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xoopsoptex.phpXOOPS <= 'xoopsOption[nocommon]' exploit
fusionnewsex.plFusion News v.1.0 Remote File Inclusion Exploit
javaarraydos.javaJava recursive array memory DoS
mozex.htmlMozilla exception information leak demonstration
cyruspop3d.ccyrus pop3d remote exploit
realvncscan.plscan for OpenVNC 4.11 authentication bypass
VNC_bypauth-linux.tar.gzvnc scanner multithreaded linux
VNC_bypauth-win32.rarvnc scanner multithreaded windows
phpfussrchex.phpExploits PHP-Fusion <= v6.00.306 "srch_where" SQL Injection/Admin credentials disclosure
dbbxpl.plDeluxeBB 1.06 Remote SQL Injection Exploit
sugarcrmex.phpSugar Suite Open Source <= 4.2 "OptimisticLock!" arbitrary remote inclusion exploit
radlance.plRadlance directory traversal exploit
ssh.pyPOC exploit for freeSSHd version 1.0.9
phpbbrestoreex.phpExploits PhpBB <= v2.0.20 Admin/Restore Database/default_lang remote commands execution
raydiumx.zipExploits Raydium <= SVN 309 multiple vulnerabilities
genecysbof.zipExploits Genecys <= 0.2 buffer-overflow and NULL pointer crash
empiredos.zipExploits Empire <= 4.3.2 crash
outgunx.zipExploits Outgun <= 1.0.3 (bot 2) multiple vulnerabilities
udpsz.zipUDP packet generator
unclassifiednbex.phpExploits Unclassified NewsBoard <= 1.6.1 patch 1 ABBC[Config][smileset] arbitrary local inclusion
VbStyleVuln.cssExploits Vbulletin CSS upload code execution
MOHAAExploit.cMOHAA Win32 Server Buffer-Overflow Exploit (getinfo)
S24EvMonex.cS24EvMon.exe Intel Wireless Management Service KEY Hunter
actualanex.phpActualAnalyzer Remote File Inclusion Exploit
phpfusex.phpExploits PHPFusion <= v6.00.306 avatar mod_mime arbitrary file upload
ispconfigex.phpISPConfig Remote File Inclusion Exploit
own.plExploits JetBox CMS Remote File Include
filecopa.pyFILECOPA DOS
limbocmsex.phpLimbo CMS (option=weblinks) sql injection exploit
remap_this.c"R_RemapShader()" q3 engine 1.32b client remote bof exploit
ac_dos.plExploits USER command in acFtpd
wb1.plExploits phpBB auction mod - Remote File Inclusion Vuln
zawhttpd.plzawhttpd Buffer Overflow Exploit
albinatorex.phpAlbinator Remote File Inclusion Exploit
fclickex.plFast Click <= 2.3.8 Remote File Inclusion exploit
my_com_table_dump_exploit.cExploits MySql COM_TABLE_DUMP Memory Leak & MySql remote B0f
my_anon_db_leak.cExploits MySql Anonimous Login Memory Leak
x7chatex.phpExploits X7 Chat <=2.0 \"help_file\" arbitrary local inclusion
coolmenusex.phpCoolMenus Event Remote File Inclusion exploit
irater.phpI-RATER Platinum Remote File Inclusion exploit
nachbarhaus1.exrImage file crashes Finder, Safari and other apps
invvy-v2.plInvision Power Board 2.1.5 POC
phpnvdex.plPHPNuke 7.* Version Downloads Module SQL Injection Exp
crashoce.plOCE 3121/3122 Printer DoS Exploit
r57ipbce.plInvision Power Board 2.* commands execution exploit
bl4ex.plExploits BL4's SMTP server Remote DOS
linkInternet Explorer Arbitrary Content Disclosure Vulnerability Test
ietest.htmlPoC for Internet Explorer Modal Dialog Issue
fenice.cFenice - Open Media Streaming Server remote BOF exploit
skulltagfs.zipExploits Skulltag <= 0.96f format string
openttdx.zipExploits OpenTTD <= 0.4.7 multiple vulnerabilities
flexbbex2.plFlexBB Exploit [ function/showprofile.php ] Remote SQL Injection
ladder.plMy Gaming Ladder Combo System <= 7.0 Remote Command Execution Exploit
vwar2.plVWar <= ver 1.21 Remote Code Execution Exploit
simplog.plSimplog <= 0.93 Remote SQL Injection Exploit
corenews.plCoreNews <= 2.0.1 Remote SQL Injection Exploit
symseauthex.plRemotely change the administrator password (or password hash) of Symantec Scan Engine
mambodosex.phpMambo/Joomla Path Disclosure & Remote DOS Exploit
phpsurveyorex.phpPHPSurveyor <= 0.995 'save.php/surveyid' remote cmmnds xctn
aspsi.plASPSitem <= 1.83 Remote SQL Injection Exploit
pcpinex.phpPCPIN Chat <= 5.0.4 "login/language" remote cmmnds xctn
orasqlex.txtexploit for Oracle 10g
blackorpheuses.phpExploits Blackorpheus ClanMemberSkript 1.0 remote sql injection
fujunewsex.phpExploits fuju news 1.0 remote sql injection
hx.plInternet PhotoShow Remote File Inclusion Exploit
ntools.plPHP Net Tools Remote Code Execution Exploit
neondos.cNeon Responder DoS
flexbbex.plFlexBB <= 0.5.5 (/inc/start.php _COOKIE) Remote SQL ByPass Exploit
sysinfocgiex.phpsysinfo.cgi 1.21 remote cmmnds xctn
sybase_easerver.pmExploits Sybase EAServer 5.2 Remote Stack Overflow
sygate_policy_manager.pmExploits Sygate Management Server SQL Injection
novell_messenger_acceptlang.pmExploits Novell Messenger Server 2.0 Accept-Language Overflow
phpalbumex.phpPHP Album <= remote cmmnds xctn
phpwsex.phpPHPWebSite <= 0.10.2 remote cmmnds xctn
ncenex.plCenstore.cgi exploit
nquiz.plquizz.p exploit
1530.plExploits SaphpLesson 2.0 SQL-Injection
phpwsex.plExploits phpWebSite topic SQL-Injection
php121ex.phpPHP121 Instant Messenger <= 1.4 $_SESSION[sess_username] remote cmmnds xctn
sphider_xpl.plExploits Sphider <= 1.3 arbitrary remote inclusion
ultravncex.pyPoC exploits [email protected] 1.0.1 Client Buffer Overflow
clansysex.phpExploits clansys 1.1 remote sql injection - phpBB admin 2 exec exploit
simplogex.phpSimplog <= 0.9.2 "s" remote cmmnds xctn
horde_help_module.pmExploits Horde help viewer module remote PHP code execution
horddy.plExploits Horde help module remote execution
xbriteex.phpExploits XBrite Members <= 1.1 remote sql injection vulnerability
phpopenchatex.phpExploits PhpOpenChat 3.0.x ADODB Server.php "sql" SQL injection
adodbex.phpADODB tmssql.php Denial of service
phplistex.phpPHPList <= 2.10.2 GLOBALS[] remote cmmnds xctn
crafted_upx.exeClam AntiVirus Win32-UPX Heap Overflow PoC
noHeaven.asmExploits Linux Kernel Local DoS vulnerability.
crappy_syntax.plcrafty syntax image gallery <= 3.1g exploit
indexu.plINDEXU <= 5.0.1 base_path Remote File Inclusion Exploit
phpmychatex.phpPHPMyChat <= 0.14.5 "SYS enter" remote cmmnds xctn
libxineboex.plLibxine <= 1.14 : MPEG Stream Buffer overflow vulnerability / PoC
angelineCMS.plAngelineCMS 0.8.1 installpath Remote Code Execution Exploit
uvncbof.zipExploits [email protected] <= 1.0.1 VNCLog::ReallyPrint bug
vcban.cExploits Vypres Chat ban vulnerability
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