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roothelper.can unusual local root exploit against CVE-2015-3245 userhelper chfn() newline filtering / CVE-2015-3246 libuser passwd file handling
cve-2014-0196-md.cCVE-2014-0196: Linux kernel <= v3.15-rc4: raw mode PTY local echo race condition Slightly-less-than-POC privilege escalation exploit For kernels >= v3.14-rc1
pty.cCVE-2014-0196 DOS PoC
rlpdaemonex.plHP-UX rlpdaemon local exploit
apache-magika.cPHP CVE-2012-1823 exploit
linkMikrotik RouterOS 5.* and 6.* sshd remote preauth heap corruption
linkPacket Storm Exploit 2013-0813-1 - Oracle Java IntegerInterleavedRaster.verify() Signed Integer Overflow
linkPacket Storm Exploit 2013-0819-1 - Oracle Java BytePackedRaster.verify() Signed Integer Overflow
linksamba nttrans reply exploit
linksamba nttrans reply exploit
linkMFSA2010-08 WOFF Heap Corruption due to Integer Overflow 1day exploit
linkPacket Storm Exploit 2013-0811-1 - Oracle Java storeImageArray() Invalid Array Indexing Code Execution
hpdp.pyHP Data Protector Arbitrary Remote Command Execution exploit
fbsd9lul.cFreeBSD 9.{0,1} mmap/ptrace exploit
huaweisnmpex.pyHuawei SNMPv3 service buffer overflow PoC
dlinkcamab.pyD-Link RTSP Authentication Bypass
pfsboex.plPersonal File Share HTTP Server Remote Overflow Vulnerability Exploit
linkОбход защиты CIS
centrifyex.c Local root exploit for Centrify Deployment Manager
ibmdirectorex.plIBM System Director Remote System Level Exploit (CVE-2009-0880 extended zeroday)
FreeFTPD_0day_src.zipFreeFTPD all versions Remote System Level Exploit Zero-Day
FreeSSHD_0day.zipFreeSSHD all version Remote Authentication Bypass ZERODAY
mysql_win_remote_stuxnet_technique.zipMySQL Scanner & MySQL Server for Windows Remote SYSTEM Level Exploit
mysql_userenum.plMySQL Remote Preauth User Enumeration Zeroday
mysql-dos.txtMySQL Denial of Service Zeroday PoC
mysql_privilege_elevation.plMySQL (Linux) Database Privilege Elevation Zeroday Exploit
mysql_heapoverrun.plMySQL (Linux) Heap Based Overrun PoC Zeroday
mysql_bufferoverrun.plMySQL (Linux) Stack based buffer overrun PoC Zeroday Hardcoreview WriteAV Arbitrary Code Execution VLC Player 2.0.3 <= ReadAV Arbitrary Code Execution exploit Microsoft Office Excel ReadAV Arbitrary Code Execution exploit IpTools(0.1.4) - Rcmd Remote Crash PoC
p_cve-2011-4362.cPrimitive Lighttpd Proof of Concept code for CVE-2011-4362 vulnerability
enumerator_asterisk_nat_peers.rbSIP Username Enumerator for Asterisk (UDP) Security Advisory AST-2011-013, CVE-2011-4597
link<iframe height='18082563'></iframe> causes a BSoD on win 7 x64 via Safari
7350roaringbeastv3.zipFreeBSD ftpd/ProFTPD remote exploit
oracleocepoc.php Oracle DataDirect ODBC Drivers HOST Attribute arsqls24.dll Stack Based Buffer Overflow PoC (*.oce) zFTP Server "cwd" Remote Denial-of-Service
knftpd_exploit.pyKnFTPd FTP Server v1.0.0 Multiple Command Remote Buffer Overflow Exploit
bwocxrun_1.zipBroadWin WebAccess Client bwocxrun.ocx PoC
killapache.plApache httpd Remote Denial of Service (memory exhaustion)
mn.plHTTPKiller - FHTTP Kit by Xianur0
tiv-sys.pyIBM Tivoli Endpoint 4.1.1 Remote SYSTEM Exploit
novell.plExploits Novell eDirectory/Netware LDAP-SSL daemon vulnerability
glob-0day.cPoC for multiple vendors ftpd (libc/glob) resource exhaustion
SecPod_AT_TFTP_DoS-POC.pyExploit will crash AT-TFTP Server v1.8 Service
ipcomp.zipBSD IPComp Kernel Stack Overflow Testcase
MoviePlayerExploit.pyMovie Player v4.82 0Day Buffer overflow/DOS Exploit
sendump.csendump - FreeBSD-SA-05:02.sendfile exploit
igss.pyIGSS 8 ODBC Server Multiple Remote Uninitialized Pointer Free DoS
movi.pyProgea Movicon TCPUploadServer Remote Exploit
real_5.zipRealPlayer IVR buffer overflow PoC
exploit_advantech.zipAdvantec/BroadWin SCADA WebAccess 7.0 Network Service RPC Party Exploit
XRun.basXRun - module to replace suspended process' memory
deslock-vdlptokn.cDESlock+ <= 4.1.10 local kernel ring0 SYSTEM exploit
cmsd_cve2010-4435.cExploits CVE-2010-4435 - Multiple Vendor Calendar Manager Remote Code Execution
vbuldos.plvBulletin 4.1.2 0-day Denial Of Service Exploit
freebsdsockex.cExploits FreeBSD local denial of service - forced reboot
asmb-heap.pyAutomated Solutions Modbus/TCP OPC Server Remote Heap Corruption PoC
run_update_server.pyFake ICQ update server
build_update_files.pyICQ Update File Creator Lack of Authentication Remote Exploit
proftpd.gnu.cproftpd multiple exploit for VU#912279 (only with GNU libc/regcomp(3))
caps-to-root.cLinux Kernel CAP_SYS_ADMIN to root exploit
OpenClassifiedsex.phpExploits Multiple Vulnerabilities in OpenClassifieds
intx.zipEcava IntegraXor Remote ActiveX Buffer Overflow PoC
lsws.plLiteSpeed Web Server 4.0.17 w/ PHP Remote Exploit for FreeBSD
full-nelson.cExploits Linux Kernel <= 2.6.37 local privilege escalation
musexploit.cExploits Winamp 5.6 Arbitrary Code Execution in MIDI Parser
icblogger-ziyaretci_Exploit.plicblogger full-(tr) (ziyaretci.mdb) Database Disclosure Exploit
icblogger_full-mail.Exploit.plicblogger full-(tr) (mail.mdb) Database Disclosure Exploit
icblogger_full-Exploit.plicblogger full-(tr) (blogs.mdb) Database Disclosure Exploit
fatihsoftblog-Exploit.plfatihsoftblog-(tr) Database Disclosure Exploit
complete-blog-Exploit.plcomplete-blog-(ing) Database Disclosure Exploit
blogit-Exploit.plblogit-(ing) Database Disclosure Exploit
acs-blog_turkce.plblog turkce v1.1.3-(tr) Database Disclosure Exploit
hpdataprotector.plExploits P Data Protector Manager v6.11 / NULL Pointer Dereference
bacnet.pyBACnet OPC Client Buffer Overflow Exploit
museex2.pyMUSE v4.9.0.006 (.pls) Local Universal Buffer Overflow [SEH]
museex1.pyMUSE v4.9.0.006 (.m3u) Local Buffer Overflow Exploit
trilogicex.pyTriologic Media Player 8 (.m3u) Local Universal Unicode Buffer Overflow [SEH]
linkAttacking and fixing the Microsoft Windows Kerberos Login Service
easyftpex.pyEasy FTP Server v1.7.0.11 Multiple Command Buffer Overflow exploit
dlinkwbr2310ex.plDlink WBR-2310 Wireless Router DoS exploit
swsex.plSimple Web Server From header DoS
quickeasyex.plDoS Exploit of Quick Easy Ftp Server version <=3.9.1 USER COMMAND Buffer Overflow
qqex.pyQQPlayer smi File Buffer Overflow Exploit
dmfilemanagerex.phpDM Filemanager (fckeditor) Remote Arbitrary File Upload Exploit
pcnfsd.crpc.pcnfsd remote format string exploit, tested against AIX 6.1.0 and lower
gs_ps.plGhostScript 8.70 PoC
gs_bsd.plGhostScript 8.70 exploit for FreeBSD 8.0
sysaxex.plExploits Sysax Multi Server "open", "unlink", "mkdir", "scp_get" Commands DoS Vulnerabilities
phpwcmsex2.phpPHPWCMS Cross-Site Request Forgery Vulnerability exploit
eset_lzh.zipESET Smart Security 4.2 and NOD32 Antivirus 4.2 (x32-x64) LZH archive parsing PoC exploit.
marqex.htmlExploit for all browsers (Tested on: Mozilla Firefox // Internet Explorer // Google Chrome // Netscape
novanet-dos.cNovaSTOR NovaNET/NovaBACKUP <= 13.0 remote DoS
novanet-own.cNovaSTOR NovaNET <= 12.0 remote SYSTEM exploit
novanet-read.cNovaSTOR NovaNET remote DoS + arbitrary memory read
novanet-own-lnx.cNovaSTOR NovaNET <= 12.0 remote root exploit
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