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Term "site" below belongs to resource with unique DNS name of,, or, including applications, information, design and unique identifiers, names and requests used to address or navigate between pages.

Information is published "As is" without any warranties. No validation is made for published information, but the source of information is always specified.

Name SECURITYVULNS.COM should be used to identify site, specify authority or information source.

Terms of use for published articles and texts

You, as a private person or official representative for Your company have non-exclusive right to view articles published on this site. Authors and owners give you no guaranty for information authenticity and reliability.

Some articles may belong to an author and have copyrights and/or distribution terms.

If no distribution terms specified within article, article can be copied, printed, and distributed in any way under condition author's name must be kept. In case of publication, either printed or electronically, site's name must be specified as an information source.

This distribution right belongs to text and article-related graphics and doesn't belongs to:

  1. Site's design elements
  2. Site's code and databases
Which distribution is prohibited except the case site's web page is printed or reproduced in another way without any visual modification.

Privacy Policy

All names, passwords and e-mail are only used for sites purposes. Nothing of this information is transferred to third parties or used to send site unrelated information. You IP address may be tracked to gather statistics information. This sites displays information from third parties: counters and ad blocks, it makes it possible to gather for 3rd party information about site visitors. According to Terms of Service this information is only gathered in statistical form.

Terms of use for published programs, libraries and source codes

Applications and source codes are distributed "As is" without any guaranty for liability or applicability or result. By downloading programs or source code you confirm that you understand and accept Your responsibility for any possible damage for you or any third party as a result of program usage or redistribution. Usage and distributions terms may be distributed with program. If no terms are attached or included into program or source code, then program or source code may be use as "Public domain", that is without any addition limitation to limitations set by this document. You may specify site as a source of program or source code in this case.

Proof of Concept (PoC) codes, also known as "Exploit" codes are distributed for educational and testing purposes to confirm presence of security vulnerabilities in software or configuration. You may not use these codes on computers or networks your have no unlimited authorized access. Term "Unlimited access" means you have authorized access which is not restricted by any additional rules, contracts, terms, policies, laws or another regulations. Your are not granted to change codes to use or use as parameters for codes:

  1. DNS names
  2. IP addresses
  3. E-mail addresses
  4. Phone numbers
  5. Hostnames
  6. Any unique identifiers
Except identifiers, addresses, e-mails and names you own or you have Unlimited access to.
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