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topsitesex.htmlExploits PhpNuke (add-on) MS TopSites Edit And Html Injection
uph0703.pyExploits mt-dappd/Firefly media server remote format string vulnerability
uph0702.pyExploits mt-dappd/Firefly media server remote DoS 2
uph0701.pyExploits mt-dappd/Firefly media server remote DoS
jbcex.phpJBC Explorer <= V7.20 RC 1 Remote Code Execution Exploit
DoS-CVE-2007-5365.tgzDoS Exploit for DHCPd bug
sblogex.htmlExploits sBlog Cross Site Request Forgery Vulnerability
djangoex.htmlExploits Django 0.96 (stable) Admin Panel CSRF
CVE-2007-3510.plIBM Lotus Domino - IMAP4 Mailbox Name Stack Overflow Exploit
smfex.plSMF 1.1.3 Extremely fast Blind SQL Injection Exploit
asterisk_cdr_sqlinjection.plExploits Asterisk cdr_addon_mysql CSS
TOMCATXPL.plApache Tomcat Remote File Disclosure Zeroday Xploit
lfscbof.zipExploits Live for Speed demo/S1/S2 <= 0.5X10 clients buffer-overflow
vimpxex.htmlVImpX ActiveX (VImpX.ocx v. Remote Buffer Overflows Exploit (RejectedRecordsFile)
sfex.plSimple Forum (for WordPress) sql-inject exploit (public version)
elseifex.phpExploits ELSE IF CMS Multiple vulnerabilities
creamotionex.phpExploits CMS Creamotion - Remote File include
dropteamz.zipExploits Dropteam <= 1.3.3 multiple vulnerabilities
fsdex.plFSFDT remote exploit
d3engfspb.zipDoom 3 engine format string exploitation through Punkbuster
fearfspb.zipF.E.A.R. <= 1.08 format string exploitation through Punkbuster
aaboompb.zipExploits America's Army <= 2.8.2 buffer-overflow through Punkbuster
001_smbftpd.csmbftpd 0.96 Proof of concept
linuxia32ex.cexploit for x86_64 linux kernel ia32syscall emulation bug
badlycrafted.pngExploits Microsoft Windows Explorer infinite loop
flatnuke.htmlExploits FlatNuke Arbitrary Command Inclusion
xcmsex.htmlExploits XCMS Arbitrary Command Execution Vulnerability
gmotor2.zipExploits gMotor2 engine multiple vulnerabilities
gcaldaemonex.plGCALDaemom DoS Expoit
gelatoex.phpGelato SQL Injection exploit
wiresharkdosex2.cExploits Wireshark DNP3 Dissector Infinite Loop Vulnerability
dumsdei.zipExploits Doomsday <= 1.9.0-beta5.1 multiple vulnerabilities
nvc.rarNorman Virus Control nvcoaft51.sys ioctl BF672028 exploit
thomson-2030.plExploits DOS vulnerability on Thomson SIP phone ST 2030 using an empty packet
sunshopex.plSunshop v4.0 <= Blind SQL Injection exploit
exploit.pyAlpha Centauri Software SIDVault LDAP Server remote root exploit (0days)
thompsonex2.plExploits vulnerability for Thomson 2030 firmware v1.52.1 (To:)
thompsonex.plExploits vulnerability for Thomson 2030 firmware v1.52.1
soldatdos.zipExploits Soldat <= 1.4.2/2.6.2 multiple DoS
skulltaghof.zipExploits Skulltag <= 0.97d-beta4.1 heap overflow
Grandstream-GXV3000.plExploits Remote eavesdropping with SIP Phone GXV-3000
wordpressmuex.htmlWordPress MultiUser crossite scripting PoC[Full-disclosure] 3 messsages attack remote DOS on Cisco 7940 PoC
ciscodos10.pl10 messages SIP Remote DOS on Cisco 7940 SIP Phone PoC
mercuryex2.plMercury SMTPD Remote Preauth Stack Based Overrun PoC
toribashish.zipExploits Toribash <= 2.71 multiple vulnerabilities
rfactorx.zipExploits rFactor <= 1.250 multiple vulnerabilities
diskeeperex.cExploits Diskeeper Remote Memory Read
bv2x.zipExploits Babo Violent 2 <= 2.08.00 multiple vulnerabilities
zoidboom2.zipExploits Zoidcom <= 0.6.7 crash
lfsfp.zipExploits Live for Speed Fake Players DoS
wiresharkdosex.cWireShark<0.99.6 MMS protocol DOS PoC
wengophonedos.cWengoPhone 2.1 Missing Content-Type DOS PoC
xlitedos.cX-Lite Missing Content-Type DOS PoC
egs-fuckphpbluedragon300.plExploits PHP Blue Dragon CMS 3.0.0 Remote File Inclusion Vulnerability
fcmsex.phpFCMS (Family Connections) <= 0.1.1 Remote Command Execution Exploit //
phpdvdex.phpphpDVD v1.0.4 (dvd_config_file) Remote File Include Exploit
nhrp-dos.cExploits Cisco NHRP DoS
explorerjpeg.plWindows explorer JPG PoC denial of service exploit
bindpoison.pybind DNS Cache Poison v0.3beta
phpmsql.phpPHP mSQL (msql_connect) Buffer Overflow PoC
enov.plExploits Envolution <= v1.1.0 Remote SQL Injection
asa-2007-015.rbScript to test chan_iax for the vuln in ASA-2007-015
bellabookex.phpBellaBook Admin Bypass/Remote Code Execution
phpglobex.phpPHP 5.2.3 glob() DoS Exploit
win32services.phpPHP Safe_mode bypass exploit (win32service)
mozillaprotocolabuse.zipMozilla protocol abuse report and the XPI exploits
blarp.plexploits Microsoft Windows ARP table CPU exhaustion DoS
rshd.cExploit is for a stack overflow in
jblogex.htmlJBlog version: 1.0 cookies Manipulation + Cross Site Scripting
eliteex.htmlElite Forum FULL HTML ENjector
bunkerview.sqlOracle 9i/10g - evil view exploit (CVE-2007-3855)
ipswitchlogsrv-killer.pyExploits IPSwitch WS_FTP Logging Server Remote Denial of Service
programcheckerex.htmlProgram Checker - Javascript Heap Spraying Exploit
JavaWebStartPOC.VBSJava Web Start Buffer Overflow POC Exploit
flashbbex.plFlashbb <= 1.1.7 - Remote File Inclusion Exploit
winpcapex.cWinPcap NPF.SYS Privilege Elevation Vulnerability PoC exploit
link Internet Explorer 0day Exploit
contiftpex.pyConti FTP Server v1.0 Denial of Service
pluxmlex.phpPluxml 0.3.1 Remote Code Execution Exploit
litewebex.plLiteWEB 2.7 404 Denial of Services
httpsvex.plHTTP SERVER (httpsv1.6.2) 404 Denial of Service
igshopex.pliG Shop 1.4 eval Inclusion Vulnerability
capcha.plSMF WAV capcha breaker
xvoiceex2.htmlMicrosoft Windows DirectSpeechSynthesis Module (XVoice.dll / DirectSpeechRecognition Module (Xlisten.dll remote buffer overflow exploit/ xp sp2 version
xvoiceex.htmlMicrosoft Windows DirectSpeechSynthesis Module (XVoice.dll) / DirectSpeechRecognition Module (Xlisten.dll) remote buffer overflow exploit / 2k sp4 seh version
aceftpex.pyAce-Ftp client buffer over flow p0c
yahooex3.cYahoo 0day Ywcvwr.dll ActiveX Exploit #2 Download And Exec
yahooex2.cYahoo 0day Ywcupl.dll ActiveX Exploit Download And Exec
yahooex2.html2nd Yahoo 0day ActiveX Exploit
yahooex.htmlYahoo 0day ActiveX Webcam Exploit
linkMSIE6 URL bar spoofing (MEDIUM)
linkFirefox file prompt delay bypass (MEDIUM)
linkFirefox Cross-site IFRAME hijacking (MAJOR)
linkMSIE page update race condition (CRITICAL)
revokebbex.phpRevokeBB <= 1.0 RC4 Blind SQL Injection / Hash Retrieve Exploit
inoutex2.phpInout Search Engine (all version) Remote Code Execution Exploit 2.2.0 Writer Denial of Service
modrewriteex.capache mod rewrite exploit (win32)
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