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  Half Life information leak

From:3APA3A <3APA3A_(at)>
Subject:Half Life dedicated server information leak

Dear [email protected],

Probably is known, but is not documented:

Vendor: Valve software
Software: hlds, all versions (including steam).
Problem: Information leak, DoS
Author: SYZo[SND]


in server configuration, if allowdownload = 1, it's possible to download
any file from directory of the current game (cstrike was tested) or from
'valve'  directory  from  server.  Allowdownload  is  required  to allow
clients to retrieve new maps from server.


It's   possible   to  download  configuration  files  (like  server.cfg,
configuration files for different mods, etc) with sensitive information,
including  passwords.  Additionally, downloading large file (for example
map) causes server to crash.


 cmd dlfile server.cfg
 cmd dlfile addons/amx/users.ini
 cmd dlfile addons/amx/mysql.cfg
 cmd dlfile maps/de_torn.bsp


 disable downloads.

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