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ddwrt-hsrf.htmlExploits Multiple XSRF in DD-WRT
eZPublish_abuse_of_functionality_zero_day.zipeZ Publish OS Commanding executing exploit by s4avrd0w
eZPublish_privilege_escalation_exploit.phpeZ Publish privilege escalation exploit by s4avrd0w
designworksex.pyExploits DesignWorks Professional 4.3 buffer overflow
phpprocopen.zipExploits PHP safe_mode bypass via proc_open()
amayaex2.plExploits Amaya (id) Remote Stack Overflow Vulnerability
amayaex1.plExploits Amaya (URL Bar) Remote Stack Overflow Vulnerability
tvpex.plExploits Total Video Player (vcen.dll) Remote Heap Overflow Crash
operafileex.htmlExploits Opera file:// Overflow
vbulletinex.htmlvBulletin 3.7.3 Visitor Messages worm
vistacrash.cExploits Microsoft VISTA TCP/IP stack buffer overflow
srvsvcexpl.pyMS08-067 Exploit by Debasis Mohanty
gulftechex.plGoodTech SSH Remote Buffer Overflow Exploit
operahistex.htmlOpera Information Leakage Exploit
2008-ms08-067.zipMS08-067 PoC (by stephen lawler)
iaxControlNewCalledno.plExploits Asterisk 1.4,1.6 et. al. Resource Exhaustion
aliceex.cAlice BackDoor hash creator
fossgallery.plExploits FOSS Gallery Admin Version <= 1.0 / Remote Arbitrary Upload Vulnerability
websitedirex.plWebsite Directory - XSS Exploit
Mozilla, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome & Opera DoS Exploitclose.html
iaxControlNewAuthmethods.plExploits Asterisk 1.4,1.6 et. al. Resource Exhaustion (2)
iaxControlNew.plExploits Asterisk 1.4,1.6 et. al. Resource Exhaustion
membomb.htmlInternet Explorer memory bomb exploit
printing.htmlFirefox, Opera, Chrome window priting DoS exploit
exploit_realwin.cDATAC RealWin 2.0 SCADA Software - Remote PreaAuth Exploit
avantex.htmlAvant Browser <= 11.7 Build 9 Integer Denial Of Service Exploit
unrealcfs.txtExploits Client format string in Unreal engine
unrealts.zipUnreal engine test server
ut3sticle.zipExploits server termination in Unreal engine 3
minbex.pyminb Remote Code Execution Exploit
phsblogex.plPhsBlog Bypass Sql injection Filtering Exploit
ezphotogalleryex.plExploits Ezphotogallery Multiple Vulnerabilities ( Xss/Login Bypass/Sql injection Exploit/File Disclosure)
rs_pocfix.shPoC for Postfix local root vuln - CVE-2008-2936
invisionex.php[Exploit] Invision Power Board <= 2.3.5 Multiple Vulnerabilities
munkiex.pyExploits munky-bliki Lfi
ventrilobotomy.zipExploits Ventrilo <= 3.0.2 NULL pointer
klinksex.plK-Links Directory Blind SQL Injection Exploit
halonso.zipExploits Halo <= 1.07.615 (before 30 Jul 2008) resources consumption
haloloop3.zipHalo <= (before 30 Jul 2008) endless loop
armynchia.zipAmerica's Army <= server termination
porkbind-1.2.tar.gzTool: PorkBind Nameserver Security Scanner
ut2004null.zipExploits Unreal Tournament 2004 <= v3369 NULL pointer
ut3mendo.zipExploits Unreal Tournament 3 <= 1.2/1.3beta4 memory corruption and NULL pointer
iosftpex.cCisco IOS FTP server remote exploit
bailiwicked_host.rbDNS BailiWicked Host Attack
zdaemonull.zipExploits ZDaemon <= 1.08.07 NULL pointer
easydynamicpagesex.plEasydynamicpages 30tr Exploit
easycardsex.plEasyecards 310a Exploit
easypublishex.plEasyPublish 3.0tr Exploit
communitycmsex.phpExploits communitycms-0.1 Remote File Inclusion
sdns-dos.plSimple DNS Plus 5.0/4.1 < remote Denial of Service exploit
fuzzylinexploit.phpFuzzylime 3.01 Remote Code Execution Exploit
poppler-exploit-v0.1.pylibpoppler uninitialized pointer exploit
usurdat.zipExploits Soldner <= 33724 endless loop
nuke_sploit.phpPHP-Nuke Platinium <= 7.6.b.5 Remote Code Execution Exploit
stalker39x.zipExploits S.T.A.L.K.E.R. <= 1.0006 multiple vulnerabilities
haloloop2.zipExploits Halo <= 1.07 endless loop
noipdec.pyDUC NO-IP Local Password Information Disclosure
smf114expl.plSMF <= 1.1.4 SQL Injection Exploit
freesshdex.plFreeSSHD 1.2.1 (Post Auth) Remote Seh Overflow
smeegocmsex.pySmeego CMS Local File Include Exploit
stanwebcmsex.plStanWeb.CMS (default.asp id) Remote SQL Injection Exploit
webshopex.plSunShop Version 3.5.1 Remote Blind Sql Injection
xsstream-dm.plExploits Joomla Component xsstream-dm 0.01 Beta Remote SQL Injection
sazcartex.plSazCart <= v1.5.1 (details&prodid) Remote SQL Injection Exploit
scoutportalex.plScout Portal Toolkit <= 1.4.0 (ParentId) Remote SQL Injection Exploit
relayex.plRelay Blind SQL Injection Exploit
sitexex.plExploits SiteXS CMS Remote File Upload Vulnerability
cod4statz.zipExploits Call of Duty 4 <= 1.5 stats in-game Denial of Service
groupwisex.pyGroupWise 7.0 mailto: scheme buffer overflow proof of concept
Coppermine1.4.16SQLinjExploit.zipCoppermine <=1.4.16 [Content-type] SQL-injection Exploit
Coppermine1.4.16Content-typeSQL-injectionExploit.zipCoppermine <=1.4.16 [Content-type] SQL-injection Exploit
Adobe_AS_Exploit.bmpExploit for Adobe Album Starter 3.2 on Windows XP SP2
xoopsex2.plXoops All Version -Articles- Article.PHP (ID) Blind SQL Injection ExpL0it
bigantex.pyBigAnt Server Ver 2.2 PreAuth Remote SEH Overflow (0day)
divxsrtex.plDIVX Player <= 6.7.0 Buffer Overflow PoC ( .SRT )
kwsphpsploit.phpKwsPHP All Version / Remote Code Execution
xitamiex.cPoC exploit for Xitami Web Server v2.5c2 LRWP processing format string bug
mcdex.cUnixWare Merge mcd Local Root Exploit\
reliantex.cUnixWare Reliant HA Local Root Exploit
interbaseex.plBorland InterBase 2007 "ibserver.exe" Buffer Overflow Vulnerability POC
python-2.5.2-zlib-unflush-signedness.pyExploits integer overflow in Python zlib extension module
python-2.5.2-zlib-unflush-misallocation.pyExploits Buffer overflow in Python zlib extension module
CVE-2007-5301-exploit.shExploit for alsaplayer before 0.99.80-rc3 Exploits HP OpenView Network Node Manager <= 7.53 memory corruption
phptn_exploit.phpphpTournois <= G4 Remote File Upload/Code Execution Exploit
securetransportex.htmlExploits Tumbleweed SecureTransport FileTransfer ActiveX Control Buffer Overflow
pkgaddex.shUnixWare pkgadd Local Root Exploit
nk_exploit.phpNuked-Klan <= 1.7.6 Multiple Vulnerabilities Exploit
easynewsex.plMultiple Remote Vulnerabilities (SQL Injection Exploit/XSS/LFI)
auracmsex.phpAuraCMS 2.x (user.php) - Security Code Bypass & Add Administrator Exploit
soliduro.zipExploits solidDB <= 06.00.1018 multiple vulnerabilities
pwnz.pyExploits mitsubishi GB-50A
asuxdpc.txtExploits buffer overflow in ASUS Remote Console
zha0_ms08_014.rarMS08-014 exploit
surgemail.plSurgemail stack overflow PoC exploit
xinehof.zipExploits xine-lib <= 1.1.11 multiple heap overflows
kaphotoserviceex.plKAPhotoservice - Remote SQL Injection Exploit
peel_exploit.php Exploits PEEL CMS Admin Hash Extraction and Remote Upload
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