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mutation.cDisables all network connectivity through Winsock
jazip-exp.caZip-0.32 local buffer overflow exploit (tested on debian)
ecepass.tgzecepass - proof of concept code for FreeBSD ipfw bypass
ns-shtml.plexploit for the buffer overflow in Netscape Enterprise Server (iPlanet Web Server) 4.0 and 4.1
unitools.tgzshell on IIS server with Unicode using *only* HTTP
MySQLXploit.cLinux MySQL Exploit by Luis Miguel Silva [aka wC]
PKCicecast-ex.cExploits format string vulnerability in icecast 1.3.7
iris-dos.cDenial of Service attack against Iris The Network Traffic Analyzer beta 1.01
micRAq.cmicq-0.4.6 trmote linux exploit
cuex.cHP-UX /bin/cu exploit
write-exp.c/usr/bin/write overflow proof of conecpt Tested on Solaris 7 x86
comphack.plCompaq Web-Based Management buffer overflow exploit
2000.01.08.OmniHTTPd.zipOmniHTTPd exploit
spitvt.cspitvt.c - Local exploit for splitvt < 1.6.5
jazip-exploit.pljaZip Exploit / Tested version: jaZip-0.32-2
rcshell.shSuSE rctab exploit - any user can force changes to runlevels (rcshell)
changerc.shSuSE rctab exploit - any user can force changes to runlevels
tcpdump-xploit.cTcpdump remote root xploit (3.5.2) (with -s 500 or higher)
arpexp.carp overflow proof of concept by [email protected] tested on x86 solaris 7,8beta
stream3.cFIN+ACK TCP packet flooder
nbtstream.cNetBIOS session request packet flooder
linknetsed protocol analizer
proftpDoS.javaRemote DoS in proFTPd
seyon-exploit.plSeyon Exploit / Tested Version: Version 2.1
getgrnamex.cgetgrnam() function overflow Solaris 2.5.1 (SPARC)
freesploit.hFreeBSD/i386 4.0-4.1.1 jail(2) break & security level exploit (procfs) (header)
freesploit.cFreeBSD/i386 4.0-4.1.1 jail(2) break & security level exploit (procfs) (main)
freesploit.SFreeBSD/i386 4.0-4.1.1 jail(2) break & security level exploit (procfs)
dcforex.plDCForum(v1.0 - 6.0) Exploit
link(linux)xconq[v7.4.1] local buffer overflow
oidldapd-8.1.7.cExploit Code for oidldapd in Oracle 8.1.7 (8ir3) for Linux
secureid.cSample SecurID Token Emulator with Token Secret Import
ctman-race2.plcatman temp file exploit (2)
catman-race.plcatman temp file exploit
xitetris.citetris[v1.6.2] local root exploit, by: v9
obsd-ftpd.cOBSD ftpd exploit
hhp-expect-smash.cexpect (/usr/bin/expect) buffer overflow.
fw1fastmode.cFireWall-1 Fastmode Vulnerability Demonstration
sinn.cS.I.N.N. is a research DoS tool
rdC-LPRng.cREMOTE ROOT EXPLOIT for linux x86 - LPRng-3.6.24-1 (RedHat 7.0)
blist.clist exploit for bftpd
bexploit.cCreates a filname to exploit the bug in bftpd 1.0.12
oopz.cops-1.4.6 (one russi4n proxy-server) FreeBSD 4.(0 - 2) remote exploit
PKCoops-ex.cDimostrative Exploit Against Oops Proxy Server v 1.4.22 and prior
lprngex.cLPRng remote root exploit for x86 Linux, tested on compiled LPRng 3.6.22/23/24
wgsohodos.plWatchGuard SOHO v2.2.1 DoS
SEClpd.cLPRng/Linux remote root lpd exploit
targa3-naptha.cModified version of the IP stack penetration tool targa3.c
helot.cbitchx/ircd DNS overflow demonstration
bf-code.cexploit the bug in bftpd 1.0.12
phpxpl.cPHP 3.0.16/4.0.2 remote format overflow exploit
bashhack.croot exploit: multiple subsystem errors allowing root exploit
glibcx.cWorking exploit for glibc executing /bin/su (linux)
xrcvtty.c(BSDi3.0/4.0)rcvtty[mh] local exploit
dislocate.cLocal i386 exploit in v1.3 < Secure Locate < v2.3
xp-bitchx.cbitchx 1.0c16 remote xploit
cpetrol.plCyber Patrol registration info grabber
rcpsploit.plrcp local exploit
super-sadmin.cSuper Solaris sadmin Exploit by optyx
vnccrk.zipWinVNC password decoder (T-Error)
cmctlex.cExploit Code for cmctl in Oracle 8.1.5 (8i) for Linux
browse.cBrowseGate password decryptor
coolz.cpplocal exploit for linux's Koules1.4 package
ss3.cSmartserver 3 password decoder
vixiexpl.shvixie crontab local user exploit
hammer2k.cconnect() flooder
phx.cphf buffer overflow exploit for Linux-ix86
1080r.csocks5 remote exploit / linux x86
local_nonexec_sun.cSolaris libc locale bug exploit against non-exec stack
slaughterhouse.shMidnight Commander DoS with suid cons.saver
modexploit.shRedHat 7.0 modutils exploit
traceroot.cLocal root exploit in LBNL traceroute
krnl-DoS.cUVM kernel bug exploit OpenBSD
I-Love-U.shI LOVE YOU letter for Unix
naisniffex.plexploit for NAI Sniffer Agent 3.0.10
dump-0.4b15x.cRedhat 6.2 dump Exploit
newftpbrute.javaFTP server brute forcing
hostexp.chost AXFR long TCP reply exploit
newsexp.tar.gzNews Update 1.1 administration password учздщше
vcopass.plCisco VCO/4K Password [De]Obfuscator
unicodexecute2.plUnicode exploit - version 2
avirtex.cAvirt Mail 4.x DoS exploit (Windows)
hl-rcon.cSDI HalfLife rcon remote exploit for linux x86
bust_x.cXFree DoS
ntop-1.1-1-ex.cntop 1.1.1 local root exploit
crontab.shHP-UX crontab exploit
xlockfmt.clinux xlock exploit (Mr Ben)
orahomeex.cOracle 8.1.5 ORACLE_HOME overflow exploit (loveyou)
locale_sol.cSolaris libc locale format string exploit (Solar Eclipse)
oidldapd.cExploit Code for oidldapd in Oracle 8.1.6 (8ir2) for Linux
win9xshare.exeWindows 95 Share level permission bug exploit (Windows compiled)
linkIIS 4.0/5.0 UNICODE exploit (Windows compiled)
iis-zang.cIIS 4.0/5.0 UNICODE exploit (zang)
wgate41a.cWingate 4.1 Beta A logfile service vulnerability exploit
allmailex.cAll-Mail remote execution exploit
win9xshare.cWindows 95 Share level permission bug exploit (nsfocus)
wu-ftpd26.cWu-ftpd 2.6 Remote Root FreeBSD exploit
statdx2.tar.gzrpc.statd updated linux exploit (ron1n) unsetenv bug exploit (linux)
systat.shFreeBSD ncurses exploit
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