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imheap.sgiExample crafted SGI file crash ImageMagick
xmbex.phpExploits XMB <= 1.9.6 Final basename() 'langfilenew' arbitrary local inclusion / remote commands xctn
notiflood.tar.gzNotfiFlood - a Proof-of-Concept PocketPC MMS Composer flooder
ie_createobject.pmInternet Explorer COM CreateObject Code Execution exploit (metasploit)
alsapbof.zipExploits Multiple buffer-overflows in AlsaPlayer 0.99.76
mptho.zipExploits OpenMPT <= and SVN <= 157 stack and heap overflows
netapi_ms06_040.pmMicrosoft NetpIsRemote() MSO6-040 Overflow exploit (MetaSploit)
clamav_upx_heap.exeClam AntiVirus Win32-UPX Heap Overflow PoC
crash-nfs.tar.gzThis program will generate fatal ext3 panics on any linux NFS server unfortunate enough to have it pointed at it
sapid.plExploits SAPID CMS remote File Inclusion Vulnerabilities
mtinkex.plmtink libXm local root exploit
phpsscanfex.phpExploits php local buffer underflow
brush.plWMF PoC denial of service exploit
festahc.zipExploits Festalon 0.5.0-0.5.5 heap corruption
dconnx.zipExploits DConnect Daemon <= 0.7.0 and CVS 30 Jul 2006 multiple vulnerabilities
mybloggiex.phpMyBloggie <= 2.1.4 trackback.php multiple SQL injections vulnerability
sendcardex.phpExploits SendCard <= 3.4.0 unauthorized administrative access / remote commands
firefoxex.htmlFirefox <= Javascript navigator Object Code Execution PoC
tpfexploit.htmlTinyPHPForum 3.6 Admin Maker
ocpbof.zipExploits Open Cubic Player <= 2.6.0pre6 / 0.1.10_rc5 multiple vulnerabilities
atutorex.phpExploits ATutor <= 'links' blind SQL injection / admin credentials disclosure
getpwnedmail-x86.plfetchmail x86 exploit - OSX 10.4.7
gotpwnedagainmail.shPreviously undisclosed local fetchmail issue. This takes setgid=6
getpwnedmail-ppc.plfetchmail ppc exploit - OSX 10.4.7 8J135
gdidosex.pl0-day crash poc gdiplus.dll
itts_sharedex2.cExploits Heartbeat < 2.0.6 Insecure Shared Memory - Local Denial of Service
trionPWN.plAIM Triton 1.0.4 (and more) Exploit
etomitex.phpExploits Etomite CMS <= 0.6.1 'rfiles.php' remote command execution
sipx2.plExploits remote buffer overflow in sipXtapi
lmmgt2ho.zipExploits libmikmod <= 3.2.2 and current CVS heap overflow with GT2 files
cheesebof.zipExploits Cheese Tracker <= 0.9.9 possible code execution
prdelka-vs-SUN-sysinfo.cExploits Solaris <= 10 sysinfo() kernel memory information leak
mswinmailslotex.cMicrosoft SRV.SYS Mailslot Ring0 Memory Corruption(MS06-035) Exploit
h00lyshit.cExploits Linux kernel /proc race conditions
sambaex.plSamba Internal Data Structures Denial of Service Vulnerability Exploit
loudblogex.phpExploits LoudBlog <= 0.5 'id' SQL injection / admin credentials disclosure
CS-MARS_jboss-exploit.plExploits Cisco/Protego CS-MARS < 4.2.1 remote command execution, system compromise via insecure JBoss installation
invisionex.plInvision Power Board v2.1 <= 2.1.6 sql injection exploit
boastMachineex.plboastMachine <= 3.1 SQL Injection Exploit
mybbsipsql.phpMyBulletinBoard (MyBB) <= 1.1.5 'CLIENT-IP' SQL injection / create new admin exploit
unzip_msoppPOC.cMS Power Point Multiple Vulnerabilities - (mso.dll) POC
unzip_ppPOC.cMS Power Point Multiple Vulnerabilities (powerpnt.exe)- POC
vir.plSQuery <= 4.5(libpath) Remote File Inclusion Exploit
eskolar.plEskolar CMS Blind SQL Injection Exploit and bypass admin logon vulnerability
BTFs_MSWorksSpreadsheet_PoCFiles.zipMS Works multiple vulnerabilities PoCs
phpbbex.phpExploits PhpBB 3 memberlist.php/'ip' argument SQL injection / admin credentials disclosure
phorumex.phpPHORUM 5 arbitrary local inclusion exploit
rs_prctl_kernel.cLinux Kernel 2.6.x PRCTL Core Dump Handling - Local r00t Exploit ( BID 18874 / CVE-2006-2451 )
imaptools.tgzImap directory traversal file listing, retrieval and deletion tools
topoex.plEJ3 TOPO 2.2 Remote Code Execution Exploit
ottomanex.plOttoman CMS <= 1.1.3 Remote File Inclusion Exploit
sipx.plRemote Buffer Overflow in sipXtapi PoC Exploit
mswex.pl0-day Microsoft WORD Hlink Local Buffer Overflow Exploit
webminex.phpWebmin / Usermin Arbitrary File Disclosure Vulnerability
otto.plOttoman CMS <= 1.1.3 Remote File Inclusion Exploit
papooex.phpExploits PAPOO <= 3_RC3 SQL injection / admin credentials disclosure
pivotex.phpPivot <= 1.30 RC2 privileges escalation / remote commands execution exploit
kailleraex.zipKaillera <= 0.86 possible code execution PoC
adplugbof.cExploits AdPlug library <= 2.0 and CVS <= 04 Jul 2006 multiple overflow
mico_bug.tgzMICO crash PoC
msoex.cExploits Microsoft Word unchecked boundary condition vulnerability
hhctrl.htmlInternet Explorer HTML Help ActiveX Control Memory Corruption PoC
imageserv.plimgsvr dos exploit
Nanika.xlsExcel 2000/XP/2003 Style 0day POC
sturgeonex.plSturGeoN Upload Remote Command Execution Exploit
newsex.plExploits News <= 5.2 SQL Injection (cmd exec)
phpbbex17.plPhpBB Exploit: Most Used Languages Module Sql injection
phpbbex15.plPhpBB Exploit: User Class Mod Sql injection ( Level list)
phpbbex14.plPhpBB Exploit: All Topics Hack Sql injection
FailureToLaunch.plApple OSX launchd unformatted syslog() vulnerability exploit
blogcmsex.phpBLOG:CMS <= 4.0.0k sql injection/admin credentials disclosure exploit
mailenabledos.plMailenable SMTP DoS exploit"Microsoft Office Excel 2003" Hlink Stack/SEH Overflow Exploit
quake3ex.cQuake 3 Engine Client CS_ITEM Remote Stack Overflow Exploit
sv_init.diffExploits Files and cvars overwriting in Quake 3 engine (patch to sv_init)
sv_client.diffExploits Files and cvars overwriting in Quake 3 engine (patch to sv_client)
bitchxex.c BitchX (epic) =<1.1-final | do_hook() Boundary Check Error Remote DoS
jawsex.phpExploits Jaws <= 0.6.2 'Search gadget' SQL injection / admin credentials disclosure
rras_ms06_025.pmExploits Microsoft RRAS MSO6-025 Stack Overflow (metasploit)
deluxebbex.plDeluxeBB <= 1.07 Create Admin Exploit
CLexploits.ctt.txtWindows Live Messenger 8.0 ( Contact List *.ctt ) Heap Overflow PoC
yabbseex.phpyabbse exploit
upbex.phpUltimate PHP Board <= 1.96 GOLD Multiple Vulnerabilities Exploit
winsploit.cExploits Winamp 5.21 - Midi Buffer Overflow in_midi.dll
msexcelex.cMicrosoft Excel Remote Code Execution Proof Of Concept
vubbex.plExploits vuBB <= 0.2.1 [BFA] SQL Injection, XSS, CRLF Injection, Full Path Disclosure
maximusex.phpExploits Schoolmax Maximus iCue and iParent XSS
excelsexywarez.plexcel unicode overflow poc
mybibi.plProof of concept: mybb 1.1.2 remote code execution
mamboex2.phpMambo <= 4.6rc1 'Weblinks' blind SQL injection / admin credentials disclosure exploit
bitweaverex.phpbitweaver <= v1.3 'tmpImagePath' attachment mod_mime exploit
picozipex.plExploits Pico Zip v. 4.01 Long Filename Buffer Overflow
blur6ex.phpExploits blur6ex <= 0.3.462 'ID' blind SQL injection / admin credentials disclosure Exploit for the NtClose DeadLock vulnerability (MS06-030). C source code.
exploit_ring0.zipExploit for the Mrxsmb.sys privilege escalation(MS06-030), which allows to execute ring0 shellcode. "Fast-Food" coding style, nasty but works. C source code.
winicmpdos.cmdWindows 2000 NAT ICMP options DoS PoC
rcblogex2.plRCblog <= 1.03 Remote Command Execution Exploit
cesarftpex.pyCesarFtp 0.99g 0day Exploit
f_ms-0.5.cMyServer 0.5 denial of service
GUESTEX-exec.plExploits GUESTEX guestbook remote code execution
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