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Informer can be used to place information from SecurityVulns on your own homepage. To see informer on your homepage you need to place code like

on your homepage. Possible parameters for script are:

level (0-10) minimal risk level for vulnerability to show
days (1-30) period to show vulnerabilities
tips (0-1) - show tips with additional information about vulnerability
class (text) - you can specify class from your CSS to use in hypertext references.
offset (0-100) - %offset of text from header
break (0-1) - insert the break between lines

It's also possible to use RSS news feeds. URL for RSS feeds is, parameters l, level and days are available for RSS. For example returns only very important bugs for last 3 days in English.

You can also subscribe to new exploits and diferent Forum topics.

example below is created with level=6&days=14&tips=1&class=tiny&offset=20&break=1

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