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xbriteex.phpExploits XBrite Members <= 1.1 remote sql injection vulnerability
phpopenchatex.phpExploits PhpOpenChat 3.0.x ADODB Server.php "sql" SQL injection
adodbex.phpADODB tmssql.php Denial of service
phplistex.phpPHPList <= 2.10.2 GLOBALS[] remote cmmnds xctn
crafted_upx.exeClam AntiVirus Win32-UPX Heap Overflow PoC
noHeaven.asmExploits Linux Kernel Local DoS vulnerability.
crappy_syntax.plcrafty syntax image gallery <= 3.1g exploit
indexu.plINDEXU <= 5.0.1 base_path Remote File Inclusion Exploit
phpmychatex.phpPHPMyChat <= 0.14.5 "SYS enter" remote cmmnds xctn
libxineboex.plLibxine <= 1.14 : MPEG Stream Buffer overflow vulnerability / PoC
angelineCMS.plAngelineCMS 0.8.1 installpath Remote Code Execution Exploit
uvncbof.zipExploits [email protected] <= 1.0.1 VNCLog::ReallyPrint bug
vcban.cExploits Vypres Chat ban vulnerability
pirana-0.2.1.tar.gzPIRANA exploitation framework and SMTP content filter security
grab.phpExploits ReloadCMS <= 1.2.5stable Cross site scripting / remote command execution
totalace.cTotal Commander unacev2.dll Buffer Overflow PoC Exploit
zdaemonfp.zipExploits Zdaemon fake player DoS
zdaebof.zipExploits Zdaemon buffer overflow
pnc.plPHPNuke-Clan 3.0.1 Remote File Inclusion Exploit
squery.plSQuery <= 4.5 Remote File Inclusion Exploit
ie_checkbox.pmThis module exploits a vulnerability in Internet Explorer's setTextRange on a checkbox
grematterex.plGreymatter exploit
grematterex.cGREYMATTER Exploit
phpcollabex.phpPHPCollab v2.x / NetOffice v2.x sendpassword.php SQL Injection
vwar.plVWar <= 1.5.0 R11 Remote Code Execution Exploit
excel_03262006.rarExploits Microsoft Excel memory corruption
phpticketex.plphp ticket <= 0.71 exploit
tftgalleryex.pltftgallery 0.10 exploit
cutenewsex.phpCuteNews 1.4.1 ( Hash password Finder
vaboom.zipExploits Vavoom <= 1.19.1 multiple vulnerabilities
csdoombof.zipExploits csDoom <= 0.7 multiple vulnerabilities
aztek_gar.plExploits: Aztek 4.0 Gives Admin rights to a normal user
cutecastex.plontinuous recordings CuteCast Version 1.2
phpbbsearchex.plSearch infinitely exploit phpBB 2.0.19
phpbbtopicex.plTopic infinitely exploit phpBB 2.0.19
webalbumex.phpWebAlbum <= 2.02pl \$_COOKIE[skin2] remote cmmnds xctn
suspect.plSuspect CMS 0.2.0 Remote Code Execution Exploit
sendmail_tester_thingy.tar.gzsendmail tester draft
ie_exp.cInternet Explorer "createTextRang" Download Shellcoded Exploit
iE-checkb0x-exploiter01.zipInternet Explorer Remote Code Execution Exploit v 0.1
xhpcmsex.phpXHP CMS <= 0.5 remote cmmnds xctn
vimpex.phpvbulletin ImpEx Remote File Inclusion Exploit
linkCommon DHTML implementation flaws via method and property fuzzing
helomoto.tgzExploits Motorola cellulars bluetooth device history vulnerability
iecheckbox.htmlExploits Internet Explorer uninitialized object action function pointer vulnerability (crash)
freewps-211-exploit.phpfreewps 2.11 exploit
bombercloneex.cbomberclone < remote exploit
w3wp-dos.cExploits ASP.NET invalid components usage
MS06-007.cMS06-007 Denial of Service POC exploit (for Linux)
igmps.cIGMP v3 DoS Exploit (MS06-007) by Alexey Sintsov
aspp.plASPPortal <= 3.1.1 Remote SQL Injection Exploit
xmodulepath.tgzExploits X.Org xmodulepath privilege escalation
LOTF-SoftBB.pySoftBB BruteForcing tool
gcardsex.phpExploits gCards <= 1.45 multiple vulnerabilities
beta.plBetaParticle Blog <= 6.0 Remote SQL Injection Vulnerability
shoutlive110.plShoutLIVE <= 1.1.0 Remote Php Code Execution
mercurex.cMercur IMAPD 5.0 SP3 Remote Exploit
MS05-040.cExploits TAPI Vulnerability- MS05-040
knowledgebase.plKnowledgebasePublisher 1.2 Remote Code Execution Exploit
runprivex.shSGI IRIX 6.5 /usr/sysadm/bin/lezririx local root exploit
prdelka-vs-GNU-peercast.cGNU PeerCast <= v0.1216 Remote Exploit
p33r-b33r-2.cPeerCast <= 0.1215 remote exploit
navkill.cNorton AntiVirus Crash by NAV.kill File
wrdeb.plWordpress 2.0.1 Remote DoS Exploit
libtiff_exploit.cLibTIFF exploit
revilloc.plrevilloC mail server PoC exploit ( for xp sp1)
dropbear-PoC.cProbe of Concept, DoS Dropbear SSH server
aa2k6x.zipExploits Multiple vulnerabilities in Alien Arena 2006 GE 5.00
lieroxxx.zipExploits Multiple vulnerabilities in Liero Xtreme 0.62b
sauerburn.zipExploits Multiple vulnerabilities in Sauerbraten engine 2006_02_28
evilcube.zipExploits Multiple vulnerabilities in Cube engine 2005_08_29
freecivdos.zipExploits Out of memory crash in Freeciv 2.0.7
imlockpass.basIM Lock 2006 - Local Password Encryption Weakness Exploit
ipbex.phpInvision Power Board < 2.1.4 Password change SQL-Injection Exploit
rpc.plphpRPC <= 0.7 commands execute exploit
TotalECommercePWD.cTotalECommerce PWD Decrypter
NsT-phpBBDoS.plA Simple phpBB Registration And Search DoS Flooder
mybbex.plMyBB <= 1.04 (misc.php COMMA) Remote SQL Injection Exploit 2[OSX]: local root exploit
php_imap_ex.phpExploits imap functions bypass safemode and open_basedir restrictions
php_mb_send_mail_ex.phpExploits mb_send_mail security bypass
farsinews.plFarsiNews 2.5Pro Exploi
kerio_auth.pmKerio Personal Firewall 2 (2.1.4) Remote Authentication Packet Buffer Overflow
ie_iscomponentinstalled.pmWindows XP SP0 IE 6.0 IsComponentInstalled() Overflow
prdelka-vs-SCO-ptrace.cSCO Unixware 7.1.3 ptrace local root exploit
noccw_10_incl_xpl.phpNOCC Webmail <= 1.0 remote commands execution exploit through arbitrary local inclusion & attachment filename prediction
safari_safefiles_exec.pmThis module exploits a vulnerability in Safari's "Safe file" feature
ms05-036.cMS05-036 ICC Stack Overflow Exploit
wmpex.htmlWindows Media Player Plug-in for Non-Microsoft Browsers Code Execution (MS06-006) - Exploit II
wmp_plugin_ms06_006.pmWindows Media Player Plug-in for Non-Microsoft Browsers Code Execution (MS06-006)
redms06-005.pyExploits Bulletin MS06-005 Vulnerability in Windows Media Player Could Allow Remote Code Execution
rcblogex.plRCBlog 1.0.3 / 1.0.2 exploit
death-link.cExploits D-Link DWL-G700AP httpd DoS
wmpbmpex.cExploits Windows Media Player BMP Heap Overflow (MS06-005)
hostadminex.phpHostAdmin Remote File Inclusion Exploit
iuserex.phpiUser Remote File Inclusion Exploit
mybbsex.plMyBB Forum SQL Injection Exploit
msgr34t.cppWindows HTML Help Workshop Index File Stack Overflow Exploit
egs_10rc4_php5_incl_xpl.phpEGS Enterprise Groupware System <=1.0 rc4 remote commands execution exploit
docmgr_0542_incl_xpl.phpDocMGR <= 0.54.2 remote commands execution exploit
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