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  Dj_Lord: Sample exploit not working  13.01.2008 21:45:48

I'm trying to write a simple exploit but i can't get it to work. ...
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   3APA3A: Re: Sample exploit not working  14.01.2008 0:21:07
  First, main function may not actually return, depending on crt implementation. Sedond, most compilers now implement stack protection by default. Check compiler switches to disable stack protection.
  3APA3A: New forum: Unix programming and administation (Eng)  11.07.2005 14:20:01
 Discussing questions on administering Unix and application development.
   h00k: Re: want to learn Unix programming   15.09.2005 10:59:25
  dear frnds
i know linux well and want to learn *nix programming. can you ppl suggest me some links or docs

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