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NewsReactorex2.cNewsReactor 20070220 Article Grabbing Remote Buffer Overflow
NewsReactorex1.cNewsReactor 20070220 Article Grabbing Remote Buffer Overflow Exploit 1
TFTPServerMT.plTFTPServerMT v 1.3 Remote Buffer Overflow Dos Exploit
ChangeServiceConfig2A.pyMS Windows DCE-RPC svcctl ChangeServiceConfig2A() 0day Memory Corruption PoC Exploit
newsbinproex.cNews Bin Pro 4.32 Article Grabbing Remote Unicode Buffer Overflow
jgbbsex.htmlJGBBS 3.0beta1 Version Search.ASP "Author" SQL Injection Exploit
nukesentinelex.phpNukeSentinel <= 2.5.06 SQL Injection (mysql >= 4.0.24) Exploit
fistiqex.plFistiq Duyuru Scripti Remote Blind SQL Injection Exploit
acroreaddosex.htmlExploits Adobe PDF Reader plug-in AcroPDF.dll ver. Resource Consumption
phpcomex.phpPHP COM extensions (inconsistent Win32) safe_mode bypass
phpcdfpex.phpPHP 4.4.6 cpdf_open() source code disclosure poc
MOPB-17-2007.phpPHP ext/filtet FDF POST Filter Bybass Exploit
MOPB-16-2007.phpExploits PHP zip:// URL Wrapper Stack Buffer Overflow
MOPB-14-2007.phpExploits PHP 5 - substr_compare Information Leak Vulnerability
MOPB-15-2007-RSA.phpPHP ext/shmop SSL RSA Private-Key Disclosure Exploit
MOPB-15-2007.phpPHP ext/shmop Code Execution Exploit
snortex.cDOS Snort Inline
winzipex2.htmlWinZip <= 10.0.7245 FileView ActiveX Buffer Overflow Exploit v2
tftpdex.plTFTPDWIN Server UDP DOS 0.4.2 POC
winampex.plWinamp 5.12 Playlist UNC Path Computer Name Overflow Perl Exploit
OracleOwner.cOracle Database local elevation of privileges PoC exploit
php_446_crack_opendict_local_bof.phpPHP 4.4.6 crack_opendict() local buffer overflow poc exploit
ms07016ftp.plMS 07-016 FTP Server Response PoC
testsuit1.shPHP-Nuke POST crossite scripting PoC
oracledbmsexex.plRemote Oracle dbms_export_extension exploit
lmaex.plLinks Management Application V1.0 (lcnt) Remote BLIND SQL Injection Exploit
MOPB-11-2007.phpPHP WDDX Session Deserialization Stack Information Leak
MOPB-10-2007.phpExploits PHP php_binary Session Deserialization Information Leak
phpmssql_pconnectex.phpPHP <= 4.4.6 mssql_connect() & mssql_pconnect() local buffer overflow poc exploit (and safe_mode bypass)
mercurypown-v1.plMercury/32 <v4.01b (win32) remote exploit
konq355-crash-demo.zipDemo of how to make Konqueror 3.5.5 crash
ftp-pasv-poc-v1.0.zipManipulating FTP Clients Using The PASV Command PoC
22719.txtDocebo Multiple Cross-Site Scripting Vulnerabilities
ajforumex.plAJ Forum 1.0 (topic_title.php) Remote BLIND SQL Injection Exploit
ajdating.htmlAJDating 1.0 (view_profile.php) Remote BLIND SQL Injection Exploit
ajauctionex.plAJ Auction All Version (subcat.php) Remote BLIND SQL Injection Exploit
lettermanex.plNews-Letterman 1.1 (eintrag.php) Remote File Include Exploit
rpsex.phpRPS 6.2 SQL Injection Exploit
asterisk-sip-kill.cExploits Asterisk SIP DoS vulnerability
MOPB-09-2007.phpPHP - wddx_deserialize() Crash Exploit
MOPB-08-2007.phpPHP 4 - phpinfo() XSS Testcase
22754.pyHyperBook Guestbook v1.30 (qbconfiguration.dat) Remote Admin md5 Hash Exploit
netrekfs.zipExploits Netrek server <= 2.12.0 format string bug
webspellex2.phpwebSPELL <= 4.01.02 Remote PHP Code Execution Exploit
phpmyfaqex.phpSql injection / remote command execution exploit for phpmyfaq < 1.6.8
vbulletinex.phpvBulletin <= 3.6.4 inlinemod.php "postids" sql injection / privilege escalation by session hijacking exploit
MOPB-04-2007.phpExploits PHP 4 - unserialize() Reference Counter Overflow
MOPB-01-2007.phpExploits PHP 4 - ZVAL Reference Counter Overflow
maildisable-v4.plMail Enable Professional/Enterprise v2.32-4 (win32) remote exploit
madwifiex.cmadwifi WPA/RSN IE remote kernel buffer overflow
BTP00001P005CF.zipComodo firewall Testing program for Bypassing settings protection using magic pipe
netproxyex.plNetProxy <= 4.03 Web Filter Evasion / Bypass Logging Exploit
ithief.cplan 9 identity theft
cgipwn.cDebian Apache CGI TIOCSTI weakness
virexex.plMcAfee VirusScan for Mac (Virex) Local root exploit
nomoketosex.plphpBB Module NoMoKeTos Rules 0.0.1 Remote File Include Exploit
csgalleryex.phpFile Inclusion Exploit for CS_Gallery <= 2.0
phpbbexex.plphpBB Extreme 3.0.1 (phpbb_root_path) Remote File Include Exploit
newsroverex.plNews Rover 12.1 Rev 1 Remote Stack Overflow perl exploit
snort_dos_dcerpc.pySnort DCE/RPC Preprocessor Buffer Overflow (DoS)
dbms_meta_get_ddl.plRemote Oracle DBMS_METADAT.GET_DDL exploit (9i/10g)
dbms_cdc_subscribe.plRemote Oracle DBMS_CDC_SUBSCRIBE.ACTIVATE_SUBSCRIPTION exploit (9i/10g)
copperminex2.phpCoppermine Photo Gallery 1.3.x Blind SQL Injection Exploit
aaab.wmfMicrosoft Windows explorer crash PoC
connectixex.phpConnectix Boards <= 0.7 (p_skin) Multiple Vulnerabilities Exploit
ws2.plwebSPELL <= v4.01.02 (topic) Remote SQL Injection
ftpvoyagerex.cFTP Voyager <= CWD Remote Stack Overflow
ftpexplorerex.cFTP Explorer 1.0.1 Build 047 Remote DoS (CPU consumption)
newsbinex.cNews Bin Pro 5.33 .NBI File Buffer Overflow exploit
newsroverex.cNews Rover 12.1 Rev 1 Remote Stack Overflow exploit
turboftpex.cExploits TurboFTP 5.30 Build 572 Multiple Remote DoS
kupw-worker.plRemote Oracle KUPW$WORKER.MAIN exploit (10g)
kupv-ft_attach_job.plRemote Oracle KUPV$FT.ATTACH_JOB exploit (10g)
wsftp_server_505_xmd5.pmWS-FTP Server 5.05 XMD5 Overflow (metasploit)
magicplusex.plMagic News PHP Code Execution Exploit
linkMonitors directory tree changes (compiled)
spydir.cMonitors directory tree changes
callcenterex.htmlCall Center Software - Remote Xss Post Exploit
normal.pl0day exploit for PHP-nuke <=8.0 Final Blind sql injection attack in INSERT syntax version, when 'HTTP Referers' block is on
breaking_query.pl0day exploit for PHP-nuke <=8.0 Final Blind sql injection attack in INSERT syntax version for every base(PostgreSQL,mssql...) except MySQL base
bruteforce.pl0day exploit for PHP-nuke <=8.0 Final Blind sql injection attack in INSERT syntax version for mysql >= 4.0.24, using 'brute force'
udpsz.zipUDP packet generator
nabopollex.phpNabopoll SQL Injection -- Proof of Concept Exploit
revenge_proftpd_ctrls.plProFTPD 1.3.0/1.3.0a Controls Buffer Overflow
nukesentinelex2.phpNukeSentinel 2.5.05 (nsbypass.php) Blind SQL Injection Exploit
nukesantinelex.phpNukeSentinel 2.5.05 (nukesentinel.php) File Disclosure Exploit
aaaa.wmfIrfanView WMF hang PoC
ws.plExploits webSPELL v4.01.02 (showonly) Remote SQL Injection
xpressionnewsex.plXpression News File Disclosure Exploit
vs-linkpartnerex.htmlVS-Link-Partner <= 2.1 (script_pfad) Remote File Include Exploit
vs-newssystemex.htmlVS-News-System <= V1.2.1 (newsordner) Remote File Include Exploit
vs-gustebuch.htmlS-Gastebuch <= V.1.5.3 (gb_pfad) Remote File Include Exploit
emporiumex.aspPhp-Nuke Module Emporium <= 2.3.0 Remote Blind SQL Injection Exploit
vicftps.cVicFTPs Server CWD Remote Buffer Overflow Vulnerability DoS Proof of concept
revenge_proftpd_ctrls_24.plExploits ProFTPD 1.3.0/1.3.0a Controls Buffer Overflow (2.4 kernel)
revenge_proftpd_ctrls_26.plExploits ProFTPD 1.3.0/1.3.0a Controls Buffer Overflow (2.6 kernel exploitation against gcc 4.x with canary)
axiagen.cExploits Axigen eMail Server v2.0 (beta) remote shell format string vulnerability in pop3
maildisable-v6.plMail Enable Professional <=v2.35 (win32) remote exploit
maildisable-v3.plMail Enable Professional/Enterprise v2.32-4 (win32) remote exploit
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