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Asterisk VoIP server user accounts enumeration
SecurityVulns ID:9800
Threat Level:
Description:Different replies for non-exstant SIP account and invalid password.
Affected:DIGIUM : Asterisk 1.4
 ASTERISK : Asterisk 1.6
CVE:CVE-2008-3903 (Asterisk Open Source 1.2.x before 1.2.32, 1.4.x before, and 1.6.0.x before; Asterisk Business Edition A.x.x, B.x.x before B.2.5.8, C.1.x.x before C.1.10.5, and C.2.x.x before C.2.3.3; s800i 1.3.x before; and Trixbox PBX 2.6.1, when Digest authentication and authalwaysreject are enabled, generates different responses depending on whether a SIP username is valid, which allows remote attackers to enumerate valid usernames.)
Original documentdocumentVMWARE, TPTI-09-02: VMWare VMnc Codec Open-DML Standard Index dwSize Heap Overflow (08.04.2009)
 documentVMWARE, TPTI-09-01: VMWare VMnc Codec Invalid RFB Message Type Heap Overflow (08.04.2009)
 documentASTERISK, AST-2009-003: SIP responses expose valid usernames (08.04.2009)

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