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Apple iPhone buffer overflow
SecurityVulns ID:10237
Threat Level:
Description:Buffer overflow in Audio Codecs on AAC and MP3 streams parsing.
Affected:APPLE : iPhone OS 3.0
CVE:CVE-2009-2206 (Multiple heap-based buffer overflows in the AudioCodecs library in the CoreAudio component in Apple iPhone OS before 3.1, and iPhone OS before 3.1.1 for iPod touch, allow remote attackers to execute arbitrary code or cause a denial of service (application crash) via a crafted (1) AAC or (2) MP3 file, as demonstrated by a ringtone with malformed entries in the sample size table.)
Original documentdocumenttk_(at), [TKADV2009-007] Apple iPhone OS AudioCodecs Heap Buffer Overflow (15.09.2009)

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