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bind weak pseudo-random numbers generator
updated since 24.07.2007
SecurityVulns ID:7967
Threat Level:
Description:Weak PRNG creates predictable DNS request IDs and makes high success probability of DNS cache poisoning attack.
Affected:ISC : bind 9.2
 BIND : bind 9.3
 BIND : bind 9.4
Original documentdocumentAmit Klein, BIND 8 EOL and BIND 8 DNS Cache Poisoning (Amit Klein, Trusteer) (28.08.2007)
 documentSECURITEAM, [EXPL] DNS Cache Poison (BIND 9) (07.08.2007)
 documentAmit Klein, "BIND 9 DNS Cache Poisoning" by Amit Klein (Trusteer) (24.07.2007)
Files:bind DNS Cache Poison v0.3beta

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