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revenge_proftpd_ctrls_26.plExploits ProFTPD 1.3.0/1.3.0a Controls Buffer Overflow (2.6 kernel exploitation against gcc 4.x with canary)
axiagen.cExploits Axigen eMail Server v2.0 (beta) remote shell format string vulnerability in pop3
maildisable-v6.plMail Enable Professional <=v2.35 (win32) remote exploit
maildisable-v3.plMail Enable Professional/Enterprise v2.32-4 (win32) remote exploit
dvdtoolsex.htmlExploits ActSoft DVD-Tools (dvdtools.ocx) Buffer Overflow
advancedpollex.plAdvanced Poll 2.0.0 >= 2.0.5-dev textfile RCE
atcontenatorex.htmlAT Contenator <= v1.0 (Root_To_Script) Remote File Include Exploit
xarancmsex.plXaran Cms <= V2.0 (xarancms_haupt.php) Remote SQL Injection Exploit
phpccex.plphpCC Beta <= 4.2 (nickpage.php npid) Remote SQL Injection Exploit
milw0rm_drupalv4.plDrupal < 4.7.6 Remote Command Execution Exploit
milw0rm_drupalv5.plDrupal < 5.1 Remote Command Execution Exploit
raptor_dominohash.shraptor_dominohash - Lotus Domino R5/R6 HTTPPassword dump
maildisable-v7.plExploits Mail Enable Professional/Enterprise v2.32-7 (win32)
phpsploitclass.phpPhpSploit Class
jupitercmsex3.phpJupiter CMS "Logged Guest" XSS Vulnerability (POC #3)
jupitercmsex2.phpJupiter CMS File Upload Vulnerability (POC #2)
jupitercmsex1.phpJupiter CMS SQL Injection Vulnerability (POC #1)
maildisable-v5.plExploits Mail Enable Professional/Enterprise <=v2.35 (win32)
a.xlsMicrosoft Excel DoS PoC 2
example.xlsMicrosoft Excel DoS PoC.
linkTiny FTPd 0.52 beta3 Buffer Overflow
oreonex.plExploits Oreon1.2.3 Remote File İnclude
3touch.cSets file date to September, 27 14896
mutorrentex.cPoC remote exploit for uTorrent 1.6
mcreferex.phpExploits McRefer PHP inclusion
sunos.shSunOS 5.10/5.11 in.telnetd Remote Exploit
ovidentiaex.plOVidentia 5.x Series Remote File İnclude
r3-stealer-1.0.plSAP 'enserver.exe' file downloader
advancedpoll.plAdvanced Poll 2.0.0 >= 2.0.5-dev textfile admin session gen.
LushiWarPlanerex.aspLushiWarPlaner 1.0 (register.php) Remote SQL Injection Exploit
LushiNewsex.aspLushiNews <= 1.01 (comments.php) Remote SQL Injection Exploit
lightroex.aspLightRO CMS 1.0 (index.php projectid) Remote SQL Injection Exploit
site-assistant.htmlSite-Assistant <= v0990(paths[version])Remote File Include Exploit
doaxigen-v2.caxigen 1.2.6 - 2.0.0b1 DoS (x86-lnx)
doaxigen.caxigen 1.2.6 - 2.0.0b1 DoS (x86-lnx)
osf1tru64ps.shExploits "ps" command (also /usr/ucb/ps) on HP OSF1 v5.1 Alpha
ggcmsex.phpGGCMS <= v1.1.0 RC1 Remote Auto Deface Exploit / Remote Code Execution Exploit
cathierex.phpCategories hierarchy v2.1.2 (phpbb_root_path) Remote File Include Exploit
alibabaex.htmlAlibaba Alipay (Remove ActiveX) Remote Code Execution Exploit
smartftpxex.cSmartFTP Client v 2.0.1002 Heap Overflow DoS
flashfxpex.cFlashFXP V 3.4.0 build 1145 Buffer Overflow DoS
videolanex.pyVLC media player 0.8.6a Denial of Service
oracle_dbmsexport.plRemote Oracle dbms_export_extension exploit (any version) Grant or revoke dba permission to unprivileged user
ezconvertex.plezConvert: phpBB ezBoard converter v0.2 (ezconvert_dir) Remote File Include Exploit
phpbbppex.phpphpBB++ (phpbb_root_path) Remote File Include Exploit
f3siteex.phpF3Site <= 2.1 Remote Code Execution Exploit
word2000exp.docMicrosoft Word 2000 Unspecified Code Execution Exploit (0day)
kgbex.phpKGB <= 1.9 Remote Code Execution Exploit
devcppex.pyExploits Dev-C++ Stack Overflow
MOAB-29-01-2007.rbbasic proof of concept for Apple iChat Bonjour
caigserverex.pyRemote exploit for the CA BrightStor Arcserve stack overflow as
livemessengerdecryptpassword.cWindows Live Messenger v8.0 Password Finder for Windows XP & 2003
msnmessengerdecryptpassword.cMSN Messenger v7.5 Password Decrypter Source Code for Windows XP & 2003
extcalendarex.htmlExtcalendar <= 2 (profile.php) Remote User Pass Change Exploit
jdzecex.plGaleria Zdjec <= v3.0 (zd_numer.php) Local File Include Exploit
phpglex.plPhP Generic library & framework (include_path) Remote File Include Exploit
xeroex.plDrunken:Golem Gaming Portal (Xero Portal) (root_path) Remote File Include Exploit
forodomusex.plForo Domus v2.10 (phpbb_root_path) Remote File Include Exploit
eclipsebbex.plEclipseBB 0.5.0 Lite (phpbb_root_path) Remote File Include Exploit
guppyex.phpGuppy <= 4.5.16 remote commands execution exploit
cmpoc.cProof of concept exploit for ZDI - Citrix Metaframe spooler service vulnerability
testlpc.cUniversal exploit for vulnerable printer providers (spooler service)
2200BG.cExploits Intel 2200BG 802.11 disassociation packet Kernel Memory Corruption
MOAB-27-01-2007.wmvTelestream Flip4Mac WMV Parsing Memory Corruption Vulnerability PoC
MOAB-25-01-2007.cgcc MOAB-25-01-2007.c -o cfnet-http -framework Carbon
MOAB-25-01-2007.rbProof of concept for Apple CFNetwork HTTP Response Denial of Service
MsgEng.pyCA brightstor msgeng.exe heap overflow exploit (win2k SP0)
qnx bugs.rarcrappy qnx 6.3.2 stuff
tmvwall381v3_exp.cLocal root exploit for vscan/VSAPI (=Trend Micro VirusWall 3.81 on Linux)
aztekex.phpAztek Forum 4.1 Multiple Vulnerabilities Exploit
xeroportalex.plExploits Xero Portal v1.2 (phpbb_root_path) Local File Include Vulnerablity
voteproex.phpVote-Pro Code Injection Exploit
bumpsequence.sqlExploit for Oracle10g R1 and R2 prior to CPU Oct 2006
worker.sqlExploit for Oracle10g R1 and R2 prior to CPU Oct 2006
attachjob.sqlExploit for Oracle10g R1 and R2 prior to CPU Oct 2006
MOAB-23-01-2007.pctExploits Apple QuickDraw GetSrcBits32ARGB() Memory Corruption Vulnerability
MOAB-22-01-2007.rb"Exploit" for Apple UserNotificationCenter Privilege Escalation Vulnerability
msvcrcex.cMicrosoft Visual C++ 6.0 SP6 resource compiler buffer overflow vulnerability .rc resource files exploit
active-session-attack.shMultiple IP phones remote administrator login check
obex_dos.shBluetooth DoS by obex push PoC
MOAB-21-01-2007.rb"Exploit" for MOAB-21-01-2007: OS X, making root shells easier each day.
webspellex.phpwebSPELL SQL-injection exploit in gallery.php
phpindexpageex.plExploits phpindexpage 1.0 & 1.0.1 (config.php)Remote File Include Vulnerability
mafiaex.plExploits mafia-2-0-0 (Index.php)Remote File Include Vulnerability
IPW2200BG.cPoC exploit for Intel Centrino ipw2200 integrated wireless card
JvmGifVulPoc.javaSun Microsystems Java GIF File Parsing Memory Corruption Vulnerability Prove Of Concept Exploit
MOAB-06-01-2007.pdfExploits Multiple Vendor PDF Document Catalog Handling Vulnerability
exploit-of-the-apes.rbExploit Of The Apes: A practical pwnage for Application (UN)Enhancer aka APU
MOAB-20-01-2007.htmlExploit for Apple Quicktime HREFTrack Cross-Zone Scripting vulnerability
MOAB-20-01-2007.htmlExploits Apple iChat aim:// URL Handler Format String Vulnerability
MOAB-19-01-2007.htmlExploits ftps:// URL Handler Heap Buffer Overflow
MOAB-18-01-2007.rbProof of concept for issues described in MOAB-18-01-2007
MOAB-17-01-2007.rbProof of concept for MOAB-17-01-2007
MOAB-16-01-2007.rbMakes use of the Colloquy INVITE format string vulnerability.
osx-x86-shared.cExploits Mac OS X 10.4.x kernel shared_region_map_file_np() memory exhaustion
mshwhpjex.cPoC exploit for (.HPJ) project files buffer overflow vulnerability in Microsoft Help Workshop v4.03.0002
wbbsex2.plWoltlab Burning Board 2.3.6 <= / Lite Exploit
wbbsex.plWoltlab Burning Board 2.X/Lite search.php SQL Injection exploit
gethashesex.phpWoltlab Burning Board Lite <= 1.0.2 / Woltlab Burning Board <= 2.3.6 GetHashes over search.php
mgbex.plMGB <= Exploit
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