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contiftpex.pyConti FTP Server v1.0 Denial of Service
pluxmlex.phpPluxml 0.3.1 Remote Code Execution Exploit
litewebex.plLiteWEB 2.7 404 Denial of Services
httpsvex.plHTTP SERVER (httpsv1.6.2) 404 Denial of Service
igshopex.pliG Shop 1.4 eval Inclusion Vulnerability
capcha.plSMF WAV capcha breaker
xvoiceex2.htmlMicrosoft Windows DirectSpeechSynthesis Module (XVoice.dll / DirectSpeechRecognition Module (Xlisten.dll remote buffer overflow exploit/ xp sp2 version
xvoiceex.htmlMicrosoft Windows DirectSpeechSynthesis Module (XVoice.dll) / DirectSpeechRecognition Module (Xlisten.dll) remote buffer overflow exploit / 2k sp4 seh version
aceftpex.pyAce-Ftp client buffer over flow p0c
yahooex3.cYahoo 0day Ywcvwr.dll ActiveX Exploit #2 Download And Exec
yahooex2.cYahoo 0day Ywcupl.dll ActiveX Exploit Download And Exec
yahooex2.html2nd Yahoo 0day ActiveX Exploit
yahooex.htmlYahoo 0day ActiveX Webcam Exploit
linkMSIE6 URL bar spoofing (MEDIUM)
linkFirefox file prompt delay bypass (MEDIUM)
linkFirefox Cross-site IFRAME hijacking (MAJOR)
linkMSIE page update race condition (CRITICAL)
revokebbex.phpRevokeBB <= 1.0 RC4 Blind SQL Injection / Hash Retrieve Exploit
inoutex2.phpInout Search Engine (all version) Remote Code Execution Exploit 2.2.0 Writer Denial of Service
modrewriteex.capache mod rewrite exploit (win32)
dartzipex.htmlIE 6 / Dart Communications PowerTCP ZIP Compression Control (DartZip.dll remote buffer overflow exploit / xp sp2 it
powertcpex.htmlExploits Dart Communications PowerTCP Service Control (DartService.dll remote buffer overflow
abcexcelex.plABC Excel Parser v4.0 Remote File Include Exploit
hlstatsex3.htmlExploits HLstats v1.35 - Cross-Site Scripting Vulnerability #3
clonuswikiex.htmlExploits ClonusWiki .5 - Cross-Site Scripting Vulnerability
xmagiciso_24bit.cpoc/demo for magiciso exploit, found by n00b
magicisoex.rbMagic ISO PoC
simpleaccessex.plSAXON v4.6 Remote File Include Exploit
simpgbex.plSimpGB v1.46.0 Remote File Include Exploit
dotnetex.plLame Internet Information Server 6.0 Denial Of Service (nonpermanent)
hlstatsex2.htmlHLstats v1.35 - Cross-Site Scripting Vulnerability #2
tinyidentdex.pytinyidentd exploit
eSyndiCatex.htmlExploits eSyndiCat Input Validation Error Vulnerability
redoable.htmlExploits Redoable 1.2 - Cross-Site Scripting Vulnerability
vpaspex.htmlVP-ASP Shopping Cart 6.50 - Cross-Site Scripting Vulnerability
xnotepad++.cnotepad++[v4.1]: (win32) ruby file processing buffer overflow exploit
webspeed.plWebspeed OpenEdge Dos exploit
etrust.cExploit for eTrust Antivirus Agent r8
phphtmllibex.plPHPHtmlLib <= Remote File Include Exploit
sunshopex.htmlExploits SunShop (v4) Multiple Vulnerabilities
podiumcmsex.htmlPodium CMS - Cookie Manipulation Exploit
acpex.htmlExploits ACP3 (v4.0b3) - Multiple Vulnerabilities
npdsex2.phpNPDS <= 5.10 Remote Code Execution exploit
runcmsex.phpRunCms <= 1.5.2 /class/debug/debug_show.php sql injection / credentials disclosure exploit
phpsecurityadminex.plPHPSecurityAdmin <= Remote File Include Exploit
nukedklanex.phpNuked-klaN 1.7.6 Remote Code Execution Exploit
zooex.cExploits Multiple vendors ZOO file decompression infinite loop DoS
merchantex.html2005-2006 The Merchant Project Remote File Include Exploit
psipussex.phppsipuss 1.0 (editusers.php) Remote Change Admin Password Exploit
ppocxex.htmlPowerPointViewer.ocx v. multiple methods Denial of Service
winampex.cWinamp <= 5.34 .MP4 File Code Execution
x3proxy.c3proxy[v0.5.3g]: (linux) remote buffer overflow exploit
x3proxy-win32.c3proxy[v0.5.3g]: (win32 service) remote buffer overflow exploit
webinstaex.plWebInsta FM <= 0.1.4 Remote File Inclusion Vulnerability
mybbex3.plMyBulletinBoard <= 1.2.5 Remote SQL Injection Exploit
wavewooex.htmlAlessandro Lulli wavewoo Remote File Include Exploit
tcexamex.phpTCExam <= 4.0.011 $_COOKIE["SessionUserLang"] shell injection exploit
linksysex2.plLinksys SPA941 (remote reboot) Remote Denial of Service Exploit
linksysex.plLinksys SPA941 \377 character Remote Denial of Service Exploit
netsprintex.htmlNetSprint Toolbar ActiveX toolbar.dll DOS POC
activemodex.htmlSecond Sight Software ActiveMod.ocx ActiveX Buffer Overflow POC
activegsex.htmlSecond Sight Software ActiveGS.ocx ActiveX Buffer Overflow POC
operatorrentex.c0pera 9.2 torrent file remote dos exploit
photofilterex.cExploits Photofiltre Studio v8.1.1 .TIF File Buffer Overflow
xnviewex.cXnView 1.90.3 .XPM File Buffer Overflow
acdseeex.cACDSee v9.0 .XPM File Buffer Overflow
paintshopex.cCorel Paint Shop Pro Photo v11.20 Unspecified .CLP File Buffer Overflow
photoshopex2.cAdobe Photoshop CS2 / CS3 Unspecified .BMP File Buffer Overflow
freshviewex.cFreshView 7.15 .PSP File Buffer Overflow
abcviewex.cABC-View Manager 1.42 .PSP File Buffer Overflow
gimpex.cGimp v2.2.14 .RAS File SUNRAS Plugin Buffer Overflow
photoshopex.cPhotoshop CS2/CS3, Paint Shop Pro 11.20 .PNG File Buffer Overflow
irfanex.cIrfanView <= 4.00 .IFF File Buffer Overflow
feniceex.cFenice OMS server (fenice-1.10.tar.gz) remote root exploit
imagewellex.htmlIPIX Image Well ActiveX (iPIX-ImageWell-ipix.dll) Buffer Overflow Exploit
nctex.htmlE NCTAudioFile2.AudioFile ActiveX Remote Stack Overfl0w
lt-imap4d.cGNU imap4d mailutils-0.6 search remote format string exploit
mydns-rr-smash.cmydns remote exploit PoC (x86-lnx)
phpmyspaceex.htmlphpMySpace Gold (v8.10) - Blind SQL/XPath Injection Exploit
dmcmsex.phpDmCMS Shell Upload exploit
ripewmex.htmlRipe Website Manager (<= 0.8.4) - SQL Injection Vulnerability and Cross-Site Scripting Exploit
amsnex.cExploits amsn remote DoS vulnerability
extremail-v9.ceXtremail <2.1.1 remote root POC (x86-lnx)
freepbxex.phpfreePBX 2.2.x full-log XSS PoC
extremephpbbex.phpExtreme PHPBB2 Command Execution Exploit
eclipsebbex.phpEclipseBB Command Execution Exploit
moddedex.phpFully Moded PHPBB2 Command Execution Exploit
mediabeezex.phpExploits MediaBeez Sql Query Execution
wmvex.plWinamp <= (WMV) 5.3 Buffer Overflow DOS Exploit (0-DAY)
nctex.c[PoC] 79 Exes's / IE NCTAudioFile2.AudioFile ActiveX Remote Stack Overfl0w
xamppex.phpXAMPP for Windows <= 1.6.0a adodb.php/mssql_connect() remote buffer overflow proof-of-concept exploit
nmdeluxeex.plNMDeluxe 1.0.1 (template) Local File Inclusion Exploit
frogssex.phpFrogss CMS <= 0.7 SQL Injection Exploit
papooex2.phpPapoo <= 3.02 (kontakt menuid) Remote SQL Injection Exploit
shoutproex.phpShoutPro <= 1.5.2 (shout.php) Remote Code Injection Exploit
e107ex3.phpE107 - (v0.7.8) Access Escalation Vulnerbility - PoC
mybbex2.plMybb <= 1.2.2 Remote SQL Injecton Exploit v.2.0
minigalex.plMiniGal b13 Remote Code Execution Exploit
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