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freepbxex.phpfreePBX 2.2.x full-log XSS PoC
extremephpbbex.phpExtreme PHPBB2 Command Execution Exploit
eclipsebbex.phpEclipseBB Command Execution Exploit
moddedex.phpFully Moded PHPBB2 Command Execution Exploit
mediabeezex.phpExploits MediaBeez Sql Query Execution
wmvex.plWinamp <= (WMV) 5.3 Buffer Overflow DOS Exploit (0-DAY)
nctex.c[PoC] 79 Exes's / IE NCTAudioFile2.AudioFile ActiveX Remote Stack Overfl0w
xamppex.phpXAMPP for Windows <= 1.6.0a adodb.php/mssql_connect() remote buffer overflow proof-of-concept exploit
nmdeluxeex.plNMDeluxe 1.0.1 (template) Local File Inclusion Exploit
frogssex.phpFrogss CMS <= 0.7 SQL Injection Exploit
papooex2.phpPapoo <= 3.02 (kontakt menuid) Remote SQL Injection Exploit
shoutproex.phpShoutPro <= 1.5.2 (shout.php) Remote Code Injection Exploit
e107ex3.phpE107 - (v0.7.8) Access Escalation Vulnerbility - PoC
mybbex2.plMybb <= 1.2.2 Remote SQL Injecton Exploit v.2.0
minigalex.plMiniGal b13 Remote Code Execution Exploit
aimstatsex.htmlAimStats 3.2 (process.php update) Remote Code Execution Exploit
shotcastex.plmxBB Module MX Shotcast 1.0 RC2 (getinfo1.php) Remote File Include Exploit
joomlatempex.plJoomla Template Be2004-2 (index.php) Remote File Include Exploit
codebreakex.htmlExploits CodeBreak (codebreak.php process_method) - Remote File Inclusion Vulnerability
ivangalleryex.plIvan Gallery Script V.0.1 (index.php) Remote File Include Exploit
myblogex.phpMyBlog <= 0.9.8 Remote Command Execution Exploit
vcdgearex.cVCDGear <= 3.56 Build 050213 (FILE) Local Code Execution Exploit
Microsoft_Dns_Server_Exploit.zipMicrosoft DNS Server Remote Code execution Exploit
airodump-exp.caircrack/airodump-ng (0.7) remote exploit
chatnessex.phpExploits Chatness <= 2.5.3 - Arbitrary Code Execution
e107admex.phpE107 - (v0.7.8) Access Escalation Vulnerbility - PoC
wflinksex.plXOOPS Module WF-Links <= 1.03 (cid) Remote BLIND SQL Injection Exploit
jobsex.plXOOPS Module Jobs <= 2.4 (cid) Remote BLIND SQL Injection Exploit
smodbipex.phpSmodBIP <= 1.06 (aktualnosci zoom) Remote SQL Injection Exploit
smodcmsex.phpSmodCMS <= 2.10 (Slownik ssid) Remote SQL Injection Exploit
scarnewsex.plScarNews (sn_admin_dir) Local File Inclusion Exploit
scorpbookex.plScorp Book <== v1.0 (smilies.php) Remote File Include Exploit
phpmynewsletterex.phpphpMyNewsletter <= 0.8 (beta5) Multiple Vuln Exploit
inoutex.phpInoutMailingListManager <= 3.1 Command Execution Exploit + Login Retrieve + Advisory
eboardex.plPHP-Nuke Module eBoard 1.0.7 GLOBALS[name] Local File Inclusion Exploit
punBB_spl.plPunBB <= 1.2.14 Remote Code Execution Exploit
nea.htmlMozilla Grand Paradiso crash PoC
miniwebsvrex.htmlExploits MiniWebsvr 0.0.7 Directory transversal vulnerability
kadminex.shExploits Kerberos 1.5.1 Kadmind Remote Root Buffer Overflow Vulnerability
hlboom.zipExploits Half-Life engine remote server/client crash
hlfill.zipExploits Half-Life fake players bug (no auth)
pulsex.zipExploits Pulseaudio <= 0.9.5 (rev 1437) termination
hotedex.phpHot Editor Local File İnclude Exploit
mybbheex.phpMybb Hot Editor Plugin Local File Inclusion
quizshockex.htmlQuizShock 1.6.1 - Cross-Site Scripting Vulnerability
scorpex.plScorp Book <== v1.0 (smilies.php) Remote File Include Exploit
deskrpoex.htmlExploits DeskPRO v2.0.1 - Cross-Site Scripting Vulnerability
0day.tar.gzExploits Microsoft Office multiple vulnerabilities
modrewritex.shExploit for Apache mod_rewrite off-by-one(Win32)
phpwbmpex.cExploits PHP <= 5.2.1 wbmp file handling integer overflow
cmailserverex.htmlCmailServer WebMail <= V.5.3.4 (signup) Remote XSS Exploit
bpmex.cSeveral Windows image viewers vulnerabilities PoC
winmailex.phpWinMail Server 4.4 build 1124 (WebMail) remote add new Super User exploit
wp-xmlrpc-2-2-sql.plWordpress 2.1.2 SQL Injection POC
mutantex.htmlphpBB mutant 0.9.2 (phpbb_root_path) Remote File Inclusion Exploit
cyboardsex.plCyBoards PHP Lite 1.21 (script_path) Remote File Include Exploit
xoopssnippetsex.htmlXOOPS Module WF-Snippets <= 1.02 (c) BLIND SQL Injection Exploit
xoopsrha7ex.plXOOPS Module Rha7 Downloads 1.0 (visit.php) Remote BLIND SQL Injection Exploit
xoopspopnup.htmlXOOPS Module PopnupBlog <= 2.52 (postid) BLIND SQL Injection Exploit
xoopswfsectex.plXOOPS Module WF-Section <= 1.01 (articleid) Remote BLIND SQL Injection Exploit
xoopsxsectex.htmlXOOPS Module XFsection <= 1.07 (articleid) BLIND SQL Injection Exploit
xoopszmagex.plXOOPS Module Zmagazine 1.0 (print.php) Remote BLIND SQL Injection Exploit
xoopsecalex.plXOOPS Module eCal 2.24 <= (display.php) Remote BLIND SQL Injection Exploit
xoopseventex.plXOOPS Module Tiny Event <= 1.01 (id) Remote BLIND SQL Injection Exploit
xoopskshopex.plXOOPS Module Kshop <= 1.17 (id) Remote BLIND SQL Injection Exploit
xoopscamportailex.plXOOPS Module Camportail <= 1.1 (camid) Remote BLIND SQL Injection Exploit
xoopsdebaserex.htmlXOOPS Module debaser <= 0.92(genre.php) BLIND SQL Injection Exploit
xoopsmyalbumex.plXOOPS Module myAlbum-P <= 2.0 (cid) Remote BLIND SQL Injection Exploit
xoopsrmsoftex.htmlXOOPS Module RM+Soft Gallery 1.0(categos.php) BLIND SQL Injection Exploit
AOL_SuperBuddy_LinkSBIcons.pmExploits AOL Sb.Superbuddy vulnerability (metasploit)
HP_MQC_Run_Any_Query.plHP Mercury Quality Center runQuery exploit
mercuryex.plPOC exploit for Mercury Quality Center Spider90.ocx ProgColor Overflow
raptor_truecrypt.tgzraptor_truecrypt - setuid truecrypt privilege escalation
AniExploit.cMicrosoft ANI Buffer Overflow Exploit Web Download Code Execution Exploit
mybbex.phpMyBulletinBoard (MyBB) <= 1.2.3 Remote Code Execution Exploit
ani_exp.htmWindows Animated Cursor Handling Exploit (0day) (Version3)[0-day] Remote Oracle DBMS_AQ.ENQUEUE exploit (10g)
ani_loadimage_chunksize.rbWindows ANI LoadAniIcon() Chunk Size Stack Overflow (HTTP)
email_ani_loadimage_chunksize.rbWindows ANI LoadAniIcon() Chunk Size Stack Overflow (SMTP)
wcsex.htmlWeb Content System <<< v2.7.1 Remote File Include Exploit Remote File Include Exploit
pictureengineex.plPicture-Engine <= V1.2.0 Remote SQL Injection Exploit
sblogex.plsBLOG 0.7.3 Beta(inc/lang.php)Local File Inclusion Exploit
jsboardex.pljsboard 2.0.10(login.php table)Local File Inclusion Exploit
xoopsfriendex.plXoops Module Friendfinder <= 3.3 (view.php id) BLIND SQL Injection Exploit
xoopsartex2.plXoops module Articles <= 1.02 (index.php cat_id) SQL Injection Exploit
xoopsmyadsex.plXoops Module MyAds Bug Fix <= v2.04jp (index.php cid) BLIND SQL Injection Exploit
xoopsrepex.plXOOPS Module Repository (viewcat.php) BLIND SQL Injection Exploit
xoopstutex.plXOOPS Module Tutoriais (viewcat.php) Remote BLIND SQL Injection Exploit
xoopscoreex.plXOOPS Module Core (viewcat.php) Remote BLIND SQL Injection Exploit
xoopslibex.plXOOPS Module Library (viewcat.php) BLIND SQL Injection Exploit
xoopslykex.htmlXOOPS Module Lykos Reviews 1.00 (index.php) BLIND SQL Injection Exploit
xoopsartex.plXoops All Version -Articles- Print.PHP (ID) Blind SQL Injection Exploit And PoC
D4JeZineex.htmlJoomla Component D4JeZine <= 2.8 Remote BLIND SQL Injection Exploit
icebbex2.plIceBB 1.0-rc5 Remote Create Admin Exploit
lotusex.pyRemote DOS exploit code for IBM Lotus Domino Server 6.5 IMAP CRAM-MD5 auth
snortdce.pyRemote exploit for Snort DCE/RPC preprocessor vulnerability
dvdtoolsex2.htmlActSoft DVD-Tools (dvdtools.ocx) Buffer Overflow Exploit
brightstorex.pyComputer Associates (CA) Brightstor Backup Mediasvr.exe Remote Code Exploit
BTP00000P002NF.zipTesting program for Multiple insufficient argument validation of hooked SSDT function (BTP00000P002NF)
ani-stackoverflow.cppExploits Windows .ANI LoadAniIcon Stack Overflow
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