to remember? Thanks!
   3APA3A: Re: How to make password easy to remember  13.07.2006 18:19:40
  take any 2 nouns and one verb (e.g. dragon, monitor, change). Compose a phrase moun-verb-noun ("dragon changes monitor"). Take symbols at some position (e.g. 2,3,4). You have "ragangoni". Replase some characters with matching digitis or symbols, e.g. "r@gangon1". You've got it. All you need is to remember password phrase "dragon changes monitor" and algorythm. It'not strong enougth for off-line dictionary bruteforcing, but it's OK for limited number of attempts.
  JonesStanley: About breaking code  06.02.2006 10:44:00
 Is anybody that can tell me how to become an breaker,I mean what must be learned about that?
   JonesStanley: Re: About breaking code  07.02.2006 8:15:44
  Hello,can anybody tell me how to become a craker,what other things should I learn for it?
    3APA3A: Re: About breaking code  08.03.2006 19:24:19
   You should know everything about things you want to crack.
  Lars Gohlke: Protocol reengineering  14.11.2005 11:51:43
 this ist Ethereal sniff: "..Content-Encoding: wr-cs, wr-compress-v2, wr-encrypt-v2.."

what are the names of these encryption procedures ? Does anybody know sth about ?

please tell me or post link to search
   3APA3A: Re: Protocol reengineering  14.11.2005 11:56:55
  Probably, it's some propientary, internal encryption protocol. Content-Encoding says nothing in this case.

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