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sorpine.cremote Pine <= 4.56 exploit fully automatic
4DWS_ftp.c4D WebSTAR FTP Buffer Overflow exploit Gives a shell on port 6969
Disclosure-WS1-030911114500.zipLiuDieYu's missing files are here.
PTms03039.zipMS03-039 scanner
word.zipMicrosoft WordPerfect Document Converter Exploit
leak-sploit.cstunnel descriptor leak PoC
linux_pam_smb.cLinux pam_lib_smb < 1.1.6 /bin/login exploit
xgtkftpd.ctkftpd[v1.0.4(and below)]: remote root buffer overflow exploit.
0wn-snmpc.plSNMPc v5 and v6 remote password retrieval exploit
THCREALbad.cReal Server 9, 8, 7 Remote Root Exploit (Windows & Linux)
m00-srcpd.csrcpd buffer overflow exploit
webobjectex.exeInternet Explorer <OBJECT> code execution PoC "webserver"
netrisx.cnetris[v0.5]: client/server remote buffer overflow exploit
iosniff.tgzIOS 11.x remote sniffer
CiscoCasumEst.tgzexploit for the Cisco IOS HTTP 2GB overflow
xmandb.shman-db[v2.4.1-]: local uid=man exploit.
pu-hl.cHalflife exploit that provides a shell in fbsd
shattertab.cTab Control Shatter Attack Exploit
0x82-wu262.cwu-ftpd-2.6.2 off-by-one remote exploit
trilliandos.ctrillian 0.7 Denial of Service simple exploit
dcom48.cRPC DCOM Remote Exploit with 48 Targets included
modmyloex.cApache + mod_mylo remote exploit
shatterseh2.cDemonstrates the use of listview messages to inject shellcode to known location; overwrite 4 bytes of a critical memory address
knfsd_dos.clinux kernel NFS DoS exploit
winrpcex2.cRPC Overflow Exploit Code
mssqldosex.cexp for Microsoft SQL Server DoS(MS03-031) By Xfocus
w2krpcex.cexploit for LSD's Buffer Overrun in Windows RPC Interface
gnatsex.plSimple PoC exploit for gnats
w2krpcdos.cExploit for RPC DCOM DOS Vulnerability discoveried by
cisco-bug-44020.tar.gzCisco IOS exploit (44020)
ex_bru.cEST BRU(TM) Backup and Restore Utility Local Root Exploit
shadowchode.tar.gzCisco DoS exploit
tac0tac0.cLocal Privilege Escalation Found by @stake
byebye_tribes.phpsStarSiege: Tribes DoS (PHP)
byebye_tribes.zipStarSiege: Tribes DoS (C)
masssambaex.cMass Samba Exploit by Schizoprenic
xgopherd2k3-view.cUMN gopherd[2.x.x/3.x.x]: remote GSisText()/view buffer overflow
xgopherd2k3-ftp.cUMN gopherd[2.x.x/3.x.x]: remote "ftp gateway" buffer overflow.
YahPoo.cYahoo Messenger 5.5 exploit for win2k
dwclftp273.cppLeapFTP remote buffer overflow exploit vs. listproc 8.2.09 (bug found by KF)
fm-IE.tarIE Object Type Overflow Exploit
webdavex.cIIS 5.0 WebDAV Exploit versi Xnuxer Lab
ca1-icq.asmICQ Password Bypass exploit
dayX.tgzexploit which will start linux on Microsoft XBox
essenexploit.cRemote Buffer Overflow in Essentia Webserver
xezb.c[ ezbounce[v1.0+beyond]: remote format string exploit. ]
eXtreme.cRemote Format Strings Exploit for eXtremail latest versions
test2.zipinternet explorer HTML32.cnv buffer overflow PoC
nsiilog-titbit.cppWindows Media Services Remote Command Execution #2
suiddmp.clinux execve() suid executable file reading exploit
0x82-GNATS.tgzGNATS local exploits
gnatsex2.cGNATS v3.113.x (The GNU bug-tracking system) local root 0day exploit
gnatsex1.cGNATS v3.2 (The GNU bug-tracking system) local root 0day exploit
kon2root.cBuffer overflow in /usr/bin/kon v0.3.9b for RedHat 9.0
squidx.cexploit against squid ftp:// parsing heap overflow
xdune.c[ dune[0.6.7+-]: remote buffer overflow exploit. ]
x_lsmcode_aix4x.plExploit lsmcode of Aix4.3.3 to get a uid=0 shell
x_diagrpt.shExploit diagrpt of Aix4.x & 5L to get a uid=0 shell
x_errpt_aix5.plExploit command errpt for Aix5L to get a root shell
bazarr-episode-4.cxaos <= 3.0-23 ? 0day local root xploit on debian 3.0 whoody
xxzb.c(linux)zblast/xzb[v1.2]: local buffer overflow
mwmxploit.cMagic Winmail Server 2.3(Build 0402) Remote Format string exploit
apacheaprex.plApache 2.0 APR Exploit
bazarr-episode-3.clocal root xploit for Eterm
atftpdx.cPoC linux/86 remote exploit against atftpd (c) gunzip ( FIXED ) exploit for mdk/8.2 is attached
xmanfmt.c(linux)man[v1.5l]: format string exploit
ca-dbpwrecover.plCA Unicenter Password Recovery Tool kon2 version 0.3.9b-16 and < local root exploit
mame_exp.cxmame gain root exploit
iiswebdavex.cIIS Web DAV exploit new release remote exploit for Gnome Batalla Naval Server v1.0.4
upclient_exploit.cNuxAcid - UPCLIENT Local Buffer Overflow Exploit
myatm.cATM on linux Exploit(les,local)
0x82-Remote.WsMp3d.again.cRemote Heap Corruption Overflow vulnerability in WsMp3d (Again)
maelort.plokanin/DSR, gid games crap for /usr/ports/games/maelstrom
maelx.plMaelstrom Local Buffer Overflow Exploit
maelstromxp.cMaelstrom exploit By CMN <[email protected]>
explorerex.cexplorer.exe desktop.ini buffer overflow exploit (Windows XP)
priv8cdr.plCdrecord version 2.0 and < local root exploit
jelmer.zipInfoZip' unzip directory traversal demonstration
DSR-firebird.cFirebird-1.0.2 Local exploit for Freebsd 4.7
PFExploit.cs0h: Kerio Personal Firewall and Tiny Personal Firewall remote exploit
RPClocat.zipMicrosoft RPC locator service remote exploit by NTeam - vs. /usr/ports/mail/youbin
shj.plsession hijacking and mail downloading exploit for CommuniGatePro 4.0.6
gossh.shOpenSSH <= 3.6.p1 - User Identification
Pi3DoS.cPi3Web 2.0.1 DoS - Pr00f of concept
linux-atmex.cExploit against the linux-atm project
poptop-sane.cFixed Exploit against PoPToP in Linux
birthday.plImplementation of DNS birthday attack
backrush.tgzExploit for "Authentication flaw in Windows SMB protocol"
p7snort191.shSnort <=1.9.1 exploit
pptpd-exploit.cExploit for PoPToP PPTP server - Linux version
hldsdos.cDenial-of-service exploit against half-life-servers
monkey-nuke.plMonkey HTTPd Remote Buffer Overflow
poptopex.cExploit for PoPToP PPTP server older than 1.1.4-b3 and 1.1.3-20030409 under Linux
sendmailprescan.clocal prescan() exploit for sendmail 8.11.6
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