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Belkin wireless routers weak key
SecurityVulns ID:12728
Threat Level:
Description:Firmware WPA2 key is generated by MAC address.
CVE:CVE-2012-4366 (Belkin wireless routers Surf N150 Model F7D1301v1, N900 Model F9K1104v1, N450 Model F9K1105V2, and N300 Model F7D2301v1 generate a predictable default WPA2-PSK passphrase based on eight digits of the WAN MAC address, which allows remote attackers to access the network by sniffing the beacon frames.)
Original documentdocumentJakob Lell , CVE-2012-4366: Insecure default WPA2 passphrase in multiple Belkin wireless routers (26.11.2012)

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