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unzip_ppPOC.cMS Power Point Multiple Vulnerabilities (powerpnt.exe)- POC
vir.plSQuery <= 4.5(libpath) Remote File Inclusion Exploit
eskolar.plEskolar CMS Blind SQL Injection Exploit and bypass admin logon vulnerability
BTFs_MSWorksSpreadsheet_PoCFiles.zipMS Works multiple vulnerabilities PoCs
phpbbex.phpExploits PhpBB 3 memberlist.php/'ip' argument SQL injection / admin credentials disclosure
phorumex.phpPHORUM 5 arbitrary local inclusion exploit
rs_prctl_kernel.cLinux Kernel 2.6.x PRCTL Core Dump Handling - Local r00t Exploit ( BID 18874 / CVE-2006-2451 )
imaptools.tgzImap directory traversal file listing, retrieval and deletion tools
topoex.plEJ3 TOPO 2.2 Remote Code Execution Exploit
ottomanex.plOttoman CMS <= 1.1.3 Remote File Inclusion Exploit
sipx.plRemote Buffer Overflow in sipXtapi PoC Exploit
mswex.pl0-day Microsoft WORD Hlink Local Buffer Overflow Exploit
webminex.phpWebmin / Usermin Arbitrary File Disclosure Vulnerability
otto.plOttoman CMS <= 1.1.3 Remote File Inclusion Exploit
papooex.phpExploits PAPOO <= 3_RC3 SQL injection / admin credentials disclosure
pivotex.phpPivot <= 1.30 RC2 privileges escalation / remote commands execution exploit
kailleraex.zipKaillera <= 0.86 possible code execution PoC
adplugbof.cExploits AdPlug library <= 2.0 and CVS <= 04 Jul 2006 multiple overflow
mico_bug.tgzMICO crash PoC
msoex.cExploits Microsoft Word unchecked boundary condition vulnerability
hhctrl.htmlInternet Explorer HTML Help ActiveX Control Memory Corruption PoC
imageserv.plimgsvr dos exploit
Nanika.xlsExcel 2000/XP/2003 Style 0day POC
sturgeonex.plSturGeoN Upload Remote Command Execution Exploit
newsex.plExploits News <= 5.2 SQL Injection (cmd exec)
phpbbex17.plPhpBB Exploit: Most Used Languages Module Sql injection
phpbbex15.plPhpBB Exploit: User Class Mod Sql injection ( Level list)
phpbbex14.plPhpBB Exploit: All Topics Hack Sql injection
FailureToLaunch.plApple OSX launchd unformatted syslog() vulnerability exploit
blogcmsex.phpBLOG:CMS <= 4.0.0k sql injection/admin credentials disclosure exploit
mailenabledos.plMailenable SMTP DoS exploit"Microsoft Office Excel 2003" Hlink Stack/SEH Overflow Exploit
quake3ex.cQuake 3 Engine Client CS_ITEM Remote Stack Overflow Exploit
sv_init.diffExploits Files and cvars overwriting in Quake 3 engine (patch to sv_init)
sv_client.diffExploits Files and cvars overwriting in Quake 3 engine (patch to sv_client)
bitchxex.c BitchX (epic) =<1.1-final | do_hook() Boundary Check Error Remote DoS
jawsex.phpExploits Jaws <= 0.6.2 'Search gadget' SQL injection / admin credentials disclosure
rras_ms06_025.pmExploits Microsoft RRAS MSO6-025 Stack Overflow (metasploit)
deluxebbex.plDeluxeBB <= 1.07 Create Admin Exploit
CLexploits.ctt.txtWindows Live Messenger 8.0 ( Contact List *.ctt ) Heap Overflow PoC
yabbseex.phpyabbse exploit
upbex.phpUltimate PHP Board <= 1.96 GOLD Multiple Vulnerabilities Exploit
winsploit.cExploits Winamp 5.21 - Midi Buffer Overflow in_midi.dll
msexcelex.cMicrosoft Excel Remote Code Execution Proof Of Concept
vubbex.plExploits vuBB <= 0.2.1 [BFA] SQL Injection, XSS, CRLF Injection, Full Path Disclosure
maximusex.phpExploits Schoolmax Maximus iCue and iParent XSS
excelsexywarez.plexcel unicode overflow poc
mybibi.plProof of concept: mybb 1.1.2 remote code execution
mamboex2.phpMambo <= 4.6rc1 'Weblinks' blind SQL injection / admin credentials disclosure exploit
bitweaverex.phpbitweaver <= v1.3 'tmpImagePath' attachment mod_mime exploit
picozipex.plExploits Pico Zip v. 4.01 Long Filename Buffer Overflow
blur6ex.phpExploits blur6ex <= 0.3.462 'ID' blind SQL injection / admin credentials disclosure Exploit for the NtClose DeadLock vulnerability (MS06-030). C source code.
exploit_ring0.zipExploit for the Mrxsmb.sys privilege escalation(MS06-030), which allows to execute ring0 shellcode. "Fast-Food" coding style, nasty but works. C source code.
winicmpdos.cmdWindows 2000 NAT ICMP options DoS PoC
rcblogex2.plRCblog <= 1.03 Remote Command Execution Exploit
cesarftpex.pyCesarFtp 0.99g 0day Exploit
f_ms-0.5.cMyServer 0.5 denial of service
GUESTEX-exec.plExploits GUESTEX guestbook remote code execution
f_0k-0.1.pyExploits 0verkill 0.16 remote integer overflow
f_mg-2.62.pyExploits MiraksGalerie <= 2.62 Multiple Remote command execution
libgdgifex.clibgd GIF decoding infinite loop PoC
dmxforumex.plDmx Forum <= v2.1a SQL Injection Exploit
lifetypeex.phpLifeType <= 1.0.4_r3270 SQL injection / admin credentials disclosure
pixelpostex.phpPixelpost <= 1-5rc1-2 privilege escalation exploit
dotclearex.phpExploits DotClear <= 1.2.4 prepend.php/'blog_dc_path' arbitrary remote inclusion
aspweblinksex.htmlAspWebLink 2.0 Remote Admin Pass Change Exploit
ishopcart-cgi-bof.cExploits ishopcard buffer overflow
Niega.urlExplorer.exe .url file crash PoC
imaptools.tgzImap directory traversal file listing, retrieval and deletion tools
pppblogex.phppppBlog <= 0.3.8 system disclosure exploit
foingex.cExploits Foing Remote File Include Vulnerability [PHPBB]
eggblog.htmlExploits Eggblog 2.x Remote Privilege Escalation
mini.plMiniNuke v2.x Remote SQL Injection (create an admin) Exploit
msiehtmlmc.htmlExploits HTML Tag Memory Corruption Vulnerability in MS IE 6 SP2
msieresizedos.htmlExploits MSIE ResizeBy() negative values
tiffspl33t.tar.gzlibtiff tiffsplic PoC
wordpressex.phpWordPress <= 2.0.2 'cache' shell injection exploit
drupalex.phpDrupal <= 4.7 attachment mod_mime poc exploit
edirectory_imonitor2.pmExploits eDirectory 8.8 iMonitor Remote Stack Overflow (metaframe)
panza.zipExploits server termination in netPanzer
frebbex.phpExploits Xss freebb
boardflood.plExploits View Topic Flood phpBB, MercuryBoard, Vbulletin, Ipb
nucleusex.phpNucleus <= 3.22 arbitrary remote inclusion exploit
xoopsoptex.phpXOOPS <= 'xoopsOption[nocommon]' exploit
fusionnewsex.plFusion News v.1.0 Remote File Inclusion Exploit
javaarraydos.javaJava recursive array memory DoS
mozex.htmlMozilla exception information leak demonstration
cyruspop3d.ccyrus pop3d remote exploit
realvncscan.plscan for OpenVNC 4.11 authentication bypass
VNC_bypauth-linux.tar.gzvnc scanner multithreaded linux
VNC_bypauth-win32.rarvnc scanner multithreaded windows
phpfussrchex.phpExploits PHP-Fusion <= v6.00.306 "srch_where" SQL Injection/Admin credentials disclosure
dbbxpl.plDeluxeBB 1.06 Remote SQL Injection Exploit
sugarcrmex.phpSugar Suite Open Source <= 4.2 "OptimisticLock!" arbitrary remote inclusion exploit
radlance.plRadlance directory traversal exploit
ssh.pyPOC exploit for freeSSHd version 1.0.9
phpbbrestoreex.phpExploits PhpBB <= v2.0.20 Admin/Restore Database/default_lang remote commands execution
raydiumx.zipExploits Raydium <= SVN 309 multiple vulnerabilities
genecysbof.zipExploits Genecys <= 0.2 buffer-overflow and NULL pointer crash
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