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bumpsequence.sqlExploit for Oracle10g R1 and R2 prior to CPU Oct 2006
worker.sqlExploit for Oracle10g R1 and R2 prior to CPU Oct 2006
attachjob.sqlExploit for Oracle10g R1 and R2 prior to CPU Oct 2006
MOAB-23-01-2007.pctExploits Apple QuickDraw GetSrcBits32ARGB() Memory Corruption Vulnerability
MOAB-22-01-2007.rb"Exploit" for Apple UserNotificationCenter Privilege Escalation Vulnerability
msvcrcex.cMicrosoft Visual C++ 6.0 SP6 resource compiler buffer overflow vulnerability .rc resource files exploit
active-session-attack.shMultiple IP phones remote administrator login check
obex_dos.shBluetooth DoS by obex push PoC
MOAB-21-01-2007.rb"Exploit" for MOAB-21-01-2007: OS X, making root shells easier each day.
webspellex.phpwebSPELL SQL-injection exploit in gallery.php
phpindexpageex.plExploits phpindexpage 1.0 & 1.0.1 (config.php)Remote File Include Vulnerability
mafiaex.plExploits mafia-2-0-0 (Index.php)Remote File Include Vulnerability
IPW2200BG.cPoC exploit for Intel Centrino ipw2200 integrated wireless card
JvmGifVulPoc.javaSun Microsystems Java GIF File Parsing Memory Corruption Vulnerability Prove Of Concept Exploit
MOAB-06-01-2007.pdfExploits Multiple Vendor PDF Document Catalog Handling Vulnerability
exploit-of-the-apes.rbExploit Of The Apes: A practical pwnage for Application (UN)Enhancer aka APU
MOAB-20-01-2007.htmlExploit for Apple Quicktime HREFTrack Cross-Zone Scripting vulnerability
MOAB-20-01-2007.htmlExploits Apple iChat aim:// URL Handler Format String Vulnerability
MOAB-19-01-2007.htmlExploits ftps:// URL Handler Heap Buffer Overflow
MOAB-18-01-2007.rbProof of concept for issues described in MOAB-18-01-2007
MOAB-17-01-2007.rbProof of concept for MOAB-17-01-2007
MOAB-16-01-2007.rbMakes use of the Colloquy INVITE format string vulnerability.
osx-x86-shared.cExploits Mac OS X 10.4.x kernel shared_region_map_file_np() memory exhaustion
mshwhpjex.cPoC exploit for (.HPJ) project files buffer overflow vulnerability in Microsoft Help Workshop v4.03.0002
wbbsex2.plWoltlab Burning Board 2.3.6 <= / Lite Exploit
wbbsex.plWoltlab Burning Board 2.X/Lite search.php SQL Injection exploit
gethashesex.phpWoltlab Burning Board Lite <= 1.0.2 / Woltlab Burning Board <= 2.3.6 GetHashes over search.php
mgbex.plMGB <= Exploit
phpbpex.phpphpBP <= RC3 (2.204) (sql/cmd) Remote Code Execution Exploit
prdelka-vs-GNU-mbsebbs.cGNU/Linux mbse-bbs 0.70.0 & below stack overflow exploit
mshwex.cPoC exploit for .cnt files buffer overflow vulnerability in Microsoft Help Workshop v4.03.0002
MS07-004.htmlMS07-004 VML integer overflow exploit
phpatmex.plExploits PHPATM Remote Password Disclosure Vulnerablity
MOAB-15-01-2007.rbExploits Mac OS X Local Privilege Escalation Vulnerabilities
MOAB-14-01-2007.cExploits AppleTalk ATPsndrsp() Heap Buffer Overflow Vulnerability
MOAB-13-01-2007.dmg.gzExploits Apple DMG HFS+ do_hfs_truncate() Denial of Service Vulnerability
MOAB-12-01-2007.dmg.gzExploits Apple DMG UFS ufs_lookup() Denial of Service Vulnerability
MOAB-11-01-2007.dmg.gzExploits Apple DMG UFS byte_swap_sbin() Integer Overflow Vulnerability
MOAB-10-01-2007.dmg.gzExploits Apple DMG UFS ffs_mountfs() Integer Overflow Vulnerability
kasperskyex.ckav 6.0 0day local priv escalation exploit
fdwebesex.htmlExploits FdWeB Espace Membre <= 2.01(path) Remote File Include Vulnerability
digiaffilatex.plDigiAffiliate <= V1.4 Remote Blind SQL Injection Exploit
jv2ex.cJV2 Folder Gallery Remote Admin uName and Pass. Exploit
thwboardex.phpThWboard <=3.0 beta 2.84-php5 board[styleid] sql injection / cmd exec exploit
dreamftp.cBolinTech DreamFTP USER buffer overflow
sami.cKarjaSoft Sami FTP Server 2.0.2 USER/PASS buffer overflow
wftpdsaex.cWFTPD server <= 3.25 SITE ADMN DoS
microcmsex.plMicro CMS 3.5
snewsex.phpsNews <= 1.5.30 unauthorized access / reset admin pass / cmd exec exploit
MOAB-09-01-2007.rbExploits Apple Finder DMG Volume Name Memory Corruption
Yrch!.plExploits Axiom 0.8.6 photo gallery (template.php)Remote File Include Vulnerability
wordpressex2.phpWordpress <= 2.0.6 wp-trackback.php Zend_Hash_Del_Key_Or_Index sql injection admin hash disclosure exploit
mswmfex.plWMF 0-day Dos Exploit
eiqdos.pyExploits EIQ Networks Network Security Analyzer DoS
heap.pyExploits Opera ntdll.RtlAllocateHeap() SOS vulnerability
sample.pyExploits Opera ntdll.RtlAllocateHeap() DHT vulnerability
@lexguestbookex.php@lex Guestbook <= 4.0.2 Remote Command Execution Exploit
l2jex.phpL2J Statistik Script <= 0.09 (index.php page) Local File Include Exploit
MOAB-07-01-2007.htmlExploits OmniWeb Javascript alert() Format String Vulnerability
navicopa_get_overflow.pmNavicopa 2.01 Buffer Overflow
critical_openbsd_communism.cOpenBSD 3.x-4.0 vga_ioctl() root exploit
MOAB-05-01-2007_cron.rbExploits Apple DiskManagement BOM Local Privilege Escalation Vulnerability
MOAB-05-01-2007.rbExploits Apple DiskManagement BOM Local Privilege Escalation Vulnerability
meow.gzoriginal 0day exploits Apple DiskManagement BOM Local Privilege Escalation Vulnerability
Evil.bomoriginal 0day exploits Apple DiskManagement BOM Local Privilege Escalation Vulnerability
copperminex.phpCoppermine Photo Gallery <= 1.4.10 SQL Injection Exploit
ArcserveTapeEng.pyRemote exploit for CA brightstor tapeeng (win2k SP4)
digirezex.plDigiRez <= V3.4 (book_id) Remote BLIND SQL Injection Exploit
MOAB-04-01-2007.rbiLife iPhoto Photocast (XML title) Remote Format String PoC
float.pyWordpress <= 2.x dictionnary & Bruteforce attack
hidattack01.tar.gzHIDattack - Attack Bluetooth VNC style
linkBTCrack v1.0 - Pin and Link key cracker
swmsex.phpSimple Web Content Management System SQL Injection Exploit
formbankserverex.plExploits formbankserver directory traversal
qksmtp-rcpt-overflow-4444.plExploitsw QK SMTP RCPT TO buffer overflow
qtrtspex.rbExploits Apple Quicktime rtsp URL Handler Stack-based Buffer Overflow
VLCMediaSlayer-ppc.plExploits VLC Player for OSX to execute arbitrary code (PPC)
VLCMediaSlayer-x86.plExploits VLC Player for OSX to execute arbitrary code
raise.cexploit NtRaiseHardError privesc and load dll into csrss
winzipex.htmlExploits WinZip FileView ActiveX controls CreateNewFolderFromName Method Buffer Overflow Vulnerability
webtextex.phpWebText <= Remote Code Execution Exploit
imgalleryex.phpIMGallery <= 2.5 Create Uploader Script Exploit
clicknprintex.plClick N' Print Coupons <= V2005.01 (key) Remote SQL Injection Exploit
cactiex.phpCacti 0.8.6i "copy_cacti_user.php" sql injection create new admin exploit
durianwebex2.phpDurian Web Application Server 3.02 freeware for Win32 denial of service exploit
durianwebex.phpDurian Web Application Server 3.02 freeware for Win32 buffer overflow execute command exploit
csrssex.cExploits Microsoft Windows NtRaiseHardError Csrss.exe-winsrv.dll Double Free
crit_dbhub.plDB Hub DoS exploit
wks_dos.pyMS Windows Workstation Service NetrWkstaUserEnum() 0day Memory Allocation Remote DoS Exploit
cahierex.phpCahier de texte V2.2 Bypass general access protection exploit
fishyshoopex.plFishyshoop Proof of Concept
shnewsex.plSH-News 0.93 (misc.php) Remote File Include Exploit
pagetool07.plExploits Pagetool CMS <=1.07 (RFI)
eejobsex.plEnthrallweb eJobs (newsdetail.asp) Remote SQL Injection Exploit
eematesex.plEnthrallweb emates 1.0 (newsdetail.asp) Remote SQL Injection Exploit
eepagesex.plEnthrallweb ePages (actualpic.asp) Remote SQL Injection Exploit
eeclassifieds.htmlEnthrallweb eClassifieds 1.0 Remote User Pass Change Exploit
eecoupons.htmlEnthrallweb eCoupons 1.0(myprofile.asp) Remote Pass Change Exploit
eenewsex.htmlEnthrallweb eNews 1.0 Remote User Pass Change Exploit
newslettermxex.plNewsletter MX <= 1.0.2 (ID) Remote SQL Injection Exploit
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