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tfboom.zipTeam Factor DoS
lbreakout2-exp.clbreakout2 < 2.4beta-2 local exploit
PSOProxy-exp.cPSOProxy <= 0.91 remote buffer overflow (exploit)
shoutdown.01.tar.gzSHOUTcast 1.9.2 remote heap overrun exploit binary version by m00 Security
gatekeeperex.cGateKeeper Pro 4.7 remote sploit by kralor
imailex.ciMail v8.05 LDAP service remote sploit by kralor [Crpt]
robo.cRobotftp DoS exploit
dreamftpex.cFormat String Vulnerability in DreamFTP exploit
mremap_poc_2.cProof-of-concept exploit code for do_mremap() #2
MS04-007-dos.cMS04-007 LSASS.EXE Win2k Pro Remote Denial-of-Service Exploit
xfreeslex.cXFree86 Font Information File Buffer Overflow exploit
vserverex.cmodified the chroot-again exploit to work on vservers with "chmod 000 /vservers"
overkillex.c Simple local exploit for 0verkill by pi3 (pi3ki31ny)
serv-ME.cServ-U "SITE CHMOD" exploit
proxynow.plRemote Stack Overflow in ProxyNow! 2.x PoC Exploit
servu.cServ-U FTPD 3.x/4.x "SITE CHMOD" Command remote exploit V1.0 FOLDERS
serv.cserv-u 4.2 site chmod long_file_name stack overflow exp
mremap-exp.cLinux kernel mremap() bound checking bug exploit
sslexp.cOpenSSL ASN.1 parsing bugs PoC / brute forcer
batcrash.msgThe Bat! 2.01 memory corruption demostration
hdswftpex.cPoC exploit for Windows Ftp Server v1.6
lftp-exp.cLFTP Remote Stack-Based Overflow exploit
DameWeird.cDameWare Mini Remote Control < v3.73 remote exploit by kralor]
mremap_poc.cLinux kernel do_mremap() proof-of-concept exploit code
wts_bo.cWindows Telnet Service 1.2 Remote buffer owerflow by fiNis
imspex.cCyrus IMSP Remote Root Exploit
r57nuke-cid.plPHP-NUKE version <= 6.9 'cid' sql injection exploit
r57phpbb-poc.plphpBB v<=2.06 search_id sql injection exploit (POC version)
dmware.rarDameWare Mini Remote Control Server Overflow Exploit
x_hp-ux11i_nls_ct.cGet a local rootshell from /usr/bin/ct,using HP-UX location language format string bug.
eZnet_bo.ceZnet 3.5 buffer overflow by fiNis
eZXploit.pleZ remote exploit
ms03-043.cms03-043 exploit
0x333ebola.cebola 0.1.4 remote exploit
webeye-xp.plwebeye exploit
ntctl-03-49.cms03-049 wkksvc.dll buffer overflow exploit (winxp) modified by Firestorm
brk_poc_sys_brk.asmLinux kernel do_brk(), another proof-of-concept code for i386
eZpsheap.pleZphotoshare buffer overflow PoC
rpc_wks_bo.cWKSSVC BO exploits
brk_poc.asmLinux kernel do_brk() proof-of-concept exploit code
addrule.cApplied Watch adding new rule exploit
appliedsnatch.cApplied Watch adding new user exploit
epic4-exp.cEPIC4 remote client-side stack-based overflow
f.cProof of Concept for SuSEconfig.vmware Symbolic Link.
webfsex.cwebfs 1.7.x:webserver remote file overflow exploit
operaex.plSample code of [Opera 7] Arbitrary File Auto-Saved Vulnerability
obsdsemopdos.cOpenBSD semop DoS
85mod_gzip.cremote exploit for mod_gzip (with debug_mode)
coff_ex.cexec_ibcs2_coff_prep_zmagic() kernel stack overflow
jsk.cpServ 2.0.x:beta webserver remote buffer overflow exploit by jsk
0349.cppms03-049 exploit by wirepair
fp30reg.cFrontpage fp30reg.dll Overflow (MS03-051) discovered by Brett Moore
zzz.cpplocal ListBox/ComboBox exploit for Win32 (MS03-045)
lanmanwsex.cProof of concept for Windows Workstation Service overflow
rpcexec.crpc remote return-into-libc exploit
85NIPrint.cNIPrint remote exploit
niprintex.cNIPrint LPD-LPR Print Server (Exploit)
iawebmailex.plIA WebMail Server Buffer Overflow Exploit
webweaverdos.cBRS WebWeaver v.1.06 remote DoS exploit
0x82-musicqueue_over.cmusicqueue.cgi local root `Proof of Concept' exploit
0x82-Local.musicqueue_xpl.cmusicqueue.cgi v-1.2.0 local root `Proof of Concept' exploit
PST_iwconfig.c/sbin/iwconfig proof of concept exploit
ldso1_SPARC_ex.cSolaris runtime linker exploit (SPARC version)
xmjong.cmah-jong[v1.4]: server/client remote buffer overflow exploit.
exchangeex.plMicrosoft Exchange 2000 Heap Overflow exploit
oracleclboex.coracle command line buffer overflow exploit
x-ws_ftp.cx86/win32 WS_FTP FTPD "STAT" command remote stack buffer overflow exploit
messengerex.cDoS Proof of Concept for MS03-043
scanmsgr.exeMS03-043 Messenger Service Scanning Utility
proft_put_down.cProFTPd 1.2.7 - 1.2.9rc2 remote r00t exploit
slocateex.cslocate buffer overflow exploit
mauer.circ2.10.3p3 and maybe below remote DOS exploit by millhouse
rpc3.zipRPC universal exploit. Exploit MS09-039 vulnerability (patched systems to DoS)
exp003.docMS Word Macro structure parsing buffer overflow PoC
unshell.asmuniversal shellcode for Windows RPC universal exploit
rpcdcom3.cWindows RPC universal exploit
10.04.proftpd_xforce.cproftpd 1.2.7/1.2.9rc2 remote root exploit
winshadow.zipwinShadow v2.0 netcat shell download and execute exploit!
esv.cpp"ExploitStation V" or "EarthStation Vulnerabilities"
cfengineex.ccfengine2-2.0.3 remote exploit for redhat
atphttp0x06.cRemote atphttpd 0.4b <= exploit
c-marbles.cMarbles v1.0.5 local PoC exploit.
xmpg123.cmpg123[v0.59r,v0.59s]: remote client-side heap corruption exploit
0x333hztty.c0x333hztty => hztty 2.0 local root exploit RPC Long Filename Heap Overflow exploit
ark_sink.cKnox Arkiea arkiead local/remote root exploit.
lsh_exploit.cexploit for lsh 1.4.x
rootdown.plRemote command executiong via sadmind
mounty.cremote rpc.mountd exploit for the recent xlog vunl
mounty.cremote rpc.mountd exploit for the recent xlog vunl
m00-ChatZilla.cChatZilla <=v0.8.23 remote DoS exploit
dcomdos.cppWindows RPC DCOM Dos exploit
mysql.cexploit for mysql -- [get_salt_from_password] problem
clarcaseex.cClearCase Smack_Crack_And_Hack_Attack Version 1.0.1
sorpine.cremote Pine <= 4.56 exploit fully automatic
4DWS_ftp.c4D WebSTAR FTP Buffer Overflow exploit Gives a shell on port 6969
Disclosure-WS1-030911114500.zipLiuDieYu's missing files are here.
PTms03039.zipMS03-039 scanner
word.zipMicrosoft WordPerfect Document Converter Exploit
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