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xoopsrepex.plXOOPS Module Repository (viewcat.php) BLIND SQL Injection Exploit
xoopstutex.plXOOPS Module Tutoriais (viewcat.php) Remote BLIND SQL Injection Exploit
xoopscoreex.plXOOPS Module Core (viewcat.php) Remote BLIND SQL Injection Exploit
xoopslibex.plXOOPS Module Library (viewcat.php) BLIND SQL Injection Exploit
xoopslykex.htmlXOOPS Module Lykos Reviews 1.00 (index.php) BLIND SQL Injection Exploit
xoopsartex.plXoops All Version -Articles- Print.PHP (ID) Blind SQL Injection Exploit And PoC
D4JeZineex.htmlJoomla Component D4JeZine <= 2.8 Remote BLIND SQL Injection Exploit
icebbex2.plIceBB 1.0-rc5 Remote Create Admin Exploit
lotusex.pyRemote DOS exploit code for IBM Lotus Domino Server 6.5 IMAP CRAM-MD5 auth
snortdce.pyRemote exploit for Snort DCE/RPC preprocessor vulnerability
dvdtoolsex2.htmlActSoft DVD-Tools (dvdtools.ocx) Buffer Overflow Exploit
brightstorex.pyComputer Associates (CA) Brightstor Backup Mediasvr.exe Remote Code Exploit
BTP00000P002NF.zipTesting program for Multiple insufficient argument validation of hooked SSDT function (BTP00000P002NF)
ani-stackoverflow.cppExploits Windows .ANI LoadAniIcon Stack Overflow
phpfuscalex.plPHP-Fusion 'Calendar_Panel' Module (m_month) SQL Injection Exploit
MOPB-37-2007.phpExploits PHP iptcembed() Interruption Information Leak Vulnerability
x.zipPHP 4 zip_entry_read() Integer Overflow Vulnerability (test archive)
MOPB-35-2007.phpPHP 4 zip_entry_read() Integer Overflow Vulnerability
ani.cExploits Windows .ANI LoadAniIcon Stack Overflow
dproxy-v1.cdproxy-nexgen remote root exploit (x86-lnx)
friendfinderex.plXoops Module Friendfinder <= 3.3 (view.php id) BLIND SQL Injection Exploit
vista_bsod.jpgVista ATI drivers BSOD
vista_bsod.jpgVista ATI drivers BSOD
avantex.plAvant Browser (ALL Version) Remote Stack OverFlow (Crash)
ccmailex.plCcMail 1.0 Remote File Inclusion Exploit
naviCopa_cgi.pmExploits Buffer Overflow in NaviCopa HTTP server 2.01 (cgi-bin)
ejecsploit.clocal root exploit for bsd's eject.c
addressbookex.plPHP-Nuke Module Addressbook 1.2 Local File Inclusion Exploit
icebbex.plIceBB 1.0-rc5 Remote Code Execution Exploit
wp13exp.cWordperfect X3 remote exploit
xoopsex.plXoops All Version -Articles- Print.PHP (ID) Blind SQL Injection Exploit
lindccpex.cExploits Linux Kernel DCCP Memory Disclosure Vulnerability
ps3rpdos.plPlaystation 3 "Remote Play" Remote DoS Exploit
phpdocex.phpPHP 5.2.1 with PECL phpDOC confirm_phpdoc_compiled() local buffer overflow poc exploit
ms07-009_exploit.htmMicrosoft Internet Explorer ADODB.Recordset Double Free Memory Exploit (ms07-009)
MOPB-32-2007.phpPHP 4.4.5/4.4.6 session_decode() Double Free Vulnerability
MOPB-31-2007.phpPHP session_decode() _SESSION Overwrite Vulnerability
MOPB-29-2007.phpPHP 5.2.1 unserialize() Information Leak Vulnerability
MOPB-30-2007.phpPHP _SESSION unset() Vulnerability
MOPB-28-2007.phpPHP hash_update_file() freed resource usage exploit
pblangex.plPBlang 4.66z Create Admin Exploit
ewebquizex.htmleWebquiz <= V.8 (eWebQuiz.asp) Remote SQL Injection Exploit
activenewsletterex.htmlActive Newsletter <= V.4.3 (ViewNewspapers.asp) Remote SQL Injection Exploit
rwcardsex.plJoomla Component RWCards <= 2.4.3 Remote Blind SQL Injection Exploit
carmanex.plJoomla Component Car Manager <= 1.1 Blind SQL Injection Exploit
rosecmsex.plRoseOnlineCMS v3 B1(op)Local File Inclusion Exploit
portailphpex.plPortail PHP v20 (index.php) Remote SQL Injection Exploit
monstertoplistex.plExploits Monster Top List <= 1.4.2 remote Command Execution Vulnerabilities
flatmenuex.plMambo 4.5.1 Modules Flatmenu <= 1.07 Remote File Include Exploit
geblogex.plGeBlog 0.1(GLOBALS[tplname])Local File Inclusion Exploit
pragmamxex.plpragmaMX Landkartenmodule 2.1 Local File Inclusion Exploit
splatforumex.plModulo Splatt Forum v4.0 RC1(bbcode_ref.php name)Local File Include Exploit
metaforumex.phpExploits MetaForum <= 0.513 Beta - Remote file upload Vulnerability
katalogplytaudioex.phpKatalog Plyt Audio (pl) <= 1.0 Remote SQL Injection Exploit
scriptmagixliricsex.plScriptMagix Lyrics <= 2.0 (index.php recid) Remote Blind SQL Injection Exploit
scriptmagixphotoratingex.plScriptMagix Photo Rating <= 2.0 (viewcomments.php) Remote Blind SQL Injection Exploit
scriptmagixrecipesex.plScriptMagix Recipes <= 2.0 (index.php catid) Remote Blind SQL Injection Exploit
scriptmagicjokesex.plScriptMagix Jokes <= 2.0 (index.php catid) Remote Blind SQL Injection Exploit
scriptmagicfaqex.plScriptMagix FAQ Builder <= 2.0 (index.php) Remote Blind SQL Injection Exploit
guestbaraex.htmlGuestbara <= 1.2 Change admin login password exploit
npdsex.plNet Portal Dynamic System (NPDS) <= 5.10 Remote Code Execution 0day
bookmarknotesex.plActive PHP Bookmark Notes 0.2.5 <= Remote File Inclusion Exploit
asterisk-Invite.plExploits Asterisk INVITE SIP message DoS
warftpex.cExploits WarFTPd 1.65 Username Stack-Based Buffer-Overflow Vulnerability
helixex.pyRemote exploit for the vulnerability in Helix server v11.0.1
helix_exp1.pyTrigger for Helix Server 'LoadTestPassword' heap overflow
futuresoftex.plFutureSoft TFTP Server 2000 Remote SEH Overwrite Exploit
mercury-4444-multi.plExploits Mercury/32 LOGIN buffer overflow - multy
mercurex.pyRemote exploit for the stack overflow vulnerability in Mercur Messaging 2005 SP3 IMAP service
imap.pyExploits Mercur Messaging 2005 SP3 IMAP service - Egghunter mod
nortelsslex.plExploits Nortel SSL VPN Linux Client race condition
etherleak.pletherleak, code that has been 5 years coming.
dproxy.pmMetaSploit exploit for remote buffer overflow issue in dproxy
vistaexec.plMicrosoft Windows Vista remote application launch PoC
0irc-exploit.c0irc-client v1345 build 20060823 DoS Exploit By DiGitalX
MOPB-27-2007.phpPHP gd already freed resource usage exploit
MOPB-26-2007.phpPHP mb_parse_str() register_globals Activation Exploit
MOPB-25-2007.phpPHP header() Space Trimming Buffer Underflow Vulnerability
MOPB-24-2007.phpPHP 4/5 - array_user_key_compare() ZVAL dtor exploit
mercur-v1.plMercur v5.00.14 (win32) remote exploit
nasbugs.zipExploits Network Audio System <= 1.8a (svn 231) multiple vulnerabilities
ndpsex.phpNet Portal Dynamic System (NPDS) <= 5.10 Remote Code Execution 0day
dayfoxblogex.htmlExploits Dayfox Blog 4 remote code execution
phpstatsex3.phpPhp-Stats <= PC-REMOTE-ADDR sql injection / cleat text admin pass
phpstatsex2.phpPhp-Stats <= "ip" urldecode()/ ereg() / sql injection / cleat text admin pass disclosure exploit (method ii)
phpstatsex1.phpPhp-Stats <= admin 2 exec() exploit
MOPB-23-2007.phpPHP 5 Rejected Session ID Double Free Exploit
MOPB-19-2007.phpPHP ext/filter Space Trimming Buffer Underflow Vulnerability
MOPB-22-2007.phpPHP 5 session_regenerate_id() Double Free Exploit
frontbaseex.rbFrontBase Database remote Proof Of Concept
particlebloggerex.phpParticle Blogger All Version Post.PHP (PostID) Remote SQL Injection Exploit
MsgEngOpnum45.pyARCserve msgeng.exe buffer overflow exploit (win2k SP4)
php_446_ibase_connect_bof.phpPHP <= 4.4.6 ibase_connect() & ibase_pconnect() local buffer overflow
absoluteigex.htmlAbsolute Image Gallery MSSQL CMD Injection Exploit
burned2.plWoltlab Burning Board 2.X usergroups.php SQL Injection exploit
orionblogex.htmlOrion-Blog v2.0 Version Remote Privilege Escalation Exploit
wsnguestex.htmlWSN Guest 1.21 Version Comments.PHP "ID" SQL Injection Exploit
macromediaex.htmlMacromedia SwDir.dll ver. multiple methods Stack Overflow
NewsReactorex2.cNewsReactor 20070220 Article Grabbing Remote Buffer Overflow
NewsReactorex1.cNewsReactor 20070220 Article Grabbing Remote Buffer Overflow Exploit 1
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