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freeftpdex.cfreeFTPd (1.0.10) DoS Exploit
linkMicrosoft Internet Explorer JavaScript Window() Proof of Concept (Web page)
msiewindowex.zipMicrosoft Internet Explorer JavaScript Window() Proof of Concept
google_proxystylesheet_exec.pmGoogle Appliance ProxyStyleSheet Command Execution
mailenable_imap_w3c.pmMailEnable IMAPD W3C Logging Buffer Overflow
flashocxex.cMacromedia Flash Plugin - Buffer Overflow in flash.ocx
df.swfMPSB05-07 Flash Player ActionDefineFunction Memory Corruption test file
FTGate-expl.plFTGate Imapd BufferOverrun exploit
upnpmgrex2.cmemory leak and eventual DOS when calling UPNP getdevicelist on windows 2000 server
wizzex.plWizz Forum SQL Injection Exploit
XOOPS_WFd205_xpl.phpXOOPS WF_Downloads Module v 2.05 SQL injection Admin credentials disclosure & remote commands execution all-in-one exploit
moodle16dev_xpl.phpMoodle <= 1.6dev get record() SQL injection / remote commands execution
sudoex.txtsudo Local Privilege Escalation
freebsdsendfilex.cFreeBSD master.passwd disclosure exploit
fsigk_exp.pyF-Secure Internet Gatekeeper for Linux local root exploit
osfwbypass-demo.zipZone Labs Products Advance Program Control and OS Firewall (Behavioral Based) Technology Bypass Vulnerability demonstration
lnxFTPDssl_warez.clinux-ftpd-ssl 0.17 remote r00t exploit by kcope
igatewayex.cComputer Associates iGateway Debug Mode Buffer Overflow Exploit
gpsdrive-ex-short-x86.plGpsDrive friendsd2 format string vulnerability exploit - x86
gpsdrive-ex-long-ppc.plGpsDrive friendsd2 format string vulnerability exploit - PPC
flatfragz.zipFlatFrag <= 0.3 multiple vulnerabilities
bcarrydos.zipBattle Carry <= .005 socket termination
ggwbofc.zipGO-Global for Windows clients <= buffer-overflow
ggwbof.zipGO-Global for Windows server <= buffer-overflow
scorchbugs.zipScorched 3D <= 39.1 (bf) multiple vulnerabilities
gliderbof.zipGlider collect'n kill <= buffer-overflow
asusvsbugs.zipASUS Video Security <= HTTP multiple vulnerabilities
snort_bo_overflow_win32.pmSnort Back Orifice Preprocessor Overflow
hpux_lpd_exec.pmHP-UX LPD Command Execution
npdsex.plNet Portal Dynamic System Denial of Service Exploit
nukedklanex.cNuked klan 1.7: Remote Exploit
upnpmgrex.cDenial of Service attack for MS UMPNPMGR PNP_GetDeviceList
phpnuke_78_xpl.phpPHPNuke 7.8 with all security fixes/patches "Downloads","Web_Links" & "Your_Account" modules SQL Injection / remote commands execution exploit
THCsnortbo.cTHCsnortbo 0.3 - Snort BackOrifice PING exploit
upnpex.cWindows UMPNPMGR wsprintfW Stack Buffer Overflow Vulnerability PoC
snort_bo_ping.pmSnort BackOrifice PING Buffer Overflow (PoC)
rsa_iiswebagent_redirect.pmIIS RSA WebAgent Redirect Overflow
e017_xpl.phpe107 0.617 resetcore.php SQL Injection & remote code execution all-in-one
ms05-044.cMicrosoft Internet Explorer FTP Download Directory Traversal PoC Exploit
ms05-045.cWindows Netman Service Local DOS Vulnerability
ms05-048.cMicrosoft CDO Proof of Concept Exploit by Gary O'leary-Steele
helix4real.cRemote format string exploit POC for UNIX RealPlayer && HelixPlayer
xinelibfs.plxine CDDB format string bug PoC
cyphor019_xpl.phpyphor 0.19 ( possibly prior versions) SQL injection / board takeover
utopia_xpl.phpUtopia News Pro 1.1.3 (possibly prior versions) SQL Injection / Administrative credentials disclosure
mailenable.cppMailEnable W3C Logging Remote Buffer Overflow Proof of Concept
large.niff.gzxloadimage proof of concept for random address space
small.niffxloadimage proof of concept for the 'zoom' image processing bug
pfu.plPHP-Fusion SQL injection exploit
mybloggie_213_xpl.phpmyBloggie 2.1.3beta null char + SQL Injection -> login bypass
blenderplayer-exp.cBlenderPlayer 2.37 local bufferoverflow exploit
mccsex.plMCCS Command DOS Exploit
xgopher-client.cUMN Gopher Client Buffer Overflows Exploit
ciscocrack.cCisco passwords decriptor
barracuda_img_exec.pmBarracuda IMG.PL Remote Command Execution
PhpF6_00_109xpl.phpPHP-Fusion v6.00.109 SQL Injection / admin|users credentials disclosure
exp.cGNU Mailutils 0.6 imap4d 'search' Format String Vulnerability
poc.tar.gzMantis Bugtracker Remote Database Scanner Exploit v 1.0 (with targets)
exploit.pyMantis Bugtracker Remote Database Scanner Exploit v 1.0
phpzenerex.plPHP Zener <=1.4 get user-admin exploit
poppassd-freebsd.shFreeBSD Qpopper poppassd latest version local r00t exploit by kcope
poppassd-lnx.shLinux Qpopper poppassd latest version local r00t exploit by kcope
wzdftpdwarez.plwzdftpd remote exploit
rx-dos.c[EXPL] Stoney FTPd Buffer Overflow (PORT, Exploit)
phpmyfaq_xpl.phpPhpMyFaq 1.5.1 ( possibly prior versions) shell inject
mlfexpl.phpMy Little Forum 1.5 ( possibly prior versions) SQL Injection / MD5 password hash disclosure poc exploit with proxy support
mercury_imap.cmercury imap4 remote BOF exploit ( IHSTeam )
win32k_sys_bsod_by_mg.cbug in Multi-User Win32 Driver,win32k.sys PoC (run before test)
fastreamdos.plFastream NETFile FTP/Web Server 7.1.2 Professional DoS Exploit
iwconfig-exploit.ciwconfig Version 26 Localroot Exploit
vba-exp.cVisualBoyAdvanced 1.7.x BufferOver Flow exploit
imap4d_search_expl.cGNU Mailutils 0.6 imap4d 'search' format string exploit
snortrigger.cSnort <= 2.4.0 SACK TCP Option Error Handling PROOF OF CONCEPT
mkZebedeeDoS.cZebedee DoS Vulnerability
KillProc_PoC.exeKillProcess 2.20 and priors "FileDescription" Local Buffer Overflow PoC
class1.phpClass-1 Forum sql injection / remote code execution poc exploit
MS05-018-CSRSS.cMS05-018 windows CSRSS.EXE Stack Overflow exp v1.0
dl-mancgi.cMan2web CGI Command Execution
dl-cups.cCUPS Dot-Slash DoS
xosx-adobe-vcnative-dyld.c[EXPL] Adobe Version Cue VCNative Privileges Escalation Exploit
simpleproxyex.cSimpleProxy Local Format String Exploit
xosx-adobe-vcnative.plAdobe Version Cue VCNative Symlink Attack Exploit
keybdevtex.cMicrosoft Windows keybd_event validation vulnerability. Local privilege elevation.
ms05_039_spanish.tgzMS05_039 Exploitation (different languages)
ventboom.zipVentrilo <= 2.3.0 server crash
elmex.cELM < 2.5.8 Remote Exploit POC
Mybb.plEXPLOIT FOR: MyBulletinBoard Search.PHP SQL Injection Vulnerability
zorumex.phpZorum 3.5 remote commands execution
dbasqlrex.c* CA BrightStor ARCserve Backup Agent for SQL - dbasqlr.exe exploit
OpenDcHub0714_BOF_poc.javaOpen Dc Hub (0.7.14) - Buffer Overflow - Proof Of Concept
IE-Msddsdll-0day.plMicrosoft Internet Explorer "Msdds.dll" Remote Code Execution Exploit (0day)
x_osh2.plOSH 1.7 Exploit #2
mdaemon_imap.msfMdaemon Buffer Overflow (AUTH CRAM-MD5) Exploit
dc_iwconfig.cIwconfig Buffer Overflow exploit
dc_ifenslave.cIfenslave Buffer Overflow exploit
phpstat.plPHP Stat Administrative User Authentication Bypass POC Exploit
phpnuke_add.plPHP-NUKE all versions add admin exploit
phpbb2010.plPHPBB 2.0.10 add admin exploit
phpbb_2015.rarphpbb 2.0.15 remote command execution exploit
ezUpload.plEzUpload 2.2 Remote Command Execution
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