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Asterisk SIP processing security vulnerabilities
updated since 11.12.2011
SecurityVulns ID:12079
Threat Level:
Description:DoS, information leakage.
Affected:DIGIUM : Asterisk 1.4
 ASTERISK : Asterisk 1.6
 ASTERISK : Asterisk 1.8
Original documentdocumentBen Williams, Exploit for Asterisk Security Advisory AST-2011-013 (26.12.2011)
 documentASTERISK, AST-2011-014: Remote crash possibility with SIP and the "automon" feature enabled (11.12.2011)
 documentASTERISK, AST-2011-013: Possible remote enumeration of SIP endpoints with differing NAT settings (11.12.2011)
Files:SIP Username Enumerator for Asterisk (UDP) Security Advisory AST-2011-013, CVE-2011-4597

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