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msjetex.cMicrosoft Jet (msjet40.dll) Exploit
ong_bak.clocal root exploit for the bluetooth bug
exp.plIBM Lotus Domino Server DoS Exploit
includer_1.plThe Includer CGI <= 1.0 open function PoC
x0n3-h4ck_MailEnable_Imapd.cMailEnable (Enterprise <= 1.04)(Professional <= 1.54) remote Imapd exploit
x0n3-h4ck_mailenable_smtpd.plMailEnable (Enterprise <= 1.04)-(Professional <= 1.54 SMTPd remote DOS exploit
305imapmagic.cCyrus IMAP Server <=2.2.8 IMAPMAGICPLUS preauthentification overflow PoC
aiodio_read.cLinux Kernel "AIO" Local DoS (PPC64 and IA64 Architecture) PoC
sconwprint.cSample code exploiting a buffer overflow vulnerability in NetWare Unix Client 1.1.0Ba on SCO OpenServer 5.0.7
argo.cArGoSoft FTP Server PoC code (IHSTeam)
winsex.cMicrosoft Windows Internet Name Service (WINS) Remote Heap Overflow Exploit
tincat2bof.zipTincat Buffer Overflow PoC
unrealmagic.cCyrus imapd v 2.2.4 - 2.2.8 (imapmagicplus) Remote Exploit
0x666-ftpd.cmtftpd <= 0.0.3 remote root exploit
SPECTsmtp_dos.plDoS - SPECTral Personal SMTP Server
cdmangleLinux ISO9660 handling flaws PoC
mailenable.tar.gzMailEnable 1.8 format string exploit
r57obsd-dos.cOpenBSD 2.0 - 3.6 Remote DoS Exploit
sileAWSxpl_v5.7-6.2.cAWStats Remote Command Execution exploit
luxman_ex2.plLuxMan buffer overflow exploit
dir.zipDrop to STARTUP Folder II exploit
ethereal-3g-a11.cEthereal 0.10.9 and below remote root exploit
eth2.cEthereal packet-iapp.c remote buffer overflow exploit
exp3.plMysql CREATE FUNCTION libc arbitrary code execution exploit
exp2.phpMysql CREATE FUNCTION func table arbitrary library injection exploit
msiecssboex.cBuffer Overflow In Internet Explorer CSS Parsing (mshtml.dll) exploit
eth0day.cEthereal dissect_a11_radius() remote buffer overflow exploit
real-seh.cppReal Realplayer 10 .smil local buffer overflow POC
trillian3.tar.gzTrillian 3.0 PNG Image Processing Buffer overflow Exploit
newLand.zipnewLand v0.1 - Proof of concept tool for the new LAND attack
goldenftp.javaGolden Ftp Server 1.29(Freeware Version) Username Remote Buffer Overflow exploit
foxmailex.cFOXmail POC stack overflow exploit:
foxmailex.pyFOXmail heap overflow POC exploit:
badbluex.cBadBlue, Easy File Sharing Remote BOverflow exploit
badblue.cppBadblue 2.55 Web Server remote buffer overflow exploit
nst.gif.phpphpWebSite-0.10.0 exploit
linuxmr.cexploit to Linux Vulnerability Allows Non-Privileged Users to Read Kernel Memory
arksink2.cKnox Arkeia remote root/system exploit
cf_0day.ccfengine rsa heap remote exploit part of PTjob project
suck_shoutcast.cexwormshoucast part of PTjob project SHOUTcast v1.9.4 remote exploit
tcambof.zipTrackerCam 5.12 buffer overflow exploit
3cdaemonex.c3com 3CDaemon FTP Unauthorized "USER" Remote BOverflow
mohexp.cRemote buffer overflow exploit for Medal of Honor Spearhead Dedicated Server (Linux)
oshex.plOSH 1.7 Exploit
fm-afp.cAppleFileServer (AFS) FPLoginExt DoS exploit
atronboom.zipArmagetron / Armagetron Advanced <= server crash exploit
ex_perl2.cSetuid perl PerlIO_Debug() overflow exploit
phpnukex.cphpNUKE v7.4 exploit
q3idos.cQuake 3 Infostring DoS exploit
ecl-eximspa.cexim auth_spa_server() PoC exploit
elogex.cELOG Remote Shell Exploit <= 2.5.6
msnpngex.cMSN Messenger PNG Image Buffer Overflow Download Shellcoded Exploit
arcservex.cBrightStor ARCserve Backup buffer overflow PoC
3csploit.c3Com 3CServer v1.1 buffer overflow exploit
savantex.plSavant Web Server 3.1 Remote Buffer Overflow Exploit
savant31.pySavant web server Buffer Overflow Exploit
WC-ms05002-ani-expl-cb.cMS05-002 xploit modification - connectback addition
ncpfsex.shncpfs symbolic links problem local exploit
exploit_Winamp-5.08.m3uWinamp Exploit (POC) 5.08 Stack Overflow
exploit_Winamp-5.05.m3uWinamp Exploit (POC) 5.05 Stack Overflow
ex_gpsd.cGpsd remote format string exploit
xgoldenftp.plXPSP2 goldenftpserver sploit - bind 4444
fm-iSink.coverflow in mRouter, suid binary used by iSync, on OSX <= 10.3.7
HOD-ms05002-ani-expl.c(MS05-002) Microsoft Internet Explorer .ANI Files Handling Exploit (CAN-2004-1049)
xfkey.cfkey[v0.0.2]: local/remote file accessibility exploit.
fm-nacho.cDoS for Darwin Kernel Version < 7.5.0
breedex.cBreed Malfored UDP DoS exploit
haloconex.cHalocon Malformed UDP DoS Exploit
modauthraddos.cApache mod_auth_radius Remote Integer Overflow Exploit
fm-eyetewnz.cPoC for iTunes on OS X 10.3.7
eximexploit.cexim dns_buld_reverse() proof-of-concept
veritasex.cVERITAS Backup Exec Agent Browser Service, Remote Stack Overflow
ImperExploit.cppWindows Improper Token Validation -Exploit-
exploits_and_patches.tgzLinux kernel multiple bugs exploits and patches
elflbl_v108.cbinfmt_elf uselib VMA insert race vulnerability
nasidos.plRemote DoS exploit for Nasi
topfs.plunixtop 'kill' format string Tested on Debian GNU/Linux 3.1
ftpd-iexpl.cInternet Explorer FTP download path directory traversal exploit
HOD-ms04031-netdde-expl.c(MS04-031) NetDDE buffer overflow vulnerability PoC
e107_v0.x-v0617_exploit.rare107 v0.x to v0617 exploit
101_ncat.cNetcat v1.1, "-e" Switch, Remote Buffer Overflow Exploit v0.1
raptor_chown.cexploit for the sys_chown vulnerability in the Linux kernel.
snortdos.cSnort Malformed TCP Options DoS
CrystalFTPex.crystal FTP Pro 2.8 PoC
shoutcastfs.cSHOUTcast DNAS/Linux v1.9.4 format string remote exploit
openlogex.phpPHP openlog() Windows local exploit
ultrix_dxterm_4.5_exploit.cExploit for Ultrix 4.5 dxterm
paginitex.cAIX 5.1/5.2/5.3 paginit local root exploit
safe_mode_bypass.phpPHP shmop safe mode bypass exploit
mreqfck.cLinux igmp.c local DoS
ex_MERCURY2.cRemote Mercury32 Imap exploit
Mercury32_Overflow.plMercury/32 buffer overflow exploit
cool.cRemote exploit for the php memory_limit vulnerability
winampboex.cWinAmp in_cdda.dll buffer overflow exploit
proz_ex.cprozilla-1.3.6 format string/buffer overflow exploit
DMS_POP3_Overflow.plDMS POP3 Server for Windows 2000/XP 1.5.3 build 37 exploit
ZipMe!.cppMicrosoft Windows Vulnerability in Compressed (zipped) Folders (MS04-034) exploit
HOD-kerio-firewall-DoS-expl.cKerio Personal Firewall Multiple IP Options Denial of Service PoC
mini-exploit.cMiniShare remote buffer overflow UNIX exploit by NoPh0BiA
IPSwitch-IMail-8.13-DELETE.plIPSwitch-IMail-8.13 Stack Overflow in the DELETE Command exploit
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