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  Security Bulletin MS00-097

From:MICROSOFT <secure_(at)>
Subject:Security Bulletin (MS00-064)

Microsoft Security Bulletin (MS00-064)
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Patch Available for "Unicast Service Race Condition" Vulnerability
Originally posted: September 06, 2000

Microsoft has released a patch that eliminates a security
vulnerability  in Microsoft(r) Windows Media(tm) Services. The
vulnerability could allow  a malicious user to prevent an affected
server from providing useful  service.

Frequently asked questions regarding this vulnerability and the patch
can  be found at

If a client sends a particular type of malformed request to a Windows
Media server, it could induce a race condition. Once the server has
been  put into such a state, subsequent requests - even ones that
would  normally be legitimate - could cause the Windows Media Unicast
Service to  fail. If this happened, any ongoing sessions would be
lost, and the  server would stop providing unicast streaming media

An affected server could be put back into service by restarting the
Unicast Service. The vulnerability would not cause any data loss, nor
would it enable the malicious user to usurp any administrative
privileges  on the machine.

Affected Software Versions
- Microsoft Windows Media Services 4.0
- Microsoft Windows Media Services 4.1

Patch Availability
- Microsoft Windows Media Services 4.1:

Note: Customers using Windows Media Services 4.0 should upgrade to
Windows Media Services 4.1 and then apply the above patch.

Note: Additional security patches are available at the Microsoft
Download  Center

More Information
Please see the following references for more information related to
this  issue.

- Frequently Asked Questions: Microsoft Security Bulletin MS00-064,
- Microsoft Knowledge Base article Q273014 discusses this issue
  and will be available soon.
- Microsoft TechNet Security web site,

Obtaining Support on this Issue
This is a fully supported patch. Information on contacting Microsoft
Product Support Services is available at

Microsoft thanks  Kit Knox of NaviSite ( for
reporting  this issue to us and working with us to protect customers.

September 06, 2000: Bulletin Created.

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