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hostadminex.phpHostAdmin Remote File Inclusion Exploit
iuserex.phpiUser Remote File Inclusion Exploit
mybbsex.plMyBB Forum SQL Injection Exploit
msgr34t.cppWindows HTML Help Workshop Index File Stack Overflow Exploit
egs_10rc4_php5_incl_xpl.phpEGS Enterprise Groupware System <=1.0 rc4 remote commands execution exploit
docmgr_0542_incl_xpl.phpDocMGR <= 0.54.2 remote commands execution exploit
srvcheck2.cExploits Privilege Escalation for Windows Networks using weak Service restrictions v2.0
ipbasmex.phpInvision Power Board Army System Mod <= 2.1 SQL Injection Exploit
UKT-r0x.hhpExploits HTML Help Workshop buffer overflow
dragonfly9.0.6.1_incl_xpl.phpCPGNuke Dragonfly remote commands execution through arbitrary local inclusion
win2knatdos.cmdWindows 2000 NAT ICMP options DoS PoC
myqueezex.plMyQuiz Remote Command Execution Exploit
csdos.plExploits Counter Strike server endless loop
hcidump-crash.cBluez hcidump v1.29 DoS - PoC code
reset_display_sonyericsson.cSony/Ericsson reset display - PoC
bss-0.6.tar.gzBSS - Bluetooth Stack Smasher 0.6 Mozilla Firefox "location.QueryInterface()" Remote Command Execution Exploit
thebatexploit.txtExploits The Bat! message headers spoofing
htmlws.cpp Microsoft HTML Help Workshop ".hhp" File Handling Buffer Overflow Exploit
Worldmail.plEudora WorldMail 3.0 Windows 2000 Remote System Exploit
loudblog_04_incl_xpl.phpExploits LoudBlog 0.4 remote commands execution wzdftpd <= 0.5.4 "SITE" Command Handling Remote Command Execution Exploit (metasploit)
srvcheck.cPrivilege Checker for Windows Services exploits weak service permissions
expl5.plExchangepop3 v5.0 remote exploit by securma massine
winval.pdfWindows Access Control Demystified
xmame.zipXmame 0.102 local vulnerability proof-of-concept
arescomtelnetdos.cExploit Arescom NetDSL-1000
communigate.pyProof of concept for CommuniGate Pro Server vulnerability
mininuke.plExploits MiniNuke 1.8.2 - change member's passwrod vulnerability
winamp0day.cWinamp 5.12 Remote Buffer Overflow Universal Exploit
dumper.asmDump first 1 Mo of memory under any MS product, exploits NTVDM uninitialized memory
bitcometex.cBitComet URI Proof of Concept exploit
eterm-exploit.cEterm libAST buffer overflow exploit
phpBBDoSReloaded.plphpBBDosReloaded - Originally NsT-phpBB DoS
sami_ftp_poc.plSami FTP Server v2.0.1 Remote notepad.exe execution PoC
change_passwd.cChange_passwd v3.1(SquirrelMail plugin) exploit
ciskill.cCisKill -- Aironet Cisco Killer (exploits Cisco Aironet arp packets DoS)
cijfer-ezdbxpl.plezDatabase Remote Command Execution Exploit
mozilla_compareto.pmMozilla Suite/Firefox InstallVersion->compareTo() Code Execution exploit(metasploit)
ms05-055.cMS05-055 Windows Kernel APC Data-Free Local Privilege Escalation exploits
tftpd32_281_dos.plTftpd32 Format String PoC DoS
cerberus_232_dos_remote_xpl.cCerberus FTP Server <= v2.32 Dos Exploit
nb.cVeritas NetBackup Stack Overflow exploit
eyeBeam_dos.ceyeBeam handling SIP header DOS POC
bigrip.cLinux Kernel Socket Buffer Memory Exhaustion DoS Exploit
0x34-wmf.cWMF nDay download() Exploit Generator by Unl0ck Research Team
homeftpdos.cHomeFTP <= v1.1 Dos Exploit
sip_overbuf_exploit.cExploits eStara Softphone SIP stack Buffer Overflow Vulnerability
slsnif-ploit.plExploits Serial Line Sniffer 0.4.4 Buffer Overflow
xmame.rbPoC code for xmame "-lang" options"WinProxy 6.0 R1c" Remote Stack/SEH Overflow Exploit"WinProxy 6.0 R1c" Remote DoS Exploit
msdtcex.c[EXPL] MSDTC Arbitrary Opposite Memory Write Flaw Exploit
cijfer-vscxpl.plValdersoft Shopping Cart <=3.0 Remote Command Execution Exploit
phpflaw.phpPHP 4.4.0 mysql_connect buffer overflow exploit
termshex.cSCO Openserver 5.0.x termsh exploit
phpdocu_130rc4_incl_xpl.phpPhpDocumentor <= 1.3.0 rc4 remote commands execution
dBpowerAMex.cIllustrate dBpowerAMP dMCShell Module Buffer Overflow
Dev_15_sql_xpl.phpDev <=1.5 'cat' SQL injection / admin MD5 password hash disclosure
ie_xp_pfv_metafile.pmWindows XP/2003 Picture and Fax Viewer Metafile Overflow
pfsdos.plPlanetDNS Software - PlanetFileServer v2.0.1.3 Denial Of Service - Crash Vulnerability
Microsoft.IIS.Malformed.URI.DoS.cppMicrosoft IIS Malformed URI DoS (_vti_bin, _sharepoint) exploit
msiisdos.plMicrosoft IIS Malformed URI DoS Exploit
goldenftpd_appe.pmGoldenFTPd APPE <= 1.92 Stack Overflow
php_ged_view_337_xpl.phpPHPGedView <= 3.3.7 remote commands execution
muts_mailenable_imap_examine.pmMailEnable ENTERPRISE IMAP EXAMINE Request Buffer Overflow
mailenable-imap-examine.pyRemote Mailenable Enterprise 1.1 EXAMINE buffer Overflow
mecurysexywarez.plMercury Mail Transport System 4.01b REMOTE ROOT EXPLOIT
oracle9i_xdb_http.pmOracle 9i HTTP XDB service stack overflow exploit
limbo_1042_eval_xpl.phpimbo <= _SERVER[REMOTE_ADDR] overwrite/ remote cmmnds xctn
cs2dex.cCounter Strike 2D DoS
flatnuke_256_xpl.phpFlatnuke 2.5.6 privilege escalation / remote commands execution exploit
wbaker_260_xpl.phpWebsite Baker 2.6.0 Login Bypass / remote commands execution
sugar_suite_40beta_xpl.phpSugar Suite Open Source <= 4.0 beta remote code execution
bbs.cSimpleBBS <= v1.1 remote commands execution
BluePIMped.diffWidcomm Overflows from PenTest exploit ussp-push patch Bluetooth sobexsrv remote syslog() exploit
zencart_126d_xpl.phpZen-Cart <= 1.2.6d blind SQL injection / remote commands execution
wineggdropshell_bof.pyWinEggDropShell Multipe PreAuth Remote Stack Overflow PoC
PhpX_359_xpl.phpPhpX <=3.5.9 SQL injection->login bypass->remote commands xctn exploit
phex.cQNX Neutrino 6.3.0 privilege escalation
n13ex.phpN-13 News Remote SQL / PHP-Shell Injection exploit
mambo452_xpl.phpMambo <= 4.5.2 Globals overwrite / remote commands execution
MS053.cMicrosoft Windows Metafile DoS (gdi32.dll, MS05-053, Exploit)
55k7-msdtc.cMSDTC remote PoC exploit
efiction20_xpl.phpeFiction <= 2.0 fake GIF Shell Upload
freeftpdex.cfreeFTPd (1.0.10) DoS Exploit
linkMicrosoft Internet Explorer JavaScript Window() Proof of Concept (Web page)
msiewindowex.zipMicrosoft Internet Explorer JavaScript Window() Proof of Concept
google_proxystylesheet_exec.pmGoogle Appliance ProxyStyleSheet Command Execution
mailenable_imap_w3c.pmMailEnable IMAPD W3C Logging Buffer Overflow
flashocxex.cMacromedia Flash Plugin - Buffer Overflow in flash.ocx
df.swfMPSB05-07 Flash Player ActionDefineFunction Memory Corruption test file
FTGate-expl.plFTGate Imapd BufferOverrun exploit
upnpmgrex2.cmemory leak and eventual DOS when calling UPNP getdevicelist on windows 2000 server
wizzex.plWizz Forum SQL Injection Exploit
XOOPS_WFd205_xpl.phpXOOPS WF_Downloads Module v 2.05 SQL injection Admin credentials disclosure & remote commands execution all-in-one exploit
moodle16dev_xpl.phpMoodle <= 1.6dev get record() SQL injection / remote commands execution
sudoex.txtsudo Local Privilege Escalation
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