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dbasqlrex.c* CA BrightStor ARCserve Backup Agent for SQL - dbasqlr.exe exploit
OpenDcHub0714_BOF_poc.javaOpen Dc Hub (0.7.14) - Buffer Overflow - Proof Of Concept
IE-Msddsdll-0day.plMicrosoft Internet Explorer "Msdds.dll" Remote Code Execution Exploit (0day)
x_osh2.plOSH 1.7 Exploit #2
mdaemon_imap.msfMdaemon Buffer Overflow (AUTH CRAM-MD5) Exploit
dc_iwconfig.cIwconfig Buffer Overflow exploit
dc_ifenslave.cIfenslave Buffer Overflow exploit
phpstat.plPHP Stat Administrative User Authentication Bypass POC Exploit
phpnuke_add.plPHP-NUKE all versions add admin exploit
phpbb2010.plPHPBB 2.0.10 add admin exploit
phpbb_2015.rarphpbb 2.0.15 remote command execution exploit
ezUpload.plEzUpload 2.2 Remote Command Execution
backupexec_dump.mtfVeritas Backup Exec Windows Agent Remote File Access Exploit
HOD-ms05039-pnp-expl.cMicrosoft Windows Plug-and-Play Service Remote Overflow Universal Exploit + no crash shellcode
ms05039.cWindows 2000 universal exploit for MS05-039
ms05038.cMs05 038 exploit POC
remoteass.spkVulnerability in Remote Desktop Protocol Could Allow Denial of Service MS05-041 Exploit
MS05-038.plMicrosoft Internet Explorer COM Objects Instantiation Exploit, MS05-038
nbSMTP_fsexp.cnbSMTP v0.99 remote format string exploit
edituserxp.shLocal Lantronix root exploit for edituser using return-to-libc
silvernews.plSilverNews Exploit inlcuded Proxy Server Function
Goback_Loader.cppBypass Norton GoBack 4.0 by LightPhoenix[[email protected]]
BusMail_SMTPDOS.plBusinessMail email server system 4.60 DoS exploit
imail.plIpSwitch IMAIL Server IMAPD Remote r00t Exploit by kcope
mu-imap4d_fsexp.cGNU Mailutils imap4d v0.6 remote format string exploit
wwwroot.zipSPI Dynamics WebInspect XAS PoC
mozxbl.htmlMozilla XBL Implementation Script Execution exploit
FTPShell_FTPDOS.plFTPShell DoS exploit[EXPL] Netquery Command Execution Exploit
mozillascript.htmlMozilla Firefox URLs Script Injection Exploit
icmp-reset.tar.gzicmp-reset - Blindliy resetting arbitrary TCP connections
47slimftpd_bof.plPoC exploit for SlimFTPd Server version 3.16
icc_ex.cWindows XP ICC Exploit
smallhttpex.plsHTTP FTPServer Directory Traversal
remotecontrol.plRemote Control Server DoS Exploit
icmp-mtu.tar.gzicmp-mtu - Blindliy reducing the perormance of an arbitrary TCP connections
icmp-quench.tar.gzicmp-quench - Blindliy reducing the throughput of an arbitrary TCP connections
openbbex.plOpenBB CID SQL Injection Exploit
linkMozilla authentication weakness demonstration
futuresoft_tftpd.msfFutureSoft TFTP Server 2000 Remote Buffer Overflow Exploit (Metasploit)
gnu_mailutils_imap4d.msfGNU Mailutils imap4d Format String Vulnerability (Metasploit)
outlookdosdos.plMicrosoft Outlook special device name DoS
random.jpgInternet Explorer invalid memory consumption DoS
oom_dos.jpgInternet Explorer invalid memory reference DoS #2
cmp_fencepost.jpgInternet Explorer invalid memory reference DoS #1
mov_fencepost.jpg Internet Explorer memory corruption PoC
mozillawallex.htmlMozilla Firefox "Set As Wallpaper" Code Execution Exploit
wms_users.cSoftiaCom Software - wMailServer v1.0 Local Password Disclosure Vulnerability PoC
wms_poc.plSoftiaCom Software - wMailServer v1.0 Denial Of Service - Crash Vulnerability PoC
xmlrpc.pyXMLRPC Exploit Code written in Python
xmlrpc.msfMetasploit exploit for PHP XMLRPC
sipnotifyex.plNotify Message Spoofing Vulnerability With VoIP Phones Exploit
phpbbil.phpInstallation Path Disclosure Vulnerability phpBB <= 2.0.16
panic.plTCP Conneciton Denial of Service Tool (
0xfuck-phpblog.shSimplePHPBlog Remote Password Disclosure. (for dummy)
tcpchatex.cTCP Chat(TCPX) DoS Exploit
solsockjack.cSolaris Socket Hijack local exploit
btftp-ex.cRemote Nokia Affix btftp client exploit
55k7-snake.cMozilla FireFox <= 1.0.1 Remote GIF Heap Overflow Exploit
xml.plXMLRPC remote commands execute exploit
KCpnuke-xpl.plostNuke SQL Injection version : x=> 0.750
druppy461.plDrupal exploit [DRUPAL-SA-2005-002]
iejavaprxyexploit.plMicrosoft Internet Explorer "javaprxy.dll" Code Execution Exploit
xmlrpc.plxmlrpc exploit
HOD-ms05017-msmq-expl.cVulnerability in Message Queuing Allows Code Execution (MS05-017, Exploit 2)
phpfusiondb.plPHP-Fusion Accessible Database Backups Download Exploit
phpbbex.pyphpBB Remote PHP Code Execution (viewtopic.php 2)
msieobjecttest.htmlInternet Explorer non-ActiveX control crash PoC
aspnuke.plSQL Injection Exploit for ASPNuke <= 0.80
Inframail_FTPOverflow.plInfradig Systems Inframail Advantage Server Edition 6.0 FTP overflow PoC
Inframail_SMTPOverflow.plInfradig Systems Inframail Advantage Server Edition 6.0 SMTP overflow PoC
dupa-sparc.cSolaris PoC (SPARC)
dupa-amd.cSolaris PoC (AMD64)
aspnuke.cASPNuke SQL Injection Vulnerability Exploit
msoeex.cMS OE NNTP LIST Buffer Overflow (MS05-030) EXP
backupexec_agentVeritas Backup Exec Agent Buffer Overflow Exploit, CONNECT_CLIENT_AUTH
ipdatalookex.cIP-DATALOOK Local DoS Exploit
trace.plSolaris 10 /usr/sbin/traceroute PoC
linuxmsyncex.clinux kernel msync race condition
cactiex.plRemote Command Execution Exploit for Cacti <= 0.8.6d
mssmb_poc.cWindows SMB Client Transaction Response Handling PoC
r57mercury.plMercuryBoard <=1.1.4, MySQL => 4.1 sql injection exploit
NsT-phpBBDoS.cphpBB Multiple User Registeration DoS
r57frb.plForum Russian Board 4.0 Full command execution exploit
smf.plSMF Modify SQL Injection
p33r-b33r.cPeerCast <= 0.1211 remote format string exploit
tcpdump-bgp-update-poc.cBuild a BGP4 update message with what you want as payload
webstoreex.plRemote Command Execution Vulnerability In Web_store.cgi
aixnetpmonex.cIBM AIX Netpmon Privileges Escalation Vulnerability Exploit
upbunhash.plPasswords Decrypter for UPB <= 1.9.6
mamboex.phpMambo Remote Password Hash Retrieval Exploit
clarolineex.phpClaroline E-Learning Application Remote SQL Injection (Exploit 2)
KCcol-xpl.plClaroline E-Learning Application Remote SQL Exploit
upbpass.plPasswords Decrypter for UPB <= 1.9.6
virobot_ex.plViRobot 2.0 remote cookie exploit - ala addschup
launchdex.cMac OS X 10.4 launchd race condition exploit
gun-imapd.cgnu mailutils-0.5 - < mailutils-0.6.90 remote formatstring exploit
bgp4_update.cTcpdump Remote Denial of Service Exploit (bgp_update_print)
ipswitch.c IpSwitch IMAP Server LOGON stack overflow PoC
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