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hldsdos.cDenial-of-service exploit against half-life-servers
monkey-nuke.plMonkey HTTPd Remote Buffer Overflow
poptopex.cExploit for PoPToP PPTP server older than 1.1.4-b3 and 1.1.3-20030409 under Linux
sendmailprescan.clocal prescan() exploit for sendmail 8.11.6
0x82-Remote.54AAb4.xpl.cSamba v2.2.x call_trans2open() Remote Overrun exploit for XxxxBSD
TrapReg.cTrapped Registery for REGEDIT.EXE exploit
th-apachedos.cworking apache <= 2.0.44 DoS exploit for linux.
apache-massacre.cTest code for Apache 2.x Memory Leak
samba_exp2.tar.gzsamba 2.x call_trans2open() exploit
Copperminer.jpg.phpCoppermine PHP upload exploit
0x82-Remote.passlogd_sniff.xpl.cRemote Multiple Buffer Overflow vulnerability in passlogd sniffer.
filetest.cSyscall timing file testing utility
hyperion.cDenial of Service Attack for Mollensoft Hyperion FTP Server 3.0
linkOpera java vulnerability demonstration
webc-local-exploit.shWebC 5.00x (possibly earlier) local exploit
webc-exploit.cAutomatedShops WebC 2.011 -> 5.005 remote exploit
gespuis.c"gespuis.c" is an irc bouncer, that can exploit BitchX/Epic clients
omen-1.1.tar.gzTLS timing attack on OpenSSL [can-2003-78] [bid 6884] exploit
webdav,plWebDAV exploit: using wide character decoder scheme
rs_iis.cIIS 5.0 WebDAV -Proof of concept
linuxptraceex.cLinux kernel ptrace/kmod local root exploit
wb.cexploit for ntdll.dll through WebDAV
wb.exeexploit for ntdll.dll through WebDAV (compiled, not validated)
iPAQ_Crash.cMicrosoft ActiveSync DoS
protpop.plProtware HTML Guardian decryptor
unbof_demo.txtOpera 6.06 user name buffer overflow demonstration
winlocatorex.cLocator (RPC Service) Proof of concept, by obscou
0x333cya.tar.gzMandrake 9.0 printer drivers local root exploit
PTwebdav.zipIIS WebDav vulnerability testing tool
OpenFuck.cOpenFuck v ripped from openssl-too-open
DebPloit.zipDebug API bug exploit
gpa.cThis little program returns the addresses of LoadLibraryA() GetProcAddress(), and "jmp ESP" on your Windows.
dlfnbof.plSample exploit code of [Opera 7/6] Long Filename Buffer Overflow
qex.cExploit for qpopper 4.0.x
ex_stmkfont.shExploit for command stmkfont of HPUX to get bin gid
s0h_Win32hlp.cWin32hlp exploit for : ":LINK overflow"
ST-tcphump.ctcpdump ISAKMP denial of service attack
lprmexp.cOpenBSD <= 3.1 lprm(1) local root exploit
exscreensaver.cTested on rh 7.3 using XFree86 xscreensaver vulnerability
85deadelf.cExploit for file program <= 3.39
avptest.exeTest file to DoS Kaspersky Antivirus with 100% CPU
showpic.pltypo 3 exploit
typo.pltypo 3 exploit
linx86_sendmail.cproof of concept code for remote sendmail vulnerability
priv8ml85p.plml85p local root exploit.
priv8mtink.plmtink local sys exploit.
priv8escputil.plescputil local sys exploit
hoagie_amx.cRemote exploit for Halflife-Servers running the AMX-Plugin (rcon-password required)
hoagie_bf1942_rcon.cRemote-DoS for Battlefield 1942-Servers that have their rcon-port activated (4711/tcp by default)
sircd.shsircd proof-of-concept
webmin-exploit.plWebmin 1.050 - 1.060 remote exploit
jozc.plexploit for Cpanel 5 remote command execution.
OoopSPF.cCisco IOS OSPF exploit
030217_o6unexp.tgzOpera Username Buffer Overflow Vulnerability (updated)
KAV-DoS.zipДОПОЛНЕНИЕ к информации, опубликованной на SECURITY.NNOV (Vladimir Yumashev)
THCunREAL.cTHCunREAL 0.1 - Wind0wZ remote root exploit
jvmvuln-1.0.2.tar.gzCodes for Java and JVM security vulnerabilities
o6unexp.c.gzOpera Username Buffer Overflow Exploit
cvs_sploit.cExploit for CVS double free() for Linux pserver
malformed_email.plOutlook express 5.5 certificate buffer overflow exploit
plp-exploit.cplpnfsd local r00t format string exploit for SuSE 8.0 (and others?)
isec-solaris-at-rm.cSolaris /usr/bin/at -r race condition exploit
ms-ds-xploit.cMicrosoft-ds xploit
phpbb-exploit.plphpBB delete the text of all users' private messages exploit
hoagie_mysql.clocal and remote exploit for mysql <= 3.23.53a
w00nf-stunnel.cStunnel < 3.22 remote exploit
jinglebellz.clocal/remote exploit for mpg123
hoagie_adminmod_client.cRemote exploit for Halflife-Clients playing on a server running the Adminmod plugin.
hoagie_dhcpd.clocal and remote exploit for isc dhcpd 3.0 (perhaps others)
hoagie_statsme.cRemote exploit for Halflife-Servers running the StatsMe-Plugin
hoagie_adminmod.cRemote exploit for Halflife-Servers running the Adminmod-Plugin
hoagie_clanmod.cRemote exploit for Halflife-Servers running the Clanmod-Plugin
0x82-Remote.tannehehe.xpl.cRemote format string vulnerability in Tanne
webshell-remote.cRemote r00t exploit for Webshell 2.4 (possibly other versions).
webshell-local.cLocal r00t exploit for Webshell 2.4 (possibly other versions).
sigcups.cCUPS remote exploit. Exploits integer overflow.
eservdos.plEServ/2.97 remote DoS xsploit
IP-putty.cPutty v0.52 and minor exploit
IP-putty.cPutty v0.52 and minor exploit
johnx.cremote exploit for zkfingerd-r3-0.9 linux/x86
GetAd.cWinlogon NetDDE Agent window WM_TIMER exploit
raqrewt.cCobalt RaQ4 Remote root exploit
SAProot.shsapdb-server-linux-32bit-i386-7_3_0_29.tgz exploit
ES-booz.cBOOZT CGI Exploit
traceroute-exploit.cTraceroute-nanog 6.0 -> 6.1.1 exploit
final.cSolaris priocntl exploit (executable code)
flkm.cSolaris priocntl exploit (loadable module)
linkJohn-The-Ripper OpenVMS password bruteforcing plugin
wsmp3xpl.cProof of Concept WSMP3 Remote root exploit
0x82-Zer00.shZeroo HTTP Server Remote root exploit for Linux
liteservecgi.plLiteServe 2.02 and prior - CGI Disclosure
libhttpdbo.cLib HTTPd Remote Buffer Overflow exploit by Xpl017Elz
linuxkerneldos.ci386 Linux kernel DoS (Christophe Devine)
lhttpdxpl.cProof of Concept LIGHT HTTPd Remote exploit by Xpl017Elz
inwebdos.plINweb Mail Server v2.01 Denial of Service Vulnerability by SecurityOffice
timer-exploit.cQNX timer exploit
accesspoint.cwireless access point information leakage proof of concept
swfexpl.zipMacromedia Flash ActiveX buffer overflow proof of concept
goodies.tar.gzJava program and a data file which can be used to manually reproduce the DCE-RPC DOS
PRPatphttpd.cProof of Concept Remote Exploit for ATP HTTP Daemon v0.4b
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