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Multiple security vulnerabilities in different antiviral applications
SecurityVulns ID:9513
Threat Level:
Description:ClamAV: LZH DoS; BitDefender: multiple integer overflow on PE parsing; Avast: multiple buffer overflows on ISO and RPM parsing; AVG: crash on UPX files; Sophos: multiple DoS on different compressed formats parsing; F-Secure F-prot: protection bypass
Affected:CLAMAV : ClamAV 0.93
 BITDEFENDER : BitDefender 7.60825
 AVAST : Avast for Workstations 1.0
 AVG : AVG 7.5
 SOPHOS : SAVScan 4.33
 F-SECURE : F-Prot Antivirus 4.6
Original documentdocumentiViZ Security Advisories, [IVIZ-08-011] ClamAV lzh unpacking segmentation fault (14.12.2008)

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