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  Norton antivirus privelege escalation

From:3APA3A <3APA3A_(at)>
Subject:DH team: Norton Antivirus Corporate Edition Privilege Escalation

Dear Bugtraq,

 Product: Norton Antivirus Corporate Edition (Final 7.60.962)
 Vendor: Symantec
 Type: Local
 Risk: High (system privileges)
 Discovered: ERRor <[email protected]> of Domain HELL Team


 Norton Antivirus allows to run winhlp32 in context of local system.


 Norton Antivirus adds "Scan for Viruses..." item to Explorer's context
 menu.  Application  launched if this item is selected has local system
 context.  Application has "Help" button which allows to start winhlp32
 in  context of Local System. winhlp32 allows user to execute code with
 credentials of this application.


 According to Symantec reply on the moment this problem was reported to
 Symantec fix was ready and tested:

 This vulnerability has been eliminated in current versions of Symantec
 Norton  AntiVirus  Corporate Edition, version 7.5.1 Build 62 and later
 as  well  as  version 7.6.1 Build 35a and later that are available for


 This issue was discovered by ERRor of Domain Hell Team.

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