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eematesex.plEnthrallweb emates 1.0 (newsdetail.asp) Remote SQL Injection Exploit
eepagesex.plEnthrallweb ePages (actualpic.asp) Remote SQL Injection Exploit
eeclassifieds.htmlEnthrallweb eClassifieds 1.0 Remote User Pass Change Exploit
eecoupons.htmlEnthrallweb eCoupons 1.0(myprofile.asp) Remote Pass Change Exploit
eenewsex.htmlEnthrallweb eNews 1.0 Remote User Pass Change Exploit
newslettermxex.plNewsletter MX <= 1.0.2 (ID) Remote SQL Injection Exploit
fumex.plFile Upload Manager <= 1.0.6 (detail.asp) Remote SQL Injection Exploit
ciberiaex.plciberia 1.0<(Ciberia Content Federator)>(maquetacion_socio.php) Remote File Inclusion Exploit
mtcmsex.plMTCMS <= 2.0 (admin/admin_settings.php) Remote File Include Exploit
hlstatsex.phpExploits HLStats HLStats <=1.34 and Hlstats >= 1.20 SQL Inection + Path Disclosure
acftpex.placFTP 1.5 (REST/PBSZ) Denial of Service
httpexex.plExploits Http explorer Web Server 1.02 Directory Transversal Vulnerability
opennewsletterex.phpExploits Open Newsletter <= 2.* Muliple Vulnerabilities
xmeasyex.pyXM Easy Personal FTP Server 5.2.1 format string Denial of Service
ixprimex.plIxprim 1.2 Remote Blind SQL Injection Exploit
verliadminex.phpVerliAdmin <= 0.3 File Include Exploit
cwmCounter.plcwmCounter Remote File Include Exploit
phpupdateex.phpExploits PHPUpdate <= 2.7 extract() auth bypass / shell inject
winftpex.plExploits WinFtp Server Version 2.0.2 Denial of Service"
raptor_orafile.sqlfile system access suite for oracle
raptor_oraextproc.sqlExploits command exec via oracle extproc
intel2200bgex.cExploits Intel 2200BG 802.11 wireless drivers memory corruption
dos2.4.5.pyHewlett-Packard FTP Print Server Version 2.4.5 Buffer Overflow (POC)
dos2.4.pyHewlett-Packard FTP Print Server Version 2.4 Buffer Overflow (POC)
starftpex.plStar FTP server 1.10 Remote 0day DoS Exploit
extreme-fusionex.phpextreme-fusion <= 4.02 Remote Code Execution Exploit
djtest.docMicrosoft Office / OpenOffice PoC
messagebox.cMicrosoft MessageBox memory corruption PoC
yaplapex.plyaplap Remote File Inclusion Vulnerablity
openldap-kbind-p00f.cOpenLDAP kbind remote exploit
AR Memberscript (usercp_menu.php) Remote File Include Exploitar_memberex.html
AAAA.WMVWindows Explorer DoS PoC
aaaa.midWindows Media Player DoS PoC.
phpalbumex2.phpphpAlbum <= v0.4.1 Beta6 Remote Code Execution Exploit
filezillaex2.phpFilezilla FTP Server 0.9.20 beta / 0.9.21 "LIST", "NLST" and "NLST -al" Denial Of Service
arpflood.cARP FLOODER v0.1
torrentfluxex2.phpTorrentFlux 2.2 Command Execution Exploit
torrentfluxex.phpTorrentFlux 2.2 Database Credentials Exposure Exploit
filezillaex.phpExploits Filezilla FTP Server 0.9.20 beta / 0.9.21 "STOR" Denial Of Service
MS06-041.pyPOC for MS06-041
sophos_namelen.chmSophos Antivirus CHM File Name Length Heap Overflow Vulnerability
sophos_chunkheap.chmExploits Sophos Antivirus CHM Chunk Name Length Memory Corruption Vulnerability
think.plThinkEdit Remote File Inclusion Exploit
tucowsex.plExploits Tucows Open Project --Remote File Inclusion Vulnerablity
phpadsnewex.plphpAdsNew-2.0.4-pr2 Remote File Inclusion Exploit
fprot2.pytrivial proof of concept code for F-Prot 4.6.6 .CHM heap overflow
fprot1.pytrivial proof of concept code for F-Prot 4.6.6 .ACE DoS
ieonclickex.htmlMS Internet Explorer 6.0 (mshtml.dll) Denial of Service Exploit
phpgraphyex.phpPHPGraphy 0.9.12 Zend_Hash_Del_Key_Or_Index privilege escalation
wikyblogxpl1.3.plWikyBlog Local File Inclusion Exploit
blazevideoex.c0-day BlazeVideo HDTV Player <= v2.1 Malformed PLF Buffer Overflow PoC
vuplayerex.cVUPlayer <= 2.44 m3u parsing remote buffer overflow
spoolss_dos.pyMS Windows spoolss GetPrinterData() 0day Memory Allocation Remote DoS Exploit
poc.rarExploit buffer overflow for WinRar 3.40-3.60 ( 7-zip module ) - RAR
poc.cppExploit buffer overflow for WinRar 3.40-3.60 ( 7-zip module )
tnftpdex.plNetBSD ftpd and ports *Remote ROOOOOT $HOLE$*
quintessentialex.c0-day Quintessential Player <= Playlist Denial Of Service PoC
songibirdex.c0-day Songbird Media Player <= 0.2 Format String Denial Of Service PoC
htmlentitiesex.phpPHP <= 4.4.4/5.1.6 htmlentities() Local Buffer Overflow PoC
ThreeCeeTftpSvc_Overflow.pmExploits 3CTftpSvc Server 2.0.1 Long Requesat Buffer Overflow (metasploit)
discuzex.phpDiscuz! 4.x SQL injection / admin credentials disclosure exploit
evince-ps-field-bof.cEvince Document Viewer (DocumentMedia) Buffer Overflow Exploit
cubecartex2.phpCubeCart <=3.0.14 Bind Sql Injection POC
vd_proftpd.pmExploits [0day] ProFTPD 1.3.0 stack overflow
tarxyz.cGNU tar directory traversal exploit
3ctftpsvcex.py3ctftpsvc Buffer Overflow (Long transporting mode) Vulnerability Exploit
attftpdos.pyAT-TFTP Buffer Overflow (Long filename) Vulnerability Exploit
phpnukemmm.plPHP-Nuke Mermaid Module V1.2 (formdisp.php) Remote File Include Exploit
example.asxExploits Windows Media ASX PlayList File Denial Of Service Vulnerability
earkex.ple-Ark project Remote File Inclusion Exploit
xmplayex2.c0-day XMPlay .M3U Filename Buffer Overflow Exploit
xmplayex1.c0-day XMPlay .ASX Filename Buffer Overflow Exploit
myalbumex.plMyAlbum <= 3.02 (langs_dir) Remote File Inclusion Exploit
mxbbex.plmxBB calsnails module 1.06 Remote File Inclusion Exploit
mgapplanixex.plmg.applanix <= 1.3.1 Remote File Include Exploit
dodosmailex.plDodosMail <= 2.0.1(dodosmail.php) Remote File Inclusion Exploit
dischunaryex.pldicshunary 0.1 alpha Remote File Inclusion Exploit
shoppingcatalogex.plShopping_Catalog Remote File Include exploit
phpquickgalleryex.plPhpQuickGallery <= 1.9 Remote File Inclusion Exploit
Xmors.plTelaen => 1.1.0 Remote File Include Vulnerability Exploit
contentnow_139_sqlinj.plExploits ContentNow "pageid" Sql Injection
etm_0612_sqlinj.plExploits Etomite CMS "id" SQL Injection
etm_0612_remote_com.plExploits Etomite CMS Remote Command Execution
phpeasydownloadex.plExploits PHP Easy Download <= 1.5 Remote Code Execution Vulnerability
NetAPI-NetrJoinDomain2.pyMS06-070 Windows WorkStation NetpManageIPCConnect Vulnerability Exploit
oxygenex.phpExploits Oxygen <= 1.1.3 (O2PHP Bulletin Board) SQL Injection
Netgear_WiFi_Beacon.pmNetGear WG111v2 Wireless Driver Long Beacon Overflow (metasploit)
minicwbex.phpMini Open CMS <= 1.0.0 Local File Include Exploit
cra.plMosReporter Joomla Component Remote File Inclusion Exploit
exploit-kmxstart.cExploits CA HIPS Engine Drivers Kernel Privilege Escalation #1
exploit-kmxfw.cExploits CA HIPS Engine Drivers Kernel Privilege Escalation
storystream.plStorystream => 4.0 Remote File Include Vulnerability
redblogex.plRED Blog => Remote File Include Vulnerability Exploit
redblogex.plRED Blog => Remote File Include Vulnerability Exploit
mybicex.plMy-BIC => 0.6.5 Remote File Include Vulnerability
worksystemex.plworksystem => Remote File Include Vulnerability Exploit
myphotosex.plMyphotos => Remote File Include Vulnerability
discloserex.pldiscloser => 0.0.4 Remote File Include Vulnerability Exploit
unversalftpex.cDoS Exploit for UniversalFTP version 1.0.50
kerio_WebSTAR_pwn.plExploits Kerio WebStar libucache.dylib privilege escalation
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