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Asterisk SIP DoS
updated since 11.08.2009
SecurityVulns ID:10139
Threat Level:
Description:Stack overlow (exhaustion) on SIP request processing.
Affected:DIGIUM : Asterisk 1.4
 ASTERISK : Asterisk 1.6
CVE:CVE-2009-2726 (The SIP channel driver in Asterisk Open Source 1.2.x before 1.2.34, 1.4.x before, 1.6.0.x before, and 1.6.1.x before; Asterisk Business Edition A.x.x, B.x.x before B.2.5.9, C.2.x before C.2.4.1, and C.3.x before C.3.1; and Asterisk Appliance s800i 1.2.x before does not use a maximum width when invoking sscanf style functions, which allows remote attackers to cause a denial of service (stack memory consumption) via SIP packets containing large sequences of ASCII decimal characters, as demonstrated via vectors related to (1) the CSeq value in a SIP header, (2) large Content-Length value, and (3) SDP.)
Original documentdocumentMu Dynamics Research Team, Multiple sscanf vulnerabilities in Asterisk [MU-200908-01] (17.08.2009)
 documentASTERISK, AST-2009-005: Remote Crash Vulnerability in SIP channel driver (11.08.2009)

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