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bpftpdex.pyBulletProof FTP (Client) V2.45 0day Buffer Overflow PoC Exploit
phpbbsbex.plpamBlockerMODv <= 1.0.2 Remote File Include Vulnerability
rs_xpl.plRedaction System 1.0000 - Remote Include Exploit
phpbbinsertex.plPHPBB insert user 0.1
plusex.plExploits phpBB PlusXL 2.x <= biuld 272 Remote File Include Vulnerability
maluinfoex.plmaluinfo version 206.2.38l Remote File Include Vulnerability
freebsd-scheduler-dos.cExploits FreeBSD sched_setscheduler() DoS
freebsd-ptrace-dos.cFreeBSD ptrace DoS
freebsd-ftruncate-dos.cFreeBSD ftruncate DoS
sfbreaker.phpPHP Safe mode breaker
googleearthex.cGoogle Earth (kml & kmz files) Heap Overflow
JcMc10.cExploits Mcafee Network Agent (mcnasvc.exe) Remote DoS
flatnukeex2.phpFlatnuke 2.5.8 "userlang" arbitrary local inclusion/delete all users exploit
flatnukeex.phpFlatnuke <=2.5.8 file()/privilege escalation/remote commands xctn exploit
exhibitex.basExhibit Engine <= 1.5 RC 4 (photo_comment.php) Remote File Include Exploit
communityex.plExploits CommunityPortals <= 1.0 Remote File Include Vulnerability
phpnrex.plExploits PHP News Reader <= 2.6.2 Remote File Include Vulnerability
mspptex.plPPT 0day poc
journalsex.plExploits Journals System <= 1.0.2 [RC2] Remote File Include Vulnerability
Ashiyane.plExploits CommunityPortals <= 1.0 Remote File Include Vulnerability Security Bulletin MS06-056 Vulnerability in ASP.NET 2.0 Could Allow Information Disclosure (922770)
docmint.pldocmint <= 2.0 (MY_ENV[BASE_ENGINE_LOC]) Remote File Inclusion Exploit
pstats3.phpPsychoStats v3.x Remote File view exploit
shttpd.plExploits SHTTPD Buffer Overflow (POST)
kmailex.emlMessage exploits KMail crash
freewpsex.phpExploits FreeWPS Command Execution
travelsizedex.plTravelsized CMS <= 0.4 (frontpage.php) Remote File Include Exploit
invisiongalex.cInvision Gallery => 2.0.7 ReadFile() & SQL injection exploit
klinzaex.plKlinza Professional CMS <= 5.0.1 (show_hlp.php) Remote File Include Exploit
jafex.plJAF CMS <= 4.0 RC1 Remote File Include Exploit
macosxex.cExploits Mac OS X Mach Exception Handling
basilixex.phpBasiliX <= 1.1.1 Remote File Include Exploit
cpanelex.pllocal cPanel <= 10.8.x cpwrap root exploit via mysqladmin
mcafee_epolicy_source.pmExploits McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator / ProtPilot Source Overflow (metasploit)
phpcihex.phpPHP Krazy Image Host Script (id) Remote SQL Injection Exploit
webviewex.plMicrosoft Internet Explorer WebViewFolderIcon setSlice() D0wnLoad & Exec POC
pociewvf.cMicrosoft Internet Explorer WebViewFolderIcon (setSlice) Exploit (0day) Works on all Windows XP versions including SP2
videodbex.phpVideoDB <= 2.2.1 Remote File Include Exploit
ipbexploit.phpExploits Invision Power Board SQL injection
pabugsex.phppaBugs <= 2.0 Beta 3 Remote File Include Exploit
navi_exp.cNaviCOPA Web Server 2.01 0day Remote Buffer Overflow Exploit
newswriterex.phpNewswriter SW v1.4.2 Remote File Include Exploit
blogpixelex.plBlog Pixel Motion V2.1.1 PHP Code Execution / Create Admin Exploit
20216.shOpenSSH CRC compensation attack detection DoS PoC
WebView_SetSlice.pmExploits Internet Explorer WebViewFolderIcon setSlice() Overflow (Metasploit)
mobb_018.htmlExploits Microsoft IE WebViewFolderIcon setSlice Integer Overflow
cubecartex.phpCubeCart Remote sql injection exploit
punBB_spl.plExploit punBB NULL poisoning vulnerability
vml.htmlMicrosoft Internet Explorer VML Remote Buffer Overflow Exploit (0day) Works on all Windows XP versions including SP2
eskolarex.phpEskolar CMS Remote sql injection exploit
evisionex.phpe-Vision CMS Remote sql injection exploit
progsysex.plProgSys <= 0.151 Remote File Include Exploit
ms06-049.cMS06-049 Windows ZwQuerySystemInformation Local Privilege Escalation Vulnerability Exploit
vml.plExploits Microsoft Internet Explorer VML Remote Buffer Overflow (Windows XP SP0-SP1 + Windows 2000 SP4)
exv2.phpExploits exV2 <= "sort" SQL injection / administrative credentials disclosure
vml.cInternet Explorer VML Buffer Overflow Download Exec Exploit
efriendsex.plAlstraSoft Efriends 4.85 Remote Command Execution Exploit
mg-074-exploit.phpExploits more.groupware 0.7.4 remote sql injection
exponenetex.phpExponent CMS 0.96.3 stable (possibly other versions) "view" arbitrary local inclusion / remote commands xctn exploit
myreviewex.pyMyReview 1.9.4 SQL Injection exploit
ws_exp.cWS_FTP LE 5.08 (PASV response) 0day buffer overflow exploit
msvmlex.htmlMS Internet Explorer (VML) Remote Denial of Service Exploit PoC
school.plSite\@school remote file upload Xploit
stetoscope.cExploits Dr.Web 4.33 antivirus LHA directory name heap overflow for linux
phppostex.phpPHP-post remote sql injection make phpshell
phpquizex.plPHPQuiz v.1.2 Remote SQL injection/Code Execution Exploit
limboex2.phpLimbo Portal Creat PHP shell exploit
limboex.phpLimbo 1.0
phpdocwriterex.plphpdocwriter <= 0.3 (script) Remote File Include Exploit
daxctle2.cInternet Explorer COM Object Heap Overflow Download Exec Exploit>Mercur Mailserver 5.0 SP3 Remote Buffer Overflow Exploit[email protected] <= 2.0 (skiny) Remote File Include Exploit
socketwizex.plSocketwiz Bookmarks <= 2.0 (root_dir) Remote File Include Exploit
ccleague.phpCCleague Pro Sports CMS <= 1.0.1RC1 (Cookie) Remote Code Execution Exploit
mttftp.pyMultithreaded TFTP 1.1 Server d0s exploit
raidenhttpdex.phpRaidenHTTPD/1.1.49 remote commands execution exploit
phplinkex.plExploits PhpLinkExchange v1.0 RC
hotplugex.phpHotPlug CMS Config File Include Vulnerability exploit
phpBB_spl.plExploits phpBB poison NULL byte with avatar
sco-x86-xkb.cX11R6 <= 6.4 XKEYBOARD Local Buffer Overflow Exploit (sco/x86)
sol-x86-xkb.cX11R6 XKEYBOARD extension Strcmp() for Sun Solaris 8 9 10 x86
sol-sparc-xkb.cX11R6 XKEYBOARD extension Strcmp() for Sun Solaris 8 9 10 SPARC
phpfusionex.phpPHPFusion <= 6.01.4 extract()/_SERVER[REMOTE_ADDR] sql injection exploit
docuwikiex.phpDokuWiki <= 2006-03-09b release /bin/dwpage.php remote commands execution xploit
phpcommanderex.phpPhpCommander <= 3.0 Remote Code Execution Exploit
jrivermcex.plMedia Center 11 d0s exploit overly long string.
phnewsex.phppHNews <= alpha 1 (templates_dir) Remote Code Execution Exploit
proximaex.phpPHP Proxima <= v.6 Remote Code Execution Exploit
dsocksex.htmlExploits dsocks buffer overflow
softbbex.plSoftBB 0.1 Remote PHP Code Execution Exploit
trforumex.plExploits Tr Forum V2.0 Admin MD5 Passwd Hash Disclosure
pmwikiex.phpPmWiki <= 2.1.19 Zend_Hash_Del_Key_Or_Index/remote commands execution exploit
annuairex.plAnnuaire 1Two 2.2 Remote SQL Injection Exploit
powerPowerZip 7.06 Exploit
tibco2.cTIBCO RendezVous local password extractor
tibco.cTIBCO RendezVous remote buffer overflow exploit
zipcentralex.cZipCentral 4.01 Exploit
dmoex.plExploits DMO: Lanifex Database of Managed Objects <= 2.3 Beta (_incMgr) Remote File Include Vulnerability
pheapex.plPheap CMS <= 1 (lpref) Remote File Include Exploit
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