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Subject:APPLE-SA-2015-10-21-7 Xcode 7.1

APPLE-SA-2015-10-21-7 Xcode 7.1

Xcode 7.1 is now available and addresses the following:

Available for:  OS X Yosemite v10.10.5 or later
Impact:  Swift programs performing certain type conversions may
receive unexpected values
Description:  A type conversion issue existed that could lead to
conversions returning unexpected values. This issue was addressed
through improved type checking.
CVE-2015-7030 : an anonymous researcher

Installation note:

Xcode 7.1 may be obtained from:

To check that the Xcode has been updated:

* Select Xcode in the menu bar
* Select About Xcode
* The version after applying this update will be "7.1".

Information will also be posted to the Apple Security Updates
web site:

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