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  sussane: requests  19.03.2007 14:37:45
 can we request exploits/vulnerabilities here ?

Best Regards,
Eliena Andrews
   3APA3A: Re: requests  19.03.2007 14:57:31
   The best way to request vulnerability/exploit information is to try search form. We have no "private" exploits, all known vulnerabilities and exploits are published.
    3APA3A: Re: requests  19.03.2007 15:08:51
   For example:
  Jacob Rebicci: Exploits Help  11.11.2006 14:55:41
 I need help with this particular subject. My assignment is due on Monday and Google is just giving me stuff that's all nonsense to me. :P

I need information about: ...
full text
   3APA3A: Re: Exploits Help  11.11.2006 15:01:02
    Jacob Rebicci: Re: Exploits Help  11.11.2006 16:00:19
   I know about that, but my teacher is refusing any information from there.
  mike tighy: exploit kernel 2.6  11.03.2006 23:34:11
 i need exploit for kernel 2.6 :) can anyone help me?
   <script>a: <script>alert(document.
  25.09.2006 19:17:15
    3APA3A: Re: <script>alert(document.
  25.09.2006 19:28:10
   Specially for idiots like this one we have
Test forum:
  swap: OpenSSH4.2  15.03.2006 10:40:41
 can anyone tell the vulnerabilities of OpenSSH4.2
   3APA3A: Re: OpenSSH4.2  15.03.2006 10:49:49
  JonesStanley: Regarding bugs and vulnerablities  10.02.2006 21:23:53
 I wanna ask an interesting question that if a system has been taken all the mends,then I can still break into it either?
   3APA3A: Re: Regarding bugs and vulnerablities  08.03.2006 19:23:17
  It depends on you.

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