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completeftpdos.plCompleteFTP v3.3.0 - Remote Memory Consumption DoS
micropointex.cMicropoint Proactive Denfense Mp110013.sys <= 1.3.10123.0 Local Privilege Escalation Exploit
winsoftmagicex.cExploits WinSoftMagic Photo Editor .PNG File Buffer Overflow
vbulletindos.plvBulletin Denial Of Service Exploit
mirandamitm.plMiranda IM TLS MitM Proof of Concept
bitcometex.shBitComet <= 1.19 Remote DOS Exploit
opendchubex.pyOpenDcHub 0.8.1 Remote Code Execution Exploit
PoC-MXSimulatorServer2010-02-06.zipMX Simulator Server 2010-02-06 Remote Buffer Overflow PoC
msieimg.htmlMicrosoft IE XML IMG SRC memroy corruption
mediacoder.cMediaCoder .lst file local buffer overflow exploit
linkBrowsers focus hijack demonstration
CVE-2010-0188.pyAdobe PDF LibTiff Integer Overflow Code Execution
yahooex.plYahoo Player 1.0 (.m3u) Local Buffer Overflow PoC
sudo-xpl.shTod Miller Sudo 1.6.x before 1.6.9p21 and 1.7.x before 1.7.2p4
easyftp.pyExploits Easy FTP Server Remote BoF
operaex.htmlOpera <= 10.10 Remote Denial of Service Exploit
iMailDecrypt.pyIpswitch IMail Server - IMAP4 Server (IMail 11.01) Password Decryptor
nautiluspoc.tar.gzGNOME Nautilus code execution PoC
cmsd_exploit.cRPC.cmsd remote PoC for AIX 6.1 and lower
360secex.c360 Security Guard breg device drivers Privilege Escalation exploit
serversman.pyApple Iphone/Ipod - Serversman 3.1.5 HTTP Remote DoS exploit
Rising0day.cppRising AntiVirus 2008/2009/2010 Local Privilege Escalation Exploit
server.cMod_proxy from apache 1.3 Integer overflow PoC
attftpd.cTFTP Daemon Version 1.9 Remote Buffer Overflow Exploit
tls-renegotiation-poc.pyPoC exploit for the TLS renegotiation vulnerability (CVE-2009-3555)
simplephp.plSimple PHP Blog <= 0.5.1 Local File Include Exploit
thedailyshow.plMozilla Codesighs Memory Corruption PoC
php 9sg_illu.phpAdobe Illustrator CS4 (V14.0.0) Encapsulated Postscript (.eps) overlong DSC Comment Buffer Overflow Exploit
eurekaex.pyEureka Mail Client Remote Buffer Overflow Exploit XP SP3 English Egghunter Edition
w00t.shFreeBSD local r00t zeroday exploit
ieouterHTML.htmlMicrosoft Internet Explorer outerHTML exploit
avastioctl.cAvast 4.8.1356.0 antivirus aswRdr.sys Kernel Pool Corruption
kasperskyioctl.cLocal DoS - Kaspersky 2010
ithinkthereforeiexist.plSafari 4.0.3 (Win32) CSS Remote Denial of Service Exploit
CVE-2009-1979.cppCVE-2009-1979 PoC. Working at least on Oracle win32
vmware86.tar.gzVMWare Workstation Virtual 8086 Linux Local ring0 exploit
getunique.cMozilla Firefox 3.5.3 Local Download Manager Exploit
runcmsex2.phpRunCms v.2M1 /modules/forum/post.php - 'forum' remote semi-blind SQL Injection Exploit
replistorex.phpEMC RepliStor Server (rep_serv.exe) remote denial of service poc
zoiper_dos.pyVulnerability in Zoiper softphone version 2.22 - Denial Of Service
freebsddevfsex.c FreeBSD 7.2 devfs kevent() race condition exploit
padlina2.cExploits FreeBSD <= 6.4 pipeclose()/knlist_cleardel() race condition
bulletproofex.cBulletProof FTP Client Buffer Overflow (SEH) exploit
aol91ex.htmlAOL 9.1 SuperBuddy ActiveX Control SetSuperBuddy() remote code execution exploit
vmware-fission.cVMware Fusion <= 2.0.5 vmx86 kext local kernel root exploit
vmware-pop.cVMware Fusion <= 2.0.5 vmx86 kext local denial of service POC
flatpressex.phpFlatPress 0.804-0.812.1 Local File Inclusion to Remote Command Execution vulnerability exploit
Dr_IDE_VLC.1.0.2.pyVLC Media Player 1.0.2 smb:// URI Handling Remote Stack Overflow PoC
camisado.cSun Solaris 10 RPC dmispd Remote Resource Consumption Exploit
easymailex2.htmlQuiksoft EasyMail 6 (AddAttachment) Remote Buffer Overflow Exploit
easymailex.htmlQuiksoft EasyMail imap connect() ActiveX stack overflow exploit
safariselectex.htmlApple Safari 4.0.3 null pointer dereference exploit
vbulletinex.plvBulletinR Version 3.8.2 D3n14l 0f S3rv1c3 Expl01t
smbsrv2ex.cSMB SRV2.SYS Denial of Service PoC
Smb-Bsod.pyExploits Windows Vista/7 : SMB2.0 NEGOTIATE PROTOCOL REQUEST Remote B.S.O.D.
letsgosurfinnowonsafari.plSafari 3.2.3 (Win32) JavaScript 'eval' Remote Denial of Service Exploit
wonderfulcaricatureofexploitability.cGemStone/S 6.3.1 "stoned" Local Buffer Overflow Exploit
nocoolnameforawsftppoc.plIpswitch WS_FTP 12 Professional Remote Format String 0day PoC
iiz5.plIIS 5.0 FTPd / Remote r00t exploit
linux-sendpage.cExploits Linux sock_sendpage() NULL pointer dereference
SolarWindsTFTPex.plSolarWinds TFTP Server <= Remote DoS Exploit
easysecex.plEasySec Personal Firewall Remote Buffer Overflow Exploit
wmdownloaderex.plWM Downloader (.Smi/ .Ram/ .pls/ .smil/ .wax/ .wpl File) Local Buffer Overflow Exploit
mzff_lhash_dos.plMozilla Firefox 3.0.5 location.hash Denial of Service Exploit
padlina.cFreeBSD 6.1 kevent() race condition exploit
proto_ops.tgzproto_ops uninitialized pointer exploit
sapex.pySAP Business One 2005-A License Manager remote overflow PoC
bind.cISC BIND 9 Remote Dynamic Update Message Denial of Service PoC
cheddar_bay.tgz2.6.30+/RHEL5 2.6.18 local kernel exploit in /dev/net/tun
unicodeex.htmlFirefox 3.5 unicode stack overflow exploits
xXx___sendme.asfExploit NSeries, ESeries
mysql_format.cExploits MySQL <= 5.0.45 post auth format string vulnerability
123yow123.pySoulseek 157 NS < 13e & 156.* Remote Direct Peer Search Code Execution
cve-2008-3531.cPrivilege escalation exploit for the FreeBSD-SA-08:08.nmount
alumniserverex.pyAlumniServer v-1.0.1 Blind SQLi Exploit
fretswebex.pyFretsWeb 1.2 (name) Remote Blind SQL Injection Exploit
safariexploit.rb Safari 3.2.3 Arbitrary Code Execution PoC var 'name') BLIND SQL INJECTION EXPLOIT --FretsWeb 1.2
XM_FTP_Serv_Exploit.plXM Easy Personal FTP Server HELP and TYPE command Remote Denial of Service exploit
s-cmsex.plBLIND SQLi exploit --S-CMS <= v-2.0 Beta3
openbillerex.plBLIND SQLi exploit--Open Biller 0.1
MozillaGoogleChromeDoSExploit.htmlMozilla & Google Chrome DoS Exploit
FirefoxIEOperaDoSExploit.htmlFirefox, Internet Explorer & Opera DoS Exploit'dest') Blind (SQLi) EXPLOIT --Kjtechforce mailman Beta-1
itms_overflow.rbExploits Apple OS X iTunes 8.1.1 ITMS Overflow (metasploit)
onlinegradesex2.plBlind (SQLi) EXPLOIT Online Grades & Attendance v-3.2.6
apache-ied.plApache mod_dav / svn Remote Denial of Service Exploit
onlinegradesex.plEXPLOIT Online Grades & Attendance v-3.2.6
9sg_jetcast_poc.phpCOWON America jetCast (.mp3) local heap buffer overlow exploit (xp/sp3)
chinagamesex.htmlChinaGames (CGAgent.dll) ActiveX Remote Code Execution Exploit var 'id') BLIND SQL INJECTION EXPLOIT Dog Pedigree Online Database v1.0.1-Beta
pinnaclex.phpPinnacle Studio 12 "Hollywood FX Compressed Archive" (.hfz) PoC var 'member') BLIND SQL INJECTION EXPLOIT --FAMILY CONNECTIONS <= v1.9
maxcmsex.phpmaxcms2.0 create new admin exploit var 'rating') BLIND SQL INJECTION--microTopic v1 Initial Release
bitweaverex2.phpBitweaver <= 2.6 /boards/boards_rss.php / saveFeed() remote code execution exploit
bigacecmsex.plUser options changer (SQLi) EXPLOIT --Bigace CMS -stable release- 2.5
tinywebgalleryex.phpTinyWebGallery <= 1.7.6 LFI / Remote Code Execution Exploit
rtwebalbumex.plExploits BLIND SQL INJECTION (GET var 'AlbumID')--RTWebalbum 1.0.462
tematresex.plExploits BLIND SQL INJECTION EXPLOIT--TemaTres 1.0.3-->
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