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topfs.plunixtop 'kill' format string Tested on Debian GNU/Linux 3.1
ftpd-iexpl.cInternet Explorer FTP download path directory traversal exploit
HOD-ms04031-netdde-expl.c(MS04-031) NetDDE buffer overflow vulnerability PoC
e107_v0.x-v0617_exploit.rare107 v0.x to v0617 exploit
101_ncat.cNetcat v1.1, "-e" Switch, Remote Buffer Overflow Exploit v0.1
raptor_chown.cexploit for the sys_chown vulnerability in the Linux kernel.
snortdos.cSnort Malformed TCP Options DoS
CrystalFTPex.crystal FTP Pro 2.8 PoC
shoutcastfs.cSHOUTcast DNAS/Linux v1.9.4 format string remote exploit
openlogex.phpPHP openlog() Windows local exploit
ultrix_dxterm_4.5_exploit.cExploit for Ultrix 4.5 dxterm
paginitex.cAIX 5.1/5.2/5.3 paginit local root exploit
safe_mode_bypass.phpPHP shmop safe mode bypass exploit
mreqfck.cLinux igmp.c local DoS
ex_MERCURY2.cRemote Mercury32 Imap exploit
Mercury32_Overflow.plMercury/32 buffer overflow exploit
cool.cRemote exploit for the php memory_limit vulnerability
winampboex.cWinAmp in_cdda.dll buffer overflow exploit
proz_ex.cprozilla-1.3.6 format string/buffer overflow exploit
DMS_POP3_Overflow.plDMS POP3 Server for Windows 2000/XP 1.5.3 build 37 exploit
ZipMe!.cppMicrosoft Windows Vulnerability in Compressed (zipped) Folders (MS04-034) exploit
HOD-kerio-firewall-DoS-expl.cKerio Personal Firewall Multiple IP Options Denial of Service PoC
mini-exploit.cMiniShare remote buffer overflow UNIX exploit by NoPh0BiA
IPSwitch-IMail-8.13-DELETE.plIPSwitch-IMail-8.13 Stack Overflow in the DELETE Command exploit
qwikfuck.cQwik-SMTPD remote root exploit <= 0.3
ccproxy.cCCProxy Log Stack Overflow Exploit!
101_slim.cSlimFTPd <= 3.15, Remote Buffer Overflow Exploit v0.1
101_mini.cppMiniShare <= 1.4.1, Remote Buffer Overflow Exploit v0.1
InternetExploiter.htmlMSIE <IFRAME> and <FRAME> tag NAME property bufferoverflow PoC exploit
iptables.log.integer.underflow.POC.cIPTables Log Integer Underflow PoC
mmdfex.cMMDF deliver local root exploit for SCO OpenServer 5.0.7 x86
mailcarrier-2.5-EHLO.pyMailCarrier 2.51 SMTP EHLO / HELO Buffer Overflow
libsuxml.clibxml 2.6.12 nanoftp bof POC
ximage_zgv.tar.gzzgv integer overflows exploits
libgdex.clibgd integer overflow PoC
ability-2.34-ftp-stor.pyAbility Server 2.34 FTP STOR Buffer Overflow exploit
NotmuchG.plIPSWITCH WhatsUp Gold ver8.03 Remote Buffer Overflow Exploit
icecastex.cIceCast <= 2.0.1 Exploit v1.1 by cyrex
sacred_jpg.cGDI+ buffer overrun Exploit, Modified by Crypto <[email protected]>
ypop.cYPOP SMTP Remote Buffer Overflow BindShell Exploit by cyrex
yahoopoc.cProof of concept demo exploit for YPOP! SMTP listener
JpegOfDeath.cGDI+ JPEG Remote Exploit
CAN-2004-0200.cExample of JPG Exploit & Shellcode
mdaemon_imap.cRemote proof-of-concept exploit for Mdaemon IMAP server v6.5.1
mdaemon_rcpt.cRemote DoS and proof-of-concept exploit for Mdaemon smtp server v6.5.1
sudo-exploit.csudoedit Exploit
jpegcompoc.zipWindows XP JPEG Buffer Overflow POC
gdk1.xpmgtk+ XPM decoder overflows demo XPM
unsus.cSus 2.0.2 local root exploit
trillianbof.cCerulean Studios Trillian 0.74i Buffer Overflow in MSN module exploit
aimawayboex.cAIM Away Message Buffer Overflow Exploit
sm00ny-courier_imap_fsx.ccourier-imap <= 3.0.2-r1 Remote Format String Vulnerability exploit
citadeluxex.cCitadel/UX Remote Buffer Overflow Exploit
dlinkdown.cchange ip address on all dlink dcs-900 cameras on the local network without authentication
PST_chpasswd_exp-v_b.cSquirrelmail chpasswd local root bruteforce exploit
haqt.cEXPLOIT: Qt bmp heap overflow
Xines_Mine.cXines_Mine - Remote proof of concept example
hl.plaGsm HL server reply parsing PoC
Imailpwdump.cppIpSwitch IMail Server <= ver 8.1 User Password Decryption
po.cexploit for libpng, tested on version 1.2.5
ollydbgex.cOllydbg Format String Bug Exploit Code
pavukex.cPavuk Digest Authentication Buffer Overflow exploit
servulocal.cServ-u Local Exploit >v3.x. (tested also against last version
BlackJumboDog.plblackJumboDog Exploit code
pngtest_bad.pngPNG crashes both mozilla and konqueror
proc_kmem_dump.c/proc ppos kernel memory read (semaphore method)
openf.cexploit for openftpd format string bug
da-um_ex.cРабочий эксплойт для Диспетчера Служебных Программ (utility manager) by 0x90 with a great help of Paul
da-posix_ex.cРабочий эксплойт для POSIX.EXE (MS04-020) by 0x90 [at]
sox-exploiter.cSoX Exploiter by Rosiello Security
mailenabledos.batMailEnable Professional HTTPMail DoS PoC
HOD-ms04022-task-expl.c(MS04-022) Microsoft Windows XP Task Scheduler (.job) Universal Exploit
linkMicrosoft Security Bulletin MS04-025 Cumulative Security Update for Internet Explorer (867801)
buffy.wavSoX buffer overflow PoC
linkПричмокивание опоссума
mssmsdos.plMS SMS DOS Proof-of-concept code
swatex.plSWAT PreAuthorization PoC
atari800.cExploit for atari800 version 1.3.0
apachedos.plexploit for apache ap_get_mime_headers_core() vuln
drcat.cProof of Concept DRCATD Remote exploit
utilmaned2.cUtility Manager exploit v2.666 modified by kralor
linkWhat A Drag
utilmaned1.cLocal elevation of priviliges exploit for win2k Utility Manager to work on any win2k
ms04_022.cppMicrosoft Windows 2K/XP Task Scheduler Vulnerability (MS04-022) Proof-of-Concept Exploit for English WinXP SP1
Posixexp.cMicrosoft Windows POSIX Subsystem Local Privilege Escalation Exploit (MS04-020)
UtilManExploit2.c Microsoft Windows Utility Mnanager Exploit II
winldt.cWindows Expand-Down Data Segment Local Privilege Escalation [MS04-011]
x_hpux_xfs.plExploit xfs command of HPUX to get bin gid shell.
x_invscoutd.plExploit invscoutd of Aix4.x & 5L to get a uid=0 shell.
mysql.authentication.bypass_client.c.diffMySQL Authentication Bypass Client Patch Proof Of Concept Exploit
drcat_xploit.cMultilocal PoC exploit for DrCat 0.5.0-beta
phpmy-explt.cphpMyAdmin-2.5.7 exploit
jvmcrash.javaHarmful java applet crashing with assertion
ArgoXP.cWIndows XP UPNP exploit
rlprd.pyrlprd 2.0.4 remote root exploit
wert_orenosv_expl.rarPoC xploit for OrenOSV
unsecure.zipCode execution in the Unreal Engine through \secure\ packet PoC
h7kill.cProof of concept - remote ircd-hybrid-7/ircd-ratbox DoS
frstorex.cfrstor Local Kernel exploit
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