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sql_inject.shExploits IceWarp WebMail Server: SQL Injection in Groupware Component
icewarpass.pyExploits IceWarp WebMail Server: Client-Side Specification of "Forgot Password" eMail Content
Grabit.plGrabit<=1.7.2 Beta 3 (.nzb) SEH Overwrite Exploit
minitwitterex.htmlUSER OPTIONS CHANGER EXPLOIT MiniTwitter v0.2-Beta
leapcmsex.plExploits BLIND SQL INJECTION Leap CMS 0.1.4
winfuck.htmlSymantec Fax Viewer Control v10 (DCCFAXVW.DLL) remote buffer overflow exploit (IE7)
shoot-iodined.pliodined <= 0.4.2 DoS exploit
officescan.zipExploits Trend Micro OfficeScan Client DOS
CVE-2009-0991.pyCVE-2009-0991 PoC
linksysex.htmlLinksys WRT54GC - Administration Password Change exploit
wysguicmsex.plExploits WysGui CMS 1.2 BETA(cookie) BSQL
udev.shudev exploit
geeklogex2.phpGeeklog <= 1.5.2 savepreferences()/*blocks[] remote sql injection exploit
geeklogex.phpGeeklog <=1.5.2 SEC_authenticate()/PHP_AUTH_USER sql injection exploit
exjuneex.plExjune Guestbook v2 Remote Database Disclosure Exploit
fcmsex.cFamily Connection <= 1.8.2 - Remote Command Execution
amaya_poc.plAmaya 11.1 XHTML Parser Buffer Overflow POC
9sg_glfuso_sql_cookies.phpglFusion <= 1.1.2 COM_applyFilter()/cookies remote blind sql injection exploit
rsue.cFamily Connections <= 1.8.2 - Remote Shell Upload Exploit
glfusionex.phpglFusion <= 1.1.2 COM_applyFilter()/order sql injection exploit
xnu-hfs-fcntl-v2.shApple MACOS X 792.0 <= xnu <= 1228.x local kernel root exploit
xnu-hfs-fcntl-v2.cApple MACOS X 792.0 <= xnu <= 1228.x local kernel root exploit
bsd-ktimer.cFreeBSD >= 7.0 local kernel root exploit
bsplayerex.phpBs.Player <= 2.34 Build 980 (.bsl) local buffer overflow 0day exploit (seh)
9sg_cdex_local.phpCDex v1.70b2 (.ogg) local buffer overflow exploit poc (win xp sp3)
rsmpf.cRosoft media player free local buffer overflow Exploit multi targets
KL0209EXP-poppeeper_uidl-bof.plPOP Peeper UIDL Remote Buffer Overflow Exploit
IEDoSExploit3.htmlInternet Explorer 7 DoS Exploit - ComboBox
IEDoSExploit2.htmlInternet Explorer 7 DoS Exploit - ListBox
MSL-2008-002-PoC.pyMSL-2008-002 PoC for HTC Touch
KL0209EXP-poppeeper_uidl-bof.plPOP Peeper UIDL Remote Buffer Overflow Exploit
proftpdex.plProFTPd with mod_mysql Authentication Bypass Exploit
simo36dbpaex.cdBpowerAMP Audio Player local buffer overflow exploit
europhonicsex.plEuphonics Audio Player v1.0 (.pls) Local BOF POC
nokiampex.pyNokia Multimedia Player version 1.1 .m3u Heap Overflow PoC exploit
metabbsex.htmlExploits metabbs 0.11 Change admin password vulnerability
phpslashex.phpphpslash <= Remote Code Execution Exploit
elecardex.plEleCard MPEG PLAYER Local Stack Overflow Exploit
browser3dex.plBrowse3d (.sfs file) Local Stack Overflow Exploit
mediamonkeysex.plMediaMonkey 3.0.6 (.m3u file) Local Buffer Overflow PoC
browser3dex.cBrowser3D local BOF exploit
vuplayerwax.cVUplayer (.wax file) local buffer overflow crash exploit
jetaudioex.pyJetAudio Basic 7.0.3 BufferOverFlow PoC
simo36.tvp-bof.cTotal Video Player local universal buffer overflow exploit
simo36.cVUPlayer 2.49 .ASX local universal BOF exploit
otsturntablesex.plOTSTurntables 1.00.027 (.ofl) Local Stack Overflow Exploit
excelview.htmlExcel Viewer OCX 3.1/3.2 Denial of Service PoC
vtp.cDoS code for Cisco VLAN Trunking Protocol Vulnerability
novellnw_ib_sysdos.plNovell Netware 6.5 (ICEbrowser) Remote System Denial of Service Exploit
netsurf_width_intof.plNetsurf 1.2 'width' Remote Integer Overflow PoC Exploit
netsurf_imgsrc_ml.plNetsurf 1.2 Remote Memory Leak Exploit
netsurf_imgsrc_ml.plNetsurf 1.2 Remote Memory Leak Exploit
netsurf_hspace_intof.plNetsurf 1.2 'hspace' Remote Integer Overflow PoC Exploit
konq_ifsrc_ml.plKDE Konqueror 4.1.3 'iframe src' Memory Leak Exploit
konq_lhref_ml.plKDE Konqueror 4.1.3 'link href' Memory Leak Exploit
3com_tftp_bof.pl3CTftpSvc transport mode name buffer overflowexploit
comersusex.htmlComersus Shopping Cart <= v6 Remote User Pass Exploit
createelementex.htmlIE Denial of Service Exploit ( mshtml.dll )
vmwareex.htmlVMware COM DB ActiveX Remote Buffer Overflow Exploit
virgilioex.htmlVirgilio Toolbar Toolbar ActiveX Control Remote Denial of Service Exploit
coolplayer_bof.plCoolPlayer BUILD 219 'PlaylistSkin' Buffer Overflow Exploit
destinyex.plDestiny Media Player 1.61 (.lst File) Local Stack Overflow Exploit
linuxsocketex.cLinux Kernel denial of service exploit
wavwindowsex.plwav windows media exploit
mdigg.plJoomla Component mdigg 2.2.8 Blind SQL Injection Exploit Microsoft Internet Explorer XML Buffer Overflow Exploit
intellitamperex.pyIntelliTamper 2.07/2.08 (MAP File) 0-day Local SEH Overwrite Exploit
psiex.pyPSI remote integer overflow DoS
com_lowcosthotelsex.plExploits joomla com_lowcosthotels sql injection
frameex.htmlFirefox, Internet Explorer, Opera & Google Chrome DoS Exploit
gift.cExploit for the FreeBSD protosw vulnerability
NetCat_blind_SQL_exploit.phpBlind SQL Injection exploit for CMS NetCat v3.12
freesshdex2.plExploits FreeSSHd Multiple Remote Stack Overflow Vulnerabilities
oedos.plDoS exploit N2 for Microsoft Outlook Express
eZPublish_create_admin_exploit.phpEZ publish exploit with admin account activization
liveboxex.pyNeostrada Livebox Remote Network Down Exploit
ddwrt-hsrf.htmlExploits Multiple XSRF in DD-WRT
eZPublish_abuse_of_functionality_zero_day.zipeZ Publish OS Commanding executing exploit by s4avrd0w
eZPublish_privilege_escalation_exploit.phpeZ Publish privilege escalation exploit by s4avrd0w
designworksex.pyExploits DesignWorks Professional 4.3 buffer overflow
phpprocopen.zipExploits PHP safe_mode bypass via proc_open()
amayaex2.plExploits Amaya (id) Remote Stack Overflow Vulnerability
amayaex1.plExploits Amaya (URL Bar) Remote Stack Overflow Vulnerability
tvpex.plExploits Total Video Player (vcen.dll) Remote Heap Overflow Crash
operafileex.htmlExploits Opera file:// Overflow
vbulletinex.htmlvBulletin 3.7.3 Visitor Messages worm
vistacrash.cExploits Microsoft VISTA TCP/IP stack buffer overflow
srvsvcexpl.pyMS08-067 Exploit by Debasis Mohanty
gulftechex.plGoodTech SSH Remote Buffer Overflow Exploit
operahistex.htmlOpera Information Leakage Exploit
2008-ms08-067.zipMS08-067 PoC (by stephen lawler)
iaxControlNewCalledno.plExploits Asterisk 1.4,1.6 et. al. Resource Exhaustion
aliceex.cAlice BackDoor hash creator
fossgallery.plExploits FOSS Gallery Admin Version <= 1.0 / Remote Arbitrary Upload Vulnerability
websitedirex.plWebsite Directory - XSS Exploit
Mozilla, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome & Opera DoS Exploitclose.html
iaxControlNewAuthmethods.plExploits Asterisk 1.4,1.6 et. al. Resource Exhaustion (2)
iaxControlNew.plExploits Asterisk 1.4,1.6 et. al. Resource Exhaustion
membomb.htmlInternet Explorer memory bomb exploit
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