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cyanuro.zipExploits Format string and crash in CyanSoftware print servers
firefoxil.htmlFirefox information leak vulnerability PoC
ipsimene.zipExploits Ipswitch Instant Messaging <= multiple vulnerabilities
rintintin.zipExploits TinTin++ <= 1.97.9 chat vulnerabilities
neromediaplex.plNERO Media Player <= Remote Buffer Overflow( .M3U) PoC
wincomalpd.zipExploits Wincom LPD <= multiple vulnerabilities
saplpdz.zipExploits SAPlpd <= 6.28 multiple vulnerabilities
udpsz.zipExploits Socket termination in FTP Log Server
ipswitchsftpex.plIpSwitch WS_FTPSERVER with SSH remote Buffer Overflow
qmpupgradeex.htmlMove Networks Upgrade Manager Control Buffer Overflow Exploit
axigenfsex.cAXIGEN 5.0.x AXIMilter format string Exploit
ruttorrent.zipBitTorrent <= 6.0 (build 5535) and uTorrent <= 1.7.5 (build 4602) Peers info GUI unicode overflow
richstrongcmsex.plRichStrong CMS - Remote SQL Injection Exploit
ipv6_jumbo_crash.cPoC code for exploiting the jumbo bug found in linux kernels >=2.6.20 and <=
flexnetex.htmlMacrovision FlexNet DownloadManager Insecure Methods Exploit
icmp.cSunOS 5.10 ICMP Remote Kernel Crash Exploit Code
icmp.cSunOS 5.10 ICMP Remote Kernel Crash Exploit Code
mcafee2.plMcAfee(R) E-Business Server(TM) 8.5.2 Remote preauth crash (PoC)
weblaunchex.htmlGateway Weblaunch ActiveX Control Insecure Method Exploit
clamavmewex.pyclamav-0.91.2 exploit ( CVE-2007-6335 )
ksdispatch_plugin.zipExploits Microsoft Windows Vista and earlier KSDISPATCH_TABLE Privilege Escalation
Exploits VanDyke VShell <= 3.0.3-569 exception
slnetmsg.zipExploits Seattle Lab Telnet Server <= exception message
pragmatel.zipExploits Pragma TelnetServer <= Denial of Service
pragmassh.zipExploits Pragma FortressSSH <= Denial of Service
waccaz.zipExploits Foxit WAC Server <= crash
mysqlo.zipExploits mySQL <= 6.0.3 (yaSSL <= 1.7.5) pre-auth buffer-overflow
yasslick.zipExploits yaSSL <= 1.7.5 multiple vulnerabilities
gswsshit.zipExploits Georgia SoftWorks SSH2 Server <= 7.01.0003 multiple vulnerabilities
macrovision-is-isusweb-sehoverwrite.htmlMacrovision Installshield isusweb.dll SEH Overwrite Exploit
ibm-dwa-upload-inotes6w-sehoverwrite.htmlIBM Domino Web Access Upload Module inotes6w.dll SEH Overwrite Exploit
ibm-dwa-upload-dwa7w-sehoverwrite.htmlIBM Domino Web Access Upload Module dwa7w.dll SEH Overwrite Exploit
ibm-dwa-upload-dwa7w-sehoverwrite.htmlIBM Domino Web Access Upload Module dwa7w.dll SEH Overwrite Exploit
ibm-dwa-upload-inotes6-sehoverwrite.htmlIBM Domino Web Access Upload Module inotes6.dll SEH Overwrite Exploit
cutenewsex.plExploits CuteNews Arbitrary File Download
xuploadex.htmlPersits Software XUpload Control AddFolder() Buffer Overflow Exploit
libnemesibof.zipExploits multiple vulnerabilities in libnemesi 0.6.4-rc1
fengulo.zipExploits multiple vulnerabilities in Feng 0.1.15
xzeroex.plExploits XZero Community Classifieds <= v4.95.11 LFI & SQL Injection
vlcboffs.zipExploits Buffer-overflow and format string in VideoLAN VLC 0.8.6d
flashas3socketex.asFlash 9 AS3 TCP-Portprober
black-hole.plSendmail w/ clamav-milter Remote Root Exploit
MessageQueueexpl.cMicrosoft Message Queue POC exploit ( MS07-065 )
id3libexec.zipExploits id3lib (devel CVS) array overflow
opensslex.plExploits vulnerability CVE-2006-4343 - where the SSL client can be crashed by special SSL serverhello response
rosoft-player-expl.cExploits Rosoft Media Player <= 4.1.7 .M3U Stack Overflow
raidenhttpdudo.cmdRaidenHTTPD 2.0.19 ulang cmd exec poc exploit
jetaudioex.pljetAudio 7.0.5 COWON Media Center MP4 Stack Overflow
surgemailex.phpSurgeMail v.38k4 webmail Host header denial of service exploit
netdnsex.plExploits Net::DNS Malformed Packet DoS
ISR-novell_groupwise.tar.gzExploits Novell Groupwise IMG Tag Overflow (metasploit)
smb_mailslot.cPOC for samba send_mailslot()
mpcex.plExploits Media Player Classic 6.4.9 MP4 Stack Overflow
wmpex.plExploits Windows media player 6.4 MP4 Stack Overflow
winampex2.plExploits Nullsoft Winamp MP4 tags Stack Overflow
myhttpup.zipGeneric custom HTTP file uploader
efsup.zipExploits Easy File Sharing 4.5 upload directory traversal
quictimertsp.cApple Quicktime (Vista/XP Sp2 RTSP RESPONSE) Code Exec Exploit
quitimertspex.pyApple QuickTime Player 7.3 / 7.2 IE7,FF /Opera, XP SP2, Vista exploit
apple_quicktime_rtsp_response.rbQuicktime 7.3 RTSP Response Content-Type Header Stack Buffer Overflow exploit (metasploit)
qt_public.tar.gzQuickTime RTSP Response Content-type remote stack rewrite exploit for IE 6/7
lotusnotesex.pyLotus Notes buffer overflow in the Lotus WorkSheet file processor PoC
nsnex.phpExploits PHP-Nuke NSN Script Depository module <= 1.0.3 Remote Source / DB Credentials Disclosure
deluxebbex.pyDeluxeBB <= 1.09 Remote Admin's/User's Email Change
vigilecmsex.pyExploits VigileCMS <= 1.8 Stealth Remote Command Execution
mycmsex.phpExploits MyCMS Command Execution
ucmsex.htmlUcms 1.4, 1.7, 1.8+?all exploit
skyportalex.htmlExploits Sky Portal username change
exploit-IceBB-1.0rc6.phpIceBB 1.0-rc6 - Database Authentication Details Exploit
flexgridex.htmlComponentOne FlexGrid 7.1 Light Multiple Stack Overflows PoC
Microsoft_Jet_Engine_MDB_File_Parsing_Exploit.rarExploits Microsoft Jet Engine MDB File Parsing Stack Overflow
Sciurusex.phpExploits Sciurus Hosting Panel Code injection
osx-x86-ldt.cExploits Apple Mac OS X 10.4.x Kernel i386_set_ldt() Integer Overflow Vulnerability
Konquerorex.phpExploits Konqueror Remote Denial Of Service
spoofer-ms.plprogram for DNS id spoofing
phpnukemodadex.plExploits PHP-Nuke Module Advertising Blind SQL Injection
topsitesex.htmlExploits PhpNuke (add-on) MS TopSites Edit And Html Injection
uph0703.pyExploits mt-dappd/Firefly media server remote format string vulnerability
uph0702.pyExploits mt-dappd/Firefly media server remote DoS 2
uph0701.pyExploits mt-dappd/Firefly media server remote DoS
jbcex.phpJBC Explorer <= V7.20 RC 1 Remote Code Execution Exploit
DoS-CVE-2007-5365.tgzDoS Exploit for DHCPd bug
sblogex.htmlExploits sBlog Cross Site Request Forgery Vulnerability
djangoex.htmlExploits Django 0.96 (stable) Admin Panel CSRF
CVE-2007-3510.plIBM Lotus Domino - IMAP4 Mailbox Name Stack Overflow Exploit
smfex.plSMF 1.1.3 Extremely fast Blind SQL Injection Exploit
asterisk_cdr_sqlinjection.plExploits Asterisk cdr_addon_mysql CSS
TOMCATXPL.plApache Tomcat Remote File Disclosure Zeroday Xploit
lfscbof.zipExploits Live for Speed demo/S1/S2 <= 0.5X10 clients buffer-overflow
vimpxex.htmlVImpX ActiveX (VImpX.ocx v. Remote Buffer Overflows Exploit (RejectedRecordsFile)
sfex.plSimple Forum (for WordPress) sql-inject exploit (public version)
elseifex.phpExploits ELSE IF CMS Multiple vulnerabilities
creamotionex.phpExploits CMS Creamotion - Remote File include
dropteamz.zipExploits Dropteam <= 1.3.3 multiple vulnerabilities
fsdex.plFSFDT remote exploit
d3engfspb.zipDoom 3 engine format string exploitation through Punkbuster
fearfspb.zipF.E.A.R. <= 1.08 format string exploitation through Punkbuster
aaboompb.zipExploits America's Army <= 2.8.2 buffer-overflow through Punkbuster
001_smbftpd.csmbftpd 0.96 Proof of concept
linuxia32ex.cexploit for x86_64 linux kernel ia32syscall emulation bug
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